“Save the Children” is a worldwide organization securing a brighter future for the children in China. Their mission is to fight for children suffering from poverty, disease, injustice, violence and working with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face. This organization needs supports worldwide in order to succeed so it is important to contribute. In this essay, the various ways of manipulating the reader to contribute in this charity will be included to show the reader that if the world doesn’t donate, this charity won’t make any changes for the children in China.

This association is different from others because they give children a voice, they co-operate with government departments and they guarantee that they will achieve their aims. The main challenges they face is a lack of basic education and healthcare, inadequate care and protection, HIV/AIDS and poverty. Child education and health is the most important thing in this charity. The boy on the cover is wearing a uniform, to show that they will go to school with the help of this charity. In this booklet the quote “now they will be able to attend school” is important.

It shows us that they will make a difference in the lives of these children. In the booklet the word “child education” always appears in bold. This gives impact and importance to the word because it stands out in the text on the page. The boy’s uniform on the front cover is not clean which shows that he is not healthy and on the other pictures, the environment in which the children are doesn’t seem to be healthy. However on the third page where the word ‘result’ is written, we can see that the girl represented is healthy and she is smiling.

This change shows that the result of what this charity is going to do will make a change in the wealth of the children. The writer used specific language in this booklet. On the cover of the booklet, the title of the charity “Save the Children” is shocking. It feels like it is an urgent situation. The title has a huge impact on the reader because the reader is captivated and starts to understand that it is an important situation. On the first page, there is the sentence: “Our work in China”.

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The word “Our” illustrate that “Save the Children” are a community, they care about the children and they will do everything together to make the situation better. When the audience sees the word “Our”, they are motivated because they know that if they contribute to this charity, they will be part of them and that this money used for this charity will be for a good reason. There is also a sentence saying “The challenge we face” and at the end, they say: “Your role in their future”. These sentences motivate the reader; it shows that they work together as a group.

In this booklet, the aim of the charity is to manipulate the audience so that they will contribute to it. They do this well by saying “Our” because it shows that the audience will be included in this charity after they participate. We can notice that the booklet in written in American English by looking at some works like “recognize”, “organization’. This charity put quotations in the booklet when the children are speaking to prove that the children have the right to speak, they can express themselves. A little boy, Xiao Hang said:” I can’t go to school because we are very poor.

We don’t have enough money or food. I really can’t go to school. There are lots of children in school to play with and I can learn things. School is fun. I have no friends at home”. In this quote they used emotive language. It is sad to know that this child has no friend so the reader feels like they need to do something for that boy, contribute to this charity. In the quote, there is a hyperbole when the little boy says: “I really can’t go to school”. This hyperbole was done to make the fact that the children can’t go to school a big deal. In this quote, there is also a repetition.

The child says: “I can’t go to school” and after “I really can’t go to school”. The writer uses repetition to emphasize on the sentence so that the audience can start thinking that they should contribute to this charity so that these children will be able to go to school. The writer also gives evidence in this booklet. In the text, it says: “To date improved water supply systems have been built for 180 villages and 57 schools, benefiting 60,000 people including children.

Our work has also supported the construction of nearly 6,000 household latrines. This information illustrates the result of what this organization did to provide evidence that they are making the best possible for the children. The writer of this booklet used photography as the main type of media to express what he wanted to say. In the first picture, we can see that the picture of the child’s face is big so that it stands out, it is important. The boy is wearing a red scarf, symbol of urgency. This scarf is worn to show that the boy is desperate, he needs help. The boy has direct eye-contact with the audience.

We can see that his eyes are arresting, probably because the boy doesn’t know what is going on. The boy’s eyes make the reader feel that the boy is melancholic. The boy’s direct eye-contact with the audience shows that the child needs the reader’s help so the reader will tend to participate and donate money in this charity. The boy uniform is not clean. The boy is wearing a uniform to express the idea of education because “Save the Children” main purpose is to send children to school to secure a brighter future for the children. We can notice that there is only one child on the photo.

This charity did that because they wanted to express that every single child is important and that this charity is going to take care of every single child. The picture where the child is at the black board is very important. In this picture, we can see that there are no teachers at the black board so it illustrates that there are giving voice to the children, the children can express themselves and have a good education. At the back of the picture, we can see two other children writing on the board so it shows that they are probably learning how to write characters.

On the image in the classroom, the little girl’s face is really interesting. She is staring at that pen. This picture is a medium-shot photograph. The photographer has chosen this type of camera shot to show more than one person in the picture but still showing what the children are doing. The camera angle is high so that the audience can see well what the people in this photograph are doing. It is like she never saw a pen before in her life and she finds it really incredible. This helps to proves that they do everything to make every single child happy. The boy sitting next to her is raising his hand.

He’s is probably answering a question the teacher just asked. After looking at this picture, we can feel that they make the children happy. At the back of the booklet, we can see a little girl smiling and underneath, it is written “Thank you” in Chinese characters. After looking at this picture, the audience may believe that if they participate, give money to this charity, they will make children happy. The last picture of this booklet shows three foreigners and a group of children smiling at the camera. This picture illustrates that this charity needs support from the others and they need the world to come and participate.

In this picture the children are smiling which shows that with the support of the others, a new successful and joyful life is waiting for them. The “Save the Children” logo is very effective. The circle on the logo represents the world. We can see that the child on the logo needs help. He is reaching for the world to ask them for help. The sentence “Save the Children” is a matter of fact phrase. It gives a sense of urgency. The slogan is white in contrast with the background color of the booklet which is red. The author made the slogan in contrast with the background to make it stand out on the page.

They used the white color because white represents innocence and death. The color red is used because it represents urgency and it’s the color of China. There is only one child represented in this logo. This shows that in this charity, every single child is important and every single child need the world’s help. We can see that the booklet is in A3 size which is not a common size for booklets. This particular size gives impact. The brochure is made in a very good quality and the pictures are also made in good quality to show that this booklet is important.

The pictures are big to show the audience every single detail of the picture. This differentiate it from other media produced by charities, it gives more value. In each page, there is one picture and a text to illustrate the picture. This is very effective because in some booklets, there are just pictures and without text, there is less understanding of the picture. It is a good idea because for example in one picture, we can see a student writing on a black board and above there is written “Education”. This actually proves us that this charity does what they say if the audience will contribute to this.

He used color to make things stand out in the text in contrast with the background color of the booklet. The writers used a red background in this booklet. This red background gives a sense of urgency; it shows that this booklet is talking about something important and that the readers will have to contribute to this charity. Each page is subdivided into images and information. On each page, a picture or a double picture is represented next to an text informing the reader about the context of this image. Next to the image is always written “What we do” to illustrate the picture.

This format is very effective because it is easy to understand and persuasive because knowing what they do, we can look that this charity is making a difference. The writer of this booklet used typography to help the reader have a better understanding of the booklet. He used the font Gill sans MT for this booklet because it’s easy to read and understand. The audience can see that the titles in this booklet are bold to make it stand out. There are bullet-points which are short, it gives more impact. The first bullet-point in this booklet is about a child. That proves that in this organization, child come first and everything else comes after.

In the booklet they are a lot of short sentences like “the results”, “What we do”. These short sentences give impact and more value to the sentence. Every text in this booklet is written to persuade the reader to contribute to this charity. He gives quote to let the children speak. Chengshui, a young girl says: “Even if you’re a peasant you need to be well educated because otherwise you can’t read the instructions on the pesticides. ”

This girl wants to be a teacher when she grows up and because of “Save the Children”, she will be able to go to school and become a teacher after. Save the children” also say: “We give children a voice” which means that they let children speak, they listen to them. The content of this booklet appeals to a particular target audience. It appeals to children, people with money, people working with children. It appeals to the children because there are lots of pictures in this booklet and it will entertain the children who will tell their parents to participate in this charity. People working with children will be able to see the way that this charity are educating and taking care of the children.

At the end, they give the results of what they did so I think that the booklet is reaching the target audience well because after reading this booklet, the audience will be captivated by the content of it. I think that this brochure is a successful marketing tool because it is well presented, lucid and persuasive. The writer used photography, text and quotes to inform the audience about the charity “Save the Children”. The writer used everything to make the audience feel that they need to do something about this situation and they will have to contribute to this charity. The text contains evidence and facts about the Children.

The writer gave quotes to show the result of what this charity is doing to these young Chinese children so this Charity will achieve his aim in this booklet because the audience will be captivated by this booklet. The writer made the booklet interesting for everybody because there are pictures and texts so the audience will be satisfied. This brochure is a successful marketing tool because this charity is different from others. They give children a voice, they co-operate with government departments at all levels and they establish ‘good practice’ to achieve real and practical change.


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