The gold mill ruins, and aruba ostrich farm(aruba

place  that  i 
chose  was  aruba 
which  is  located 
in  south  america . 
the geographic  features  of 
aruba  consist of dry  and 
flat  riveries. And  is 
known  best  for the 
white   sandy  beaches 
that  lay  on 
the  western  and southern  
coasts . they  have  not 
so  many  beaches 
and  more  rutty 
seas  and  a  rocky  coastline. 
The capital of aruba is oranjestad that stands at 105,422. Some  of  its  major 
cities  are  Babijn, angochi,  arasji, 
noord, and  san nicola. as  far  as
the  landmarks  go 
there  are  alot 
of  them  located 
in  aruba.  A  few  are  the  butterfly farm,  the antilla, 
saint franciscus church, 
Bushiribana gold mill ruins,  and
aruba ostrich farm(aruba sights, nd).


ethnic  groups  that 
reside  in  aruba 
is  80%  mixed 
white/caribbean amerindian 
and  20%  other. 
The  language  that’s 
being  spoken  is 
66%  spanish,  12.6% . 
The  population  of 
aruba  as of  12/6/17 
is  105,423. There  are 
many  different  religions 
that  reside  in 
aruba. You  have  roman 
catholic  at  a 
80.8% ,  evangelist  at 
a  4.1%  protestant 
2.5% , jehovah  witness  1.5% , 
methodist  1.2%  and 
jewish  with  a 
2%.  Every  year 
in  the beginning  of 
october  there’s  a 
film  festival  that 
goes  on  and 
people  from  all 
over visit  aruba  to 
attend  the  fest.

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currency  in  aruba 
is  way  different 
than  the  united 
states  theres  is 
the  florin.  The 
way  the  florin 
goes  is  its 
divided  into  100 cents 
and  you  would 
have  coins  of 
five  ten  twenty-five 
and  fifty cents .  1 
florin = 100  cents  as 
well  as  the 
five  florin  coin .



    Alonso de 
ojeda  discovered  aruba 
in  1499 .  He 
originally  claimed  the 
island  for  spain and 
named  it  ” la isla de los gigantes, ”  in 
other  words ”  the 
island  of  giants 
”   which  is dedicated 
to  the  tall 
inhabitants or aruba.  The  island 
caught  the  duchess 
attention  who occupied  the 
island  to  protect 
their  salt. Aruba  has 
their  own  constitution 
that  is  based 
on  the  western 
democratic.  The governor  of 
aruba  now  who 
holds  a  6-year 
term  in  office 
was  appointed  by 
the  king himself.  Their 
central  government  (the 
three  branches)  powers 
are  controlled  by 
the  21 parliament  members 
that  reside  in 
the  capital  of 
aruba,  oranjestad  who 
are  elected  by 
universal  franchise.


The  dutch  west 
india  company  was 
founded  in  1621 
to  carry  on 
the  economic  warfare ( to 
weaken  the  economy 
of  another  state) 
against  spain  and 
portugal  my  attacking 
their two  colonies  is  the  west 
indies  and  in 
south  america  that 
can  be  located 
on  the  west coast 
of  africa . the west company was
not able to financially support operations against spain, portugal and england
and in those places they were equipped to defend themselves              (dutch west indian company, 2014)


1824 there was a discovery made In Aruba.  There could have been way more discoveries
before this date but nobody knew of them they were not documented.  The first person that was registered was a
12-year-old little boy named Willem Rasmijn. 
It was a regular normal day for him and he was just gathering sheep on
his family’s farm when he came across gold (history,nd).


         In  1996, Aruba placed on the list for a major
drug-producing island.  Placed 20 miles
away from the Venezuelan coast this island is a transshipment point for illicit
drugs mainly cocaine.  There are    transportations going on by fishing vessels
private yachts and the fast boats.  The
large free zone facilities allows Aruba to hold cargos of cocaine in big heavy
shipments without locals  “officials”
becoming suspicious.


           The education system on this island
is made like the the dutch education , but it works with different levels of
people . a good thing about this system is that it’s automatically provided by
the state you don’t have to pay a thing . after kindergarten which you can
choose not to attend there is  private
school from age 6 to 12, where students are given a regular education. After
primary school is secondary school which have 4 choices. which include
vocational and general secondary education both at 4 years , higher general
secondary education (form 5), and pre-university education (form 6).student who
are not capable academically can choose to go to vo-tech instead. This level is
also split in two different groups ones who are at a higher level and ones at a
lower it helps each student get the help and attention that they need. As you
move up the education potum bar you will attend the university of aruba. It has
law, accounting finance & marketing, hospitality & tourism management,
and arts & science. Students who enroll there are from Aruba, and from
South America.(education system, nd).

 In the 15th century settled by the spanish, a
couple hundred years later Aruba becomes a dutch colony . Aruban cuisine though
have strong inspirations from both Holland and Spain. South America is less
than a few hundred miles away, and it also influenced Aruban food. Being as
though aruba has a variety of people its a diverse island with many ethnic
groups each dish is a mixture of those different groups(a brief guide to


I chose this island because its very
beautiful with the beaches to the attractions and i became interested so I
wanted to do my research. Doing this specific research by looking at the island
itself you would have never thought that it has such a history. Also i would
like to visit aruba.