The impact of audience of the effectiveness of a texts purpose

In this essay I am going to show each of these three texts has been constructed by a writer to cater for his audience to achieve a purpose. Summary of text one Text ones is an advertisement title “eat to be fit”. The text is aimed at the elderly. The purpose of this text is to persuade the elderly people to eat healthily and to shop at Tesco. We know this text is aimed at the elderly as the wirter uses the phrases “retirement age” and “elderly people “. The register of this text is formal as this shows respect for the audience which it is aimed at. The text is laid out in a way that is user friendly.

It has a large point size in son seriff, so that it can be read easily by its audience. The language in the text is not submersive but is user friendly so all types of academic background can understand it. The diction in the text is simple also making the text even more user friendly. The writer of this text shows good knowledge of his audience. Summary of text 2 Text tow is a teen horoscope from the sugar magazine. Whereas text ones purpose was to persuade text twos purpose is to predict. The register of the text is informal due to the audience being quite young.

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This text is laid out in a very specific way. The four titles Life, Money, Love and friends are laid out in a way of the priorities in a teenage girls life. The presentation of the text is bold with a large title and large sub-headings. The tone of this text is very friendly. It shows empathy with its audience making it feel comfortable to read the text. The type of language is submersive and uses slang often. This is because the audience uses this type of language. The diction of this text is simplistic as large words may confuse the audience as it is young and may not have a large vocabulary.

The writer of this text knows its audience extremely well as he/she often tells the audience what they want to hear in the text. Summary of text 3 Parallel to text one text three is an advertisement for the Lightwater Valley Theme Park. This text is aimed to persuade young families to come to the theme park as it was in the first text to persuade people to eat healthily. The language of this text is user friendly and is easily read. This is so a large range of people can understand its purpose. The diction is also simple making the text even more user friendly.

The register is formal and is used as the audience may not understand some types of submersive language. The writers’ knowledge of his audience is good as in the other texts. In text one a slogan is used. The slogan “eat to be fit”, is an imperative or an order. The logo is the likeness of Di vinchis Vitruvian man. This is used because it signifies a perfect body. We know this as he has a lean toned body with no extra weight. This will encourage people to eat healthy and buy their food at Tesco because they will associate a healthy body with Tesco. The logo is also inspiring which counteracts with the cynicism of the elderly.

In addition the first sentence also stops any counter arguments of “I’m too old”. This makes people read on and stops the cynicisms. The word healthy and other words which are related appear frequently. The writer uses this semantic field to stress that it is important if you want to have longevity. Equally the writer uses other semantic fields to emphasize his point. The repeat of body systems and other words in its semantic field will help gain longevity. And the foods which will give you longevity can be found at Tesco. Also the writer never makes promises or gimmicks.

This is because he/she knows that the elderly have “been there, done that”. He knows they are cynical and cant sway them with meaningless promises. Furthermore the writer uses the conditional tense so as not to make fake promises e. g. “You could be restricting your diet”. This stops some of their cynicism. The writer also uses irony this shows the link between Tesco improving food and that giving people healthier lives leading to longevity. On the whole this shows the writer knows his audience very well. He knows how to counteract their arguments and deal with their cynicisms.

He knows what type of language and diction his audience understands and will accept. But more to the point he knows how to deal with their specific needs for his purpose. In comparison the teen horoscope uses a different device as the audience is very different. As in all of the text the title uses submersive language this deliberate breaking of rules has been done for a reason. This is to make the audience its aimed at feel comfortable. The language used makes the writer instantaneously friendly as this is what these teen girls (the audience) use between themselves. In the title the writer uses connotation “a peek”.

This means a quick look. This phrase makes looking into the future seem exciting and makes it seem right. Also the use of ellipsis in the title builds a sense of excitement for the year being predicted. Jn addition the writer shows a very good sense of understanding towards his audience just by the layout of the text . The writer very cleverly picks out the priorities in a young girls life and sets them out on the page here is how they are set out. Life Money Love Friends He very cleverly puts life and money together on the same level as if a teen girl does not have money she doesn’t have a social life.

Love comes next as at this time this is when they start to have love interest. Finally comes friends they are linked to the other three sub titles (life, money ,love) Notably school and family have been left off this list. This is due to the fact that school is important but as most youngsters , teen girls find it a chore and so is not a priority. Family is left out due to the fact that the audience are teenagers. As we know at this stage of life many arguments happen and this is a top priority in terms of their love for their family.

But teenagers do not like family members being involved in their social life and so is left out because all the other subtitles are all aspects of a teen girls social life. Equally the writer shows other signs he knows his audience he shows empathy towards them. He also tells the audience what they want to hear e. g. “so when you receive a barrow load of cash” and “expect some sizzling summer lovin'”. These girls want to know this. Equally whilst saying phrases such as them documented he is also stating the obvious when he said “when you receive a barrow load of cash later on this year”.

He knows these girls have birthdays and will probably receive large amounts of money at this time. And also the “sizzling summer love” phrase is stating the obvious. He knows that his time of the year people go on holiday and also that people are looking their best at this time of year adding up to an increased chance of romance. These show a great sense of awareness towards his audience as he plays on their gullibility and naivity. In conclusion the writer shows great understanding of his audience he uses their immaturity against them to make them believe his predictions.

He now has to use language to bolster his credibility by making himself friendly. Really the horoscope has tow purposes. The secondary one is to “predict the future”. The primary one to sell the next issue of the magazine. This is done through the horoscopes parallel text one he uses the audience specific needs for his purpose. Similar to text one text 3 is an advertisement however its audience is very different but its purpose is exactly the same to persuade. Straight away we know who the audience are just by looking at the title it is aimed at parents with a young family.

In the text a semantic field is used. Ride and words associated are used such as “thrill ” and “fun” . These are used to emphasize that this theme park is a great place to go to. Also just the little box underneath shows his purpose clearly to persuade. It says “pay once and ride all day”. This is very attractive to parents as this is what they and their children want constant entertainment and value for money. This is another semantic field “value”. The box stated above is part of this field value is used on other occasions.

But interestingly in one sentence both fields are used in one sentence “pay once and then ride, ride, ride all day” This is used to make it absolutely clear that this place is very good value for money and this shows the writer has a clear sense of his audience. Knowing that paying once and having unlimited access to entertainment all day is exactly what parents want to hear. The write also makes sure this park is universally appealing to all in a family by using another semantic field by using phrases such as “everyone” and “all tastes too”. All these semantic fields are used to emphasize three main points.

Value for money. . Enjoyment. . Universal appeal. Thus all these points show that the writer has a good knowledge of his audience. He uses his knowledge to cater for their specific needs to make his purpose which is clearly to persuade people to visit the theme park. Conclusion Overall this essay shows that if a writer knows his audience his purpose is likely to be much easier to complete. For example in text one, The more elderly people he persuades the more money tesco will get. All these writers show that if you know your audience and cater for their needs you are more likely to achieve your goal or purpose.