Marketing Of Toshiba Laptops In Cuba Economics Essay

Toshiba Corporation is a company based in Japan that specializes in the production of industrial and consumer electronic and electric merchandises including notebook computing machines ( laptops ) , electro medical devices. LCDs, place contraptions and semiconducting materials. It is among the oldest and largest companies in Japan. Toshiba laptops are selected as the merchandise to be marketed in Cuba.Cuba is a possible market because of the kineticss involved.

It has the ideal scene land for any company that aims at acquiring future high volumes of their merchandises.B ) Cuba s HistoryChristopher Columbus is credited with the find of the island of Cuba, an event that led to the colonisation of Cuba by Spain. Despite this Cuba had been inhabited by autochthonal people for centuries before the find. After the Spanish-American war is that Cuba gained its independency and sovereignty in 1902 ( Ritter, 2004, pp.47 ) .In the early old ages of the Spanish business, many native Cubans were butchered or forced into bondage while others died from the variola and rubeolas brought from Spain. The remainder fled to the mountains to get away bondage.

This led to the debut of African slaves to work in the sugar cane plantations. Slavery and break one’s back trade are extremely credited with taking the Cuban sugar industry to where it is today. The economic prosperity of Cuba began after Britain took over the island from Spain after the seven twelvemonth war which ended in Britain s favour. Trade ordinances were eliminated and the way to prosperity was created.

C ) Geographical PutingLocationCuba an island that is located in the Caribbean Sea. The full state or island steps an estimated 48,800 square stat mis. The state has several upland parts the most noteworthy of which are the Guaniguanco, the Escambery and the Sierra Maestra. The island is located south from the celebrated Florida Keys ( Cuba, 2010 ) .

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The state has a coastline that extends for an estimated 3,700 kilometres. In relation to other states, the state lies to the eastern side of the Gulf of Mexico and to the western side of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Yucatan Channel lies to the south E of Cuba.ClimateThe Cuban Highlandss, which are about a 3rd of the state, have an authoritarian consequence on the clime. The fact that the state is an island besides has branchings on the conditions and clime forms experienced. The clime can be defined as tropical clime with a dry period from the month of November enduring until April while the rainy season stopping points from May to around October.

The state besides happens to lie within the way of major hurricanes and other destructive storms which are common in the months of September and October. The mean temperatures in Cuba vary between 23? C and 27 C throughout the full twelvemonthTopographyCuba has several archipelagos but Cuba is the chief island. The island has a hilly or cragged topography marked by several Highlandss such as the Sierra Maestra, the Escambery, and the Guaniguanco. The remainder of the state is marked by fields the largest of which are in the states of Matanzas and Camaguey. The remainder of the state is marked by seashore lines.D ) Social InstitutionsThe Cuban civilization is a blend between African, American and European civilizations. The European civilizations were imported to Cuba courtesy of Christopher Columbus ( Spain ) and Britain. The American civilization influence Cuba beginning from the period after the Spanish American war that rid Cuba of the Spanish settlers while the African cultural influences as a consequence of the many slaves brought in to work in the plantations.

1 ) FamilyThe household is an of import societal establishment in any state, society, or community. The stableness of the household as an establishment is reflected upon the wider society as the society tends to hold better societal establishments that borrow their moral cloth from the household. Cuba is no exclusion to these basic regulations of nature. Most households in Cuba live as drawn-out households.a ) The atomic householdThe atomic household had non had a really distinguishable function in Cuba until the station Fidel Castro epoch. The atomic household is composed of a adult male, his married woman, and their kids.

This means that in a family where there are three coevalss of a household, it is possible to hold several atomic households.B ) The drawn-out relationsThe extended relations is really of import portion of Cuban society. The household construction in Cuba is that up to three coevalss of a household unrecorded together in the same construction or family, a factor that makes it hard to make a clear spliting line between the atomic household and the drawn-out household s function in the household apparatus. The leader or caput of the household or the family therefore is the firstborn parent figure in the household. This may be the gramps or the Godmother within the household.

He or she wields power over all the other household members and determines the function of each household member within the Celsius ) Dynamicss of the household and parenting functions1 ) Parental Functions: The function of parents is diverse depending on whether the household lives as an drawn-out household or as a atomic household. In the atomic household apparatus, the male parent is the bread victor in the household while the female parent is resigned to the function of attention giver and is responsible for keeping subject within the household. In add-on, household imposts and traditions are passed down under the ticker of the female parent. In the drawn-out household, the senior is in charge of the household. If the senior is a adult male, he is besides the chief breadwinner in the household though he is assisted by other household members.

If the senior is a adult female, she chiefly serves as an superintendent in the household and offers her counsel while the work forces in the household service as the breadwinners.2 ) Marriage and Courtship: The Cuban society still takes wooing as chiefly the function of the adult male. Dowry is paid based on the single imposts of the bride. The nuptialss are one twenty-four hours glamourous events that showcase a batch of Spanish influence.2 ) Educationa ) Education serves as a manner of socialising the persons into the ways of the society in a manner that the household as an establishment can non. The educated people are the 1s in places of power and they are held in high respect within society.

1 ) Primary, secondary and university instruction and literacy rateThe Castro authorities made primary instruction compulsory. In add-on, school uniforms are besides a demand for all pupils and are used to denote the grade degree of a pupil. In the Cuban instruction system primary instruction takes six old ages.

Secondary instruction is divided into two classs. The first class is the basic secondary instruction where pupils learn basic accomplishments such as linguistic communication, art, arithmetic, and the scientific disciplines. This follows primary instruction and is about compulsory for all. The 2nd class is the pre-university instruction which prepares one for entry into university. After the completion of pre-university instruction, the pupils are awarded what is referred to as the Bachillerato in Cuba ( C.I.A 2010 ) .

It can be compared to a sheepskin in other instruction systems in other states in the universe. After the pre-university instruction, an person has two options, to prosecute either proficient instruction where one will derive accomplishments to enable them derive employment or to prosecute professional instruction at the university degree.B ) Literacy rate.The literacy degrees in Cuba are reported at 100 % although the figure is disputed. The state besides reports an enrolment/attendance rate of 98 % in primary schools.3 ) Political systema ) The political system in Cuba can be defined as socialist.

The authorities has executive power which is vested in the Council of State and the Council of Ministers. The legislative function is assigned to the National assembly of people s Power which is recognized by the fundamental law as holding the highest authorization in the state. No vote is done in regard of the places of premier curate and president.B ) The Communist Party of Cuba is the taking societal force of the state ( C.

I.A 2010 ) . There is widespread censoring in Cuba with a system that is extremely autocratic. The Communist party screens all campaigners competing for seats in the legislative assembly.

degree Celsius ) The current authorities has been in power since 1959 when Fidel Castro overthrew the dictator authorities. It can be described as stable because his replacement, Raul Castro, has managed to maintain the state at peace and with improved direction.vitamin D ) Special revenue enhancements non commonvitamin E ) Local authorities to a great extent influenced by the opinion party4 ) Legal Systema ) The chief judicial organ is the People s Supreme Court. All Judgess harmonizing to the jurisprudence are non capable to any other authorization but the jurisprudence. They can be elected or replaced and are accountable for their actions. Cuba has been sub divided into 14 states which are further subdivided into 170 municipalities. Representatives to the municipalities and states are elected to function footings that extend for two and a half old ages.

B ) The state is Celsius ) The autocratic attack has affected patent and conventions. They are tightly regulated5 ) Social organisationa ) The presence of groups which can take to the creative activity of group behaviour or civilization is non a common happening in Cuba.

B ) The chief purpose of the authorities in relation to the bing societal order is to make a classless society where income, race, sex or business are used as a unequivocal agency of finding wagess or other favourable Celsius ) In add-on, the authorities prohibits the formation of categories or nines that may make lines along which the society may be stratified.6 ) Business in CubaTour ushers, bartenders, and waitresses require to be tipped although there are no prescribed tipping rates. Tiping allows for one to have exceeding service from the persons having the tips. Business hours in Cuba are officially between half past eight and half past midday and half past one to half past four during weekdays. Some concerns nevertheless opt to open during weekends where the hours of concern are between 8 am and 5 autopsy for surrogate Sabbatums.Tocopherol ) Religion and aesthetics1 ) a ) The low figure of Protestants can be attributed to the late reaching of Protestant philosophies and beliefs to Cuba.

B ) Cuba is besides known to be home to other minor faiths which have their roots in western Africa and the slaves who were taken from the part to work in the sugar cane plantations in Celsius ) Cuba is mostly considered as a Catholic state though the Catholic religion practiced within Cuba is modified to accommodate Cuba. There are besides Jews and evangelical Christians amongst the population in the province.vitamin D ) About 60 % of the population is made up of Catholic disciples while an estimated 6 % are Protestants.vitamin E ) Santeria which may be referred to as a cult has its beginning in Nigeria in western Africa and is widely practiced in and around Cuba.

2 ) Aestheticssa ) Cuba has a strong heritage and history which reflects its ocular humanistic disciplines potency.B ) The state has legion galleries, cultural centres, and art museums which have been used for the storage of artistic stuff from the citizens of Cuba. The authorities is supportive of art and is known to supply all sorts of aid to creative persons in the Celsius ) Music dance and folklore in Cuba is really rich and displays the three chief backgrounds that determine and continue to act upon the Cuban society.vitamin D ) There are influences of African, American, and Spanish elements that are derived from the interaction of Spaniards, Americans, and Africans in the history of Cuba.F ) Populating conditions1 ) a ) Many studies conducted show that Cubans on mean devour excessively much sugar and eat unequal fruits and veggies. There are lifting instances of diet related anaemia and fleshiness which can be regulated or checked by merely a alteration of diet.B ) A typical repast includes staff of life, jambon, cheese, and rice and plentifulness of soft drinks with and between repasts.

degree Celsius ) The authorities can non vouch equal nutrition for its population and this is considered as one of the failures of the Castro disposal.vitamin D ) The nutrients made available to the populace by the authorities are as follows ; rice, beans, cooking oil, plantains, brown sugar, milk and soy yogurt which are provided on a monthly footing to holders of ration cards. Other merchandises such are chicken, beef, soy/meat blend and hotdogs are provided based on their handiness.2 ) a ) In Cuba, lodging is comparatively inexpensive but in the same breath the lodging constructions are sparse. Most dwelling topographic points are either in hapless status or are faulty in one manner or another that makes them unsuitable for brooding in.B ) Most homes occupied on a rental footing. The houses have some signifier of supply of electricity and H2O and are hence a spot habitable.

degree Celsius ) In most instances houses are occupied are more than one household.3 ) The tropical wealthier requires light dressing to get by with the heat and humidness degrees.a ) A signifier of frock that can be identified with Cuba is the Havana shirt otherwise known as a Guayabera. The shirt has an array of designs but in general has two or four pockets and mostly a insouciant frock that does non necessitate the wearer to insert into his pants.

There is a traditional frock made for adult females in topographic point of the Guayabera and it is really popular all over Cuba although it has been rejected on evidences of being indecent in some civilizations.B ) The frock codification at work is no different from that in many western states. Employees/workers are expected to keep a formal frock codification.4 ) a ) In leisure and diversion activities and athleticss, Cuba is good endowed. To get down with, Cuba is an ideal finish for hike, snorkeling, mounting, fishing, and undermining.

The athletics is used to typify equality in society every bit good as freedom. The state besides has rich association football traditions among the Caribbean states. Cuba s national squad has been to the FIFA universe cup where they managed to complete in the 7th place.

The beach provided by the long coastline of Cuba provides ample evidences for leisure activities such as skiing, diving, swimming, and Sun bathing which are common in about all of Celsiuss ) Most athleticss and recreational activities in Cuba are carried out in unfastened infinites and frequently necessitate small or no equipment. Baseball for illustration is played even on streets by kids and therefore really low sums of income are channeled towards athleticss unless when organized sporting squads are involved and where there are competitions to be won at interest.5 ) Social securityThe societal security system in Cuba represents the general values of the wider society whereby there is equality among all donees.

There are no favoritisms or discriminatory intervention for certain persons based on sex, race, or gender. The Cuban societal security system is really efficient. There are an estimated 360, 000 retired persons within the population which represents about 10 % of the population. Each of the retired persons in Cuba is paid on a monthly footing. Under the societal security system, the authorities through its societal security system pays benefits to an estimated 1.5 million people on a monthly footing.

The societal security covers countries such as impermanent unwellness, accidents, pregnancy, and societal attention for the aged people within the population.G ) Language1 ) The chief linguistic communication used for communicating is Spanish. The linguistic communication was brought to the island by the Spaniards during the early business after Christopher Columbus discovered the island. Spanish is nevertheless recognized as the official province linguistic communication of the people of Cuba.2 ) Other linguistic communications that are prevailing in Cuba are English and Creole which represent the different heritages and traditions of Cuba.3 ) It is of import to observe the Spanish that is spoken in Cuba varies in some instances from that spoken in Spain and other states. This is mostly because of the Gallic and west African influences that have affected the linguistic communication.

English is chiefly spoken as a consequence of tourer influences.II ) ECONOMIC ANALYSISA ) Population1 ) The population of Cuba stands at an estimated 11.5 million people as of this twelvemonth and will reportedly go on to turn at an estimated rate of 0.2 % .a ) The birth rate in the population is 11.

1/1000 which is comparatively low even amongst states of the western universe.B ) The birthrate rate for every adult female is estimated as 1.43 kids. This represents a bead in birthrate rates which may explicate why the growing in population has been really low for the last few old Celsius ) Abortions in Cuba are besides responsible for the population diminution with an estimated 50 abortions for every 1000 gestations in the population.2 ) a ) The population is equally distributed as merely 103 people live in every square kilometre in Cuba.

B ) The life anticipation is comparatively high at an mean age of 77 old ages. The cultural composing of the population is really varied though there are non many Celsius ) The population composing is such that the bulk is work forces and male childs for all ages but after the age of 65 old ages, the figure of adult females outstrips that of work forces. This fact can merely be explained by the lower life anticipation rate for work forces as compared to adult females.

vitamin D ) Many Cubans have in one manner attempted or program to try illicit migration with the most favorite finish being the United States. The remainder of the population has a bulk that is purpose on traveling to urban countries. The state of affairs is such that the larger part of the population is housed in urban centres all over Cuba.vitamin E ) Mulattos history for about half the population while Whites account for 35 % of the population. The remainder of the dwellers are by and large collected of inkinesss and Chinese with the Chinese organizing the smallest cultural group in Cuba.B ) Economic Statistics and activity1 ) Gross National Product/ Gross Domestic Producta ) Cuba reported a gross domestic merchandise per capita that stood at an estimated $ 111.

1 billion.B ) This translates to a per capita income of approximately $ 9,700 for the twelvemonth 2009. The estimated existent growing rate ( nominal growing rate less rising prices ) was an estimated 1.4 % . This is really ideal but there is plentifulness of room for betterment particularly since the growing rate or the GDP or even the per capita figures do non demo the state of affairs on the land2 ) People live on less than the expected $ 9,700 per annum. Businesses publically owned endeavors lies at 78 % to a blue 22 % stand foring private investing or in private owned endeavors.

3 ) Average household income is dependent on the ratio of breadwinners to the comparative size of the family.2008 estimations were $ 218.4 ) Distribution of wealtha ) Income categories. Three major categories exist ; the highest is elect and military forces. The 2nd grade is concern barons and the last is the general work force.B ) Proportion of population to each category. The top grade is about 1/8ths of the entire population, the 2nd is and the remainder is the general work force.

degree Celsius ) Precedence is given to the elect categories and the armed forces. The remainder of the work force is structured in regard to the demographics of income and place5 ) The state has sedimentations of Co, Fe ore, Ni, Cu, salt, manganese, silicon oxide, lumber, crude oil and agriculture land.6 ) a ) The conveyance system in Cuba comprises of about 4200 kilometer of public railroad web and a farther 7700 kilometer that is set aside for usage by sugar cane manufacturers. The main road web consists of about 61,000 kilometer of tarmac spread all over the state.B ) The state besides boasts of waterways that extend for 240 kilometres. The state besides has several ports that are used for commercial intents. There are three chief ports.

There are besides 170 airdromes as reported back in 2006degree Celsius ) Because Cuba is an island, the use of waterways is a major conveyance signifier. About half the population uses the train web to travel to work. Merely about a 3rd thrusts to work.

7 ) Communication Systemsa ) Main types include Print newspapers, wireless Stationss and telecasting StationssB ) Internet use widespreaddegree Celsius ) Media to a great extent restricted by the authorities8 ) Working conditionsa ) 78 % of employees work for the authoritiesB ) Good employee-employer relationshipdegree Celsius ) Employees entitled to benefits and good wage9 ) Principal industriesa ) Petroleum, Construction, sugar, baccy, Ni, pharmaceuticals, agricultural machinery and steel cement accounted for about 37 % of the entire GDP.B ) Principle industries include crude oil, Construction, sugar, baccy, Ni, pharmaceuticals, agricultural machinery and steel cement most industries are authorities owned. Estimated ratio of 2:110 ) Foreign investinga ) Direct foreign investing is restrictedB ) Potential for investing in Housing and nutrient industries11 ) International trade statisticsa ) 1 ) Major exports include sugar, baccy, Ni, fish, java and citrous fruit. At $ 2.4 billion.

2 ) The tendency for exports is positive as the authorities opens up the Cuban economic system to private companiesB ) 1 ) Imports include nutrient merchandises, crude oil, equipment and machinery at $ 6.9 billion2 ) Imports are increasing due to the growing in population and the demand for merchandises and Celsius ) 1 ) Imports are more than exports go forthing a high balance of payments shortage. About $ 4.5 billion.2 ) Imports are more than exports go forthing a high balance of payment shortage. Recent dictums by the Cuban authorities suggest a push towards shuting this spread by increasing resource use.

vitamin D ) Exchange rates1 ) US dollar used chiefly in foreign exchange2 ) Exchange rate at $ 1 US dollar equivalent to $ 0.9 Cuban exchangeable Pesos3 ) Due to the planetary recession, the state s exchange rates are fluctuating and dunking with the planetary tendency.12 ) Trade limitationsa ) Embargos placed by United StatesB ) Free trade merely with Venezueladegree Celsiuss ) Import responsibilities high depending on type of merchandisevitamin D ) The authorities is capable to tariffs impacting states of the South American organisation. These duties are on sugar and crude oil.vitamin E ) Licensing of concern restricteddegree Fahrenheit ) Customs responsibilities besides high13 ) Extent of the economic activities non included in the hard currency income activitiesa ) Counter trade nowadays in the state1 ) Medical forces used as chief merchandises of trade2 ) Barter trade commonB ) Very small assistance since US backdown14 ) Labor forcea ) Available skilled labour force limited since bulk of the population is agedB ) Unemployment rates low at 1.7 %15 ) Inflation rates lowC ) Developments in scientific discipline and engineering1 ) Highly developed2 ) Computers are broad spread. Low investing in research and development4 ) Labor force technologically skilledD ) Channels of distribution ( macro analysis )1 ) Trade in Cuba to a great extent controlled by the authoritiesa ) Retail1 ) Poorly developed retail sector2 ) No big shopping centres3 ) Good stored are of hapless quality and expensive4 ) Most minutess are done utilizing hard currency.5 ) Goods sold in dollars in little graduated table with a little per centum sold on big graduated table.

6 ) Chain shops, Department shops and forte stores fill the supply gap the authorities can non presently satisfy.B ) Wholesale jobbers1 ) Supply concatenation of estimated 500,000.2 ) Mark-up of about 5 % on merchandises3 ) Goods sold on hard currency footingdegree Celsius ) Import/export agent: the authorities is the chief exporter/importer.

vitamin D ) Most warehouses are to the full owned by the authorities.vitamin E ) The authorities has about 100 % incursion of the markets through its expansive administrative webs.Tocopherol ) MediaMedia to a great extent controlled by the authorities1 ) Number of Television Stations: 582 ) a ) Television Sets per 1,000: 236.

1B ) Number of Radio Stations: 225degree Celsius ) Number of Radio Receivers: 3,900,000vitamin D ) Radio Receivers per 1,000: 348.7.Number of Persons with Internet Access: 60,0003 ) The chief usage of media houses is for the spread of national thoughts that the Communist party in charge in Cuba believes are ideal for the full population.4 ) Any telecasting or wireless Stationss that go against the ideals supported by the party are closed down.5 ) There are an estimated 26 national newspapers functioning the population of Cuba.Cuba: Country Note BookIntroductionToshiba Corporation is a group of companies including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi electronic, Hitachi, and NEC Corporation. Toshiba relies more on domestic market representing 60 % of its net gross revenues. The balance is taken attention of by exports to North America, 16 % , Asia 11 % , and Europe, 10 % .

Since its formation in 1939, Toshiba has played a important function in seting Japan in its current place in international trade.Business in CubaOfficial concern hours range from 8:30 am to 12: 30 autopsy for forenoon session and 1:30 autopsy to 4: 30 autopsy for flushing session. Weekends are nevertheless optional but those who operate unfastened between 8:00 am to 5:00 autopsy on Saturdays ( B8a, B8c ) .Target MarketToshiba Computers largely manufactures high-end high-performance laptops. The chief mark of the merchandises would hold to be the authorities and establishments. This is because of the web of all concern in the state with authorities policy and ordinance. If the company can pull off to acquire a bridgehead in the authorities by offering technological set pieces that agreement due privateness and safety of information, so the company shall hold overcome a immense barrier. The low per capita income suggests that the market would hold to upper-middle category and this is largely authorities functionaries and politicians ( IIB ) .

Adolescents and young person below 30 would besides be ideal as a section for the laptops. This is because they are Tech-savvy and want more and better machines for work and drama. The fast growing in computing machine and internet entree can be farther fuelled by Toshiba offering attractive high-performance laptops and computing machines. Institutions such as primary and secondary schools, every bit good as administrative establishments would do and ideal market for traveling volumes in majority ( D2b ) . These topographic points require many computing machines and laptops to suit in the current planetary tendency.The current authorities led by Raul Castro is trying to interrupt the trade barriers ignited during Fidel Castro s government.

The trade trade stoppage by the United States do non impact Toshiba because it is a Nipponese company ( 12A ) . This is good intelligence for the company because the possibility of cut-throat competition is eliminated because American engineering companies such as Apple can non make concern in Cuba ( 12A, 12D ) . Government policy would prefer the company because it is inclusive and the concern atmosphere does non change so much from the Nipponese theoretical account.The authorities s involvements in humanistic disciplines and athleticss besides require engineering. In add-on, the media is still backward in affairs of engineering ( E1, E4 ) . The secondary mark markets would include such facets of society as media and conveyance as the state moves towards a technological revolution of kinds.Selling is aimed at awareness creative activity and organizing good relationship with clients to the company s advantage. Selling scheme is hence really of import as whatever the scheme used can either be profitable or destructive to the company.

A selling scheme that utilizes 4Ps that is Product, Promotion, Price and topographic point severally is ideal for merchandises such as computing machines.Although, no trade partnership presently exists between Japan and Cuba, the state is a possible export finish for notebook computing machines. Cuba is extremely literate therefore can easy encompass the usage of notebook computing machines. Students particularly those at pre-university, University and other higher instruction establishments form the best mark market for this merchandise. Besides, the working population including instructors and physicians will happen laptops indispensable hence another possible mark market.Marketing Strategy for Toshiba laptops ( Notebook computing machines )MerchandiseMerchandise refers to either good or service produced or manufactured by accompany particularly under big graduated table with accurate sums.

This involves a description of all the particular characteristics of the merchandise in inquiry.Toshiba mini laptop has a full size keyboard and touchpad for easy typewriting. Its 10.1 diagonal screen is big plenty for the oculus ; go forth entirely its lasting textured four colour coating. Its battery has a long life of up to eight hours.

It besides has attractive characteristics like USB Sleep-and Charge, MP3 participant and smart phone hence really convenient for young persons. It is besides video compatible and its CPU ensures more informations storage and faster Internet connexion ( C1 ) .The ideal merchandises for the Cuban market are non needfully high-end high public presentation, but Toshiba s net book would sell good here because of its superior characteristics and portability. The company can see custom-making some computing machines for the Cuban market to develop a followers ; the best thoughts would be hardware with subjects of the island and its heritage. The sale of high-performance machines to authorities ministries and establishments is besides plausible because of the coming of the age of digitalisation. The Cuban authorities is making ascents on its webs to seek and catch up with the remainder of the universe in affairs of engineering. Toshiba can assist make full this spread.

PromotionIn this instance Toshiba can put advertizements in Cuban media. This of class will necessitate foremost good relationship with Cuban authorities as it controls all media houses. The company can besides take advantage of the widespread cyberspace use and publicize its merchandise online. Toshiba can besides advance its laptops through public relation steps like patronizing athleticss where it is guaranteed to catch the attending of most young persons ( C3 ) .

Alternatively, Toshiba can take advantage of the widespread cyberspace entree in Cuba to prosecute in e-commerce by puting its merchandise in practical cyberspace shops.Promotions and advertizements of the merchandise in Cuba should non be basically different from that in other markets. However, seller should be careful to include merchandises that show the love and pride of the Cuban people for their state. Such add-ons could be, for illustration, implanting the Cuban flag onto the shell instances of computing machines. This might be a difficult sell in other markets, but these merchandises should be marketed and sold as fashioned for the common Cuban adult male.The sellers should besides be careful non to set up advertizements that seem to picture the company as excessively high-end because most people will be given to shy off from such companies.

Another ideal promotional tool would be to unite with authorities bureaus and companies supplying wireless webs. The intent of this is to roll up the computing machine and the web device together, this reduces the work and enables the client to salvage money and clip.Puting up measure boards and advertisement in schools and economic establishments would besides work really good for this peculiar market.PricingConsiderations should be given to monetary values of similar merchandises in the market. Price disposal on the other manus refers to affect all activities used to suit basic monetary values for every mark market depending on gross revenues state of affairss. The exchange rates are besides attractive for such a company ( 11b1, 11d2 )The company must merely present computing machines that are non excessively costly for this market. To travel larger volumes and make more people, it would be prudent to monetary value merchandises without a really high mark-up.

Although the pricing of computing machines is majorly dependent the specifications, the company should seek and import the economic systems of graduated table it has acquired in states where it has a bridgehead such as Japan. The intent of this is to guarantee that the monetary values of the computing machine and laptops stay within the economic spread.It is besides of import to happen out all the pricing ordinances in the market because it is governed by a socialist government.

The monetary values should be within the monetary value ceilings dictated by policy for the peculiar merchandises. Where the company wants to present new merchandises that cost above the monetary value ceiling, it should foremost keep dialogues with the authorities to forestall any confusion.Topographic pointThe company can develop partnership with Cuban authorities to guarantee that its merchandise is placed in Cuban authorities shops like shopping promenades. It is besides possible for Toshiba through good relationship with Cuban authorities to happen its ain shop for its merchandise ( D1 ) .

Rhiw location demographics will besides impact the topographic points where it can be marketed.The figure of convenience shops in the Cuban market is really low because Fidel Castro s government set at constructing a socialist government without the barons. Toshiba might hold to see opening its ain franchises and stores within the market to screen out issues of gross revenues and guarantee. Most of this could be in major towns such as Havana, or even inside campuses where the demand for the computing machines is high.The Cuban babyhood in cyberspace and computing machine entree make it the ideal topographic point for selling Toshiba s laptops and computing machines. It is ideal because it is mostly unseasoned and there is a ready market and a demand. All that needs to be done is to happen the right combination of merchandise, monetary value, and publicity and topographic point to sell the computing machines within the Cuban market.


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