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Taylor brings up the life of Sisyphus and the fact that for his entire existence he was burdened with continually rolling the rock up the hill repeatedly with no point and nothing ever emerged from this task that the gods burdened Sisyphus with. Taylor argues that maybe if Sisyphus was given the desire to roll the rock or if he could have erected a temple his toils may have meant something. However, even if he would have built a temple it would have deteriorated and that would have caused that task to be pointless. There is that fact that people work almost every day of their lives to buy houses, furniture, gadgets, toys and all the newest technology only to have it fall prey to destruction of one type or another after their death.

Taylor argues that if they were to come back; however, they would not see it as a pointless waste of a life. They would see it as memories of the things they accomplished. People have the free will to do what they want to do and what pleases them, so they can choose the type of work they will perform to obtain their possessions. Taylor believes that even though life and the toils performed during life seem to be pointless they are necessary.

The absence of these pointless tasks would offer nothing more than infinite boredom and individuals would have nothing to do and nothing to fill their lives while they are on this earth. I do agree with Taylor because I work a lot and do my school work. When I am not working or doing school work I find it necessary to find something else to do like take my nieces and nephews to do special things. I do this because I cannot just sit home bored doing nothing. Boredom is in the words of Taylor “a hellish life.” So even though work seems to be pointless because we work to pay bills and to be able to live and go back and do it again and again every week I could not imagine not working or having something productive to do on a regular basis.


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