This essay will compare two advertising leaflets for the RSPCA and Christian aid. What I hope to achieve by writing this essay is to see what is the purpose of the two advertisements and if they are effective. Furthermore, I will provide more contexts in terms of charities as well as analysing the presentation, layout, and effect of both the RSPCA and Christian aid advertisement. I also hope to see the persuasive techniques used and compare them. The two charities names in full are called “Royal society for prevention of cruelty to animals,” which is commonly abbreviated to RSPCA.

The other is “Christian aid. ” The RSPCA advertisement is based on animals, whilst the Christian aid is focusing on deprived people all around the world. There are many reasons why we contribute to charities. Firstly, we feel sorry for the people the charity wants us to donate to, as we are wealthier than they are.

Also guilt; we feel guilty if we do not respond to their needs. Some people contribute because off sympathy they want to give to a cause. Religious beliefs are another key thing. People are religious. For example, people who are Muslims have religious beliefs that have Zakat (giving money).There might be a situation that there is a disaster in a country then people feel compelled to give other’s plight. When the disaster is in a person’s home country, people feel patriotic and want to give to their countrymen, for example, the large Gujarati community mobilised a massive relief force for their relatives in India when a large earthquake hit. The aim of a charity is to raise money for the causes that they support.

Their aim is also to collect money from anywhere they possibly can, this includes places like outside shops. Charities also aim to raise a profile of a cause such as the CND campaign for nuclear disarment.Charities advertise because they want to get their message across to highlight what cause they are working for and to persuade people to donate money. There are many types of ways to advertise such as print media. This includes newspapers and leaflets. Newspapers give information of something that has happened and the charities are helping to resolve it.

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They advertise by giving websites, phone numbers or address to where or how to donate money. Prints aim is often to shock the readers. Another type of media is leaflets they come in the post as well as they are contributed outside the streets.Leaflets are advertised for charities as they can easily be read and with all the information shortened, we would read it and think of helping.

Charities mainly employ the print media to spread their message across because it is cheaper. Advertising also surrounds us in all ways. One way is brand names in cloths. All cloths usually have a logo that advertises them. The companies advertise cloths as they also make famous people wear them. Another way that advertising surrounds us is music. Music surrounds us as the music artists inflict customers because we have experienced what the artists have gone through life.An example could be 50 cent who lost his closest to him, his parents at an early age.

Now he has the best music in the world that makes us buy his albums and singles. We have also experienced what he has been through in life. There are several different types of charities such as animal cruelty charities, which help animals get the best life by raising money from people. One such charity is the RSPCA. This charity wants to draw attention to the cruelty some animals suffer and provide medical care for them and new homes. The purpose of the RSPCA advertisement is to show and shock readers into donating money.It writes about the poor conditions animals live in because of their owners and how we could improve, there lives by donating to them. The headings and writing also tells us the purpose.

The subheading “or crying out for help” shows the cat in the advertisement need our help and the RSPCA needs our donations. The second charity’s advertisement am looking at is Christian aid. This is a leaflet for people to see and get an idea on what is going on around the world. The leaflet’s main focused topic is “water” there is not enough water in every country like Ghana.

The purpose of the Christian aid advertisement is to shock and also get us to support them and donate money. You know what the message of the Christian aid advert is because the front shows a can of coke showing that people around the world get less than a can of water. “1.

1 billion People, one sixth of the world’s population gets shortage of water and safe water. ” The importance of this is people don’t have enough water so they’re suffering. The RSPCA advertisement shows a picture of a cat staring at us. This is effective as the picture is showing the cat’s expression on her face is sad.

Above the picture, is a heading in bold white with a question mark making us think about if the cat is happy. The heading is in bold white as it stands out to the black background. There is a logo to represent RSPCA.

Inside the leaflet is text in white and then a background picture of an inside of a house. The text is put in two small paragraphs with another few lines below the paragraphs. Having text with a background is quite effective as it’s almost like speech bubbles coming out of the room. The cat is shown “soiled with faeces” as she is living in “filthy cramped condition.They have also shown kittens who are also in the same position, as the cat is in. They also write about skeletal remains of four kittens found on top of a cupboard. The reason for showing kittens is because they are cute and small and make us feel more sensitive about animals. Using smaller pets makes us feel guiltier for the animals.

The impact of using words next to them makes us look at the suffering kittens as if they were annotated with descriptive writing. The text shown is not put in any order or in a straight line but is put next to the objects the text writes about.The second part of the leaflet show five paragraphs of text and the subheading has RSPCA in capital to show that RSPCA are the heroes.

There are three cats at the right of the text all showing sad faces. However, three cats together shows that the cats love each other like being a family. The box below the cat is very important so it’s put into a black background making us read this straight away. “i?? 3 a month” is repeated three times making us get the number 3 in our minds telling to give money.

The final part inside the page shows text that is effective. It is telling us “friend for life” and support animal cruelty.The picture of the cat is playing on sympathy so we feel sorry for the animals and donate to RSPCA. The cat is looking above to the text as if saying will you be a friend of mines and other animals. However, the picture of the cat looking above also means we are in the cat’s position. It says, “I will be a friend for life.

” There is an order form for donating money on the left. The order form heading is put in bold black with capital letters showing an important form to be filled. The form is put in small text and the bits that have to be filled are in white box with a borderline of black.

To make sure the form is sent to the correct place, address has been given and is put in a box that will make our eyes see it straight. The point of the form at the bottom is a way for the charity to raise funds because after the reader has been shocked they want to donate the money. The form is immediate so they can do it then and then, when they are still shocked by the pictures and the information. There are two logos right at the bottom of the inside page, one is the RSPCA logo and the other is a pound symbol in a small circle cross saying government doesn’t help so we should.The leaflet inside, below the form ends with a “thank you” which is in bold showing they appreciate us giving money. The point of the form is to give people the opportunity to donate money and be a member of RSPCA.

Therefore, that cruelty on animals is reduced. The Christian aid advertisement shows a can of coke on the front page with “fresh” written in different followed by “air” which is in a smaller font than fresh. The reason for using “fresh air” is that Christian aid is saying that the people who are suffering survive on air alone. Below the phrase in white text, it says “dying for a drink? this is effective as its making us think what you would do without a drink all day.On the coke can, it says “The only thing” I think this is a pun as it says “The only thing” rather than the “real thing” because some unfortunate people cannot afford water, so they will not be able to buy coke. Below the text, “The only thing” is a nutritional information box. The point of the nutritional information is to say what contributes to the water shortage, such as the way a real coke can is nutritional information contains information on what the coke is made of.

It is clever because it is a playing on words. It talks about how people do not get food or water, and refers to this as “nutritional information. ” The inside firstly has a subheading, which is in bold black.

Below this is a picture laid in a box showing wells built and people taking water. Below the picture, is a caption explaining the picture and giving facts. This picture is disturbing as it is showing more people struggling to get water and they all have to share it between them. The picture is also upsetting as it shows people in bad conditions including their cloths.There are three paragraphs on the first page inside. They are all describing the effect the countries are facing in shortage water.

The effectiveness of “one gift of water just out on reaping rewards” is effective because it is saying just one gift of water makes a difference so more than one gift of water would make everyone’s life better. The last page inside shows a small picture with text nearly surrounding it. “Just  24” put in bold to make it stand out and get our attention. Furthermore, “i?? 36” is put in bold as well and showing a picture of a women who grows her own food.Looking at this picture makes us miserable as she is working by herself and feeding herself and family without any help from others like the government. This is one reason why charities want to help people who are in a similar situation to her.

The slogan at the end of the leaflet is in bold black starting with “please. ” This makes us feel the suffering people as they are almost begging us to give a bit of money. The leaflet below the slogan has the Christian aid logo, which is in bold black to stand out. At the back of the leaflet, all major text is in bold to make it stand out mainly the important text.There is a picture in a rectangle shape, which shows people struggling with water.

The caption briefly explains the picture. Ending the page, Christian aid has put their address off all different places where we could contribute money. The places are highlighted in bold to get our eyes catch it. The headings given in the Christian aid advertisement are clear as all headings are put in bold to make us realise that a certain paragraph will be on the headline given it’s easier to read as well.

However the Christian aid have put there addresses in a small font, which makes it unclear and not easy to read.The RSPCA advert has used many shocking images to make us notice the animal life in this world. The front picture shows a cat sitting with her eyes staring right at us.

The reason for using this image of a cat staring is that RSPCA straight away wants us to know it is about a cat in this leaflet that needs our support, making the picture as if the cat is looking upon us to do something to help. The picture inside shows a cat that is lonely named Boots. The cat is looking out of the window, which is shocking as it makes us feel she is asking and finding help herself.Another image, which is shocking, is the one with pet food dropped and faeces everywhere. This is one of the outrageous images out of the whole leaflet making us feel as if we were an animal and treated unfairly like these animals. The image mainly is to show the conditions inside of the owner’s house were like. We can spot straight away that there is rubbish and faeces everywhere. The Christian aid advert has used disturbing images.

The used of the coke tin is shocking with the text “imagine this is all you had to drink today. ” The reason this is shocking is that Christian aid are advertising shortage of water.So by using a tin, which is small tells us this is how much water they receive those struggling people. The picture inside the leaflet shows built wells and people getting water from them.

This image used, is to shock because it shows how people in other countries need to search and get water from places unlike Great Britain where you have it ready. The picture is also shocking as people in the picture have dirty cloths and not much to wear. Although it is not about cloths this leaflet, that is another key thing that is a shortage in many countries. Another picture shows a woman who is on her own next to a tree.She is one of the workers who grow her own food. The reason for using this shocking image is that they want the reader reading to feel sorry for the person who grows food and lasts only “5 months” In the RSPCA advertisement, they have used many facts such as “In July last year we found Boots with 57 cats” and “i?? 3 a month. ” The reason for these facts are the determination of RSPCA really wanting the money and wants us to know what has happened in the past years by giving examples. The RSPCA have the structure of argument across by giving example of a cat like “Boots” that was in a very bad position.

RSPCA have also used repetition of “i?? a month” telling us to pay this much.There also adjectives used to shock us for example “had been living in filthy and cramped conditions. There are positive as well as negative words used. Firstly, the positive words used “love,” “found,” “happily” etc. However, there are negative words used mostly as they want us to feel sorry.

Words such as “crying,” “suffered,” “abuse” are used to make us have sympathy on these animals and we help by donating money. In the Christian aid advertisement, they have used many facts to support their point of view. “1. 1 Billion”, “One sixth of the worlds population” etc.

sing facts, makes the charities point more clear as people could find if there point they are making is true or not. There are many opinions given in this advertisement such as “she would like to grow her own tress. ” The Christian aid advertisement have got a structure of argument across because they have given many people’s opinions who all say mostly negative phrases as they need help where they could get from.The advertisement has also used many different types of persuasive techniques. Firstly, repetition of “imagine. ” This makes us imagine as if were in the same situation as them. Involvement of audience is used.

That’s the difference you can make. ” This makes us involved in their matter. There are positive as well as negative words used.

Firstly, the positive words used are “extra,” “enough,” “save” etc. However, there are negative words used frequently as the leaflets want to show people suffering and make us feel unhappy. Words like “dirty,” “poor,” “death” used to make us have sympathy on these suffering people. Looking at the text, we can see emotive language used. For example, “A child dies every 15 seconds from diseases. ” Using emotive language makes us emotional and really feels regretful for the people around the world.

Looking at advertisements, RSPCA, and the Christian aid, I think the leaflet that is the most likely to succeed in supporting the charity is the RSPCA. This is because RSPCA have used many different types of techniques such as facts, which make us realise that this is true. My opinion is, that the RSPCA advertisement is more effective and persuasive the reason for this is that the RSPCA is laid out in such a way that would make the reader go for it and donate money. The layout inside the leaflet starts with a big picture that is persuasive as it has text around the picture.

Followed by this they have clearly stated and repeated that i?? a month is what can make a difference.The RSPCA also have an order form making it an urgent leaflet that is advertising cruelty on animals. The RSPCA advertisement grabs more attention as it has used images like the cat image that creates an image in the reader’s mind on how it would be like. Although I think RSPCA is better presented than the Christian aid. The Christian aid has created the similar amount of effectiveness in their reader’s minds.

Both leaflets have achieved to get their message across to us so we contribute to them and save more animals and human lives.


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