Research Paper Regarding Study Habit In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in English 102 “The study habits and its effects on Academic performance of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod.

” Submitted by: Gemma Acaling Reynaldo Tababa Jr.

BSMT-IB Submitted to: Sr. Randolf Asistido ENGLISH 102-teacher Chapter 1 Introduction As the year level of students in school becomes higher, their study habits differ from time to time. The kind of study habits they have shows the differences or improvements in how they become skilled and earnest about learning new things. stuaylng does not only Include tne preparatlon 0T students to excel In class out also the reinforcements of the lessons already taught.

It is merely reviewing and committing to mind new information.

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Furthermore, study habits can be derived as buying out a dedicated scheduled and un-interrupted time to apply one’s self to the task of learning. Without it, one does not grow and become self-limiting in life. Truly, it plays a very important role on their academic performances. The effects of study habits on student’s academic performances rely on how they practiced their own study habits. It is actually not difficult to acquire excellent and powerful studying habits and techniques.

Many of these are actually common sense and the key is the application of strong study tools and not actually in the tools altogether.

What appears as simple can actually be plain challenging, in addition, students should still consider some factors that may be considered for studying ffectively in improving his or her study habits. These factors include; a good place for studying, enough time to rest, a fixed schedule and setting out a definite goal. However, it still depends on the students on how they will be able to develop their study habits through their own personal way.

Now that we have discussed the importance and meaning of study habits, still, one question remains.

How do study habits affect the academic performance specifically of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod? 2 The extent of freshmen student’s learning in academics at Colegio San Agustin- Bacolod may be the grades they acquire or earn at the end of each term of learning. It s believed that the main indicator of learning is the grades that the students have. If a student earns high grades, we can already conclude that they have learned a lot during the term of learning. Otherwise, low grades indicate lesser learning.

However, many experiences and studies found out that there are also several factors that could explain the level of grades. There is no single factor that can be definitely pointed out for the prediction of grades. Several factors include ‘Q, gender, age, section, year level and even residence.

In fact, almost all environmental and personal factors are considered as the cause of academic performance. However, at this point, we would like to make a survey and investigate the study habits and its effects on academic performance of each freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod. Statement of the Problem The main purpose of this research is to determine “The study habits and its effects on the Academic performance of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod” Specifically, this research aims to study the following questions: 1. Is tnere any slgnlTlcant OITTerence In tne study na I D ts ana Its erects on tne cademic performance of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod when grouped according to: a.

Gender? b. Age? c. Department? 2. Is there any significant relationship between the study habits and academic performances of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod?

Hypotheses of the study It was hypothesized in this study that: 1 . There is no significant difference in the study habits and its effect on academic performances of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod when grouped according to gender, age, and department. 2. Also, there is no significant relationship between the study habits and academic erformances of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod. 3.

If a student does not practice organizing or managing his or her time for studying, there is a great tendency that the students may fail the examination. 4.

Otherwise, if the student will practice time management for studying, there is a 90% chance that the student will surely pass the examination. Theoretical framework This research study is anchored on the theory of Dorothy E. Jhonson in her “Behavioural System Model”.

She stated that behavioural system encompasses the patterned, repetitive and purposeful ways of behaving. These ways of behaving from an organized and integrated functional unit that determines and limits the interaction between the person and his or her environment. Usually the behaviour can be described and explained.

A person as a behavioural system tries to achieve stability and balance by adjustments and adaptations that are successful to some degree for efficient and effective functioning. The system is usually flexible enough to accommodate the influences affecting it.

Therefore, it is a well-explained that through little efforts on modifying a student’s habit in studying, they can develop an rganized pattern of behaviour useful to their goal of becoming a successful student who has good academic performances. This theory clearly supports this study that study a I n D ts are relevant Conceptual framework to acaaemlc perTormance.

The study habits and its effects on Academic performance of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod Dependent variable: Academic performance of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod Independent variable: Study habits of freshmen students at Colegio San Agustin- Bacolod The department in where a freshman student belongs.

The course taken by the freshman student. Age of freshman student. Gender of freshman student. 6 Significance of the study This study will be significant to the following people: Students.

This will help them determine the effects of their own study habits to their academic performances. Students will be able to know and identify the most effective study habits to be applied for the future tests and examinations. They will be able to realize some of their poor study and choose whether to practice it for their own benefit. Teachers. This will enable them to be informed of the perception of students about their subjects. This will help them in order to make a move in helping the students in heir grades and whether to make changes on their standards of teaching. School administration.

The school administrations may benefit from this study by encouraging the students from different courses to acquire good grades through effective study habits that ultimately leads them to successfully passing the board exams.

More so, this can be basis of improving curricular design and content that matches the nature of millennial generation. Parents. I nls will make tnem aware 0T tnelr cnll O’s Denavlour towards stuaylng or learning. To make them understand the study habits of their child really affects his or er academic performances in school and for them to help their students about it.

Future researchers. Since research and education are a lifetime goal, the study may motivate the future researchers to the furtherance of this study to broader perspectives like not Just limiting on the study habits but also self-confidence, value system and resiliency. Scope and Limitations.

The scope of this research is the freshmen students of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod. The limitations of this research is only those freshmen students enrolled in of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod. Only those freshmen students are allowed to participate in this esearch.

Definition of terms Factor. Dictionary. com defines factor as “one of the elements contributing to a particular result or situation”. In this study, it refers to the elements that contribute t the improvement and development of the study habits of freshmen students.

Student. The free dictionary online defines student as “one who is enrolled or attends classes at school, college, or university’. In this research study, it refers to our respondents and was being categorized specifically as freshmen students.

Academic performance.

Academic performance refers to how students deal with heir studies and how they cope with or accomplish different task give to them by the teachers. Develop.

Dictionary. com defines develop as ” to bring out capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more or advanced or effective state”. In this study, this refers on how the study habits of freshmen students of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod grow and expand an improved manner. Study habits. Wiki answers. com defines study habits as” the ways that you study- the habits that you have formed during your school years”.

In this study, we focus more on this term which represents our research study in general. 8 Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature I nls cnapter presents tne wealtn 0T llterature ana stu01es, gatnerea Trom DooKs journals, and other related literatures that are relevant to this research study.

The literatures are being classified as categorized according to themes or findings approach. The researchers chose this approach which is a bit more difficult than the other approaches because they want to show the relevance of one theme to the other .

As the readers read the content of this chapter, you will somehow distinguish the flow of the findings. Brief Review of the Study Habits Study habit, based on Wiki.

nsweres. com, defines it as “the way that you study- the habits that you have formed during your school years”. The researchers would like to give emphasis that study habit in general term, is a form of a habit. According to Mcknight (2006) in his study about habits, he explained that habits are formed through repetition. Once formed, habits are difficult to break. And it is formed when we are young and are likely to stay with us in all our lives.

It requires experiences whether they may bad or may be good. Sometimes, it may refer also as a routine of a person as he or she lives his or her life. Habits are being chosen and not hut something that happens without a reason. As for the study habit specifically, it has to be processed and developed in order to come up with a good one.

It is not easy for students especially those who are not consistent with what they are doing to develop their study habit because it requires consistency and perslstence In order to let one’s study naDlt stay In our llves.

Attalnlng one’s study habit is a long-way process . 9 In addition, there exists another study that gives up a brief trivia about study habit. This is according to Pogue (2000) who said that more than thirty years ago, students fail ecause they do not know how t study even until today. This best advice that Pogue can give us to is develop sound study skills. Students did not get the right techniques and strategies in studying and their attentions were focused more on other things that pleases them more.

The researchers would like to make clarification based on Pogue’s trivia.

This may be true but there is still a part that makes it somehow incorrect. Study habit of a particular person varies from the study habits of others. Some students do have a good study habit which made them to pass and on the other side, there are also ome students who are practicing poor study habits which made them fail. In short, Pogue’s trivia is somehow incorrect when it comes to the quantifier that he used. Not all students fail because half of them were able to pass. The researcher based this concept on the studies regarding study habits undertaken.

Two Factors Affecting Study Habits According to Othtis (1995) in his study about the two factors of study skills, these two of study skills, these two factors include motivation and style. Motivation is the enthusiasm of a person to do something while learning style is the method used by a ertain student or person to study much easier and more efficiently. These two factors intercede with each other for motivation without learning style is useless. The same through with learning style without motivation is also useless.

In further explanation , motivation pushes the earning style of a has been popped out of his or her mind.

In other words, motivation acts as the engine of learning style while the learning style is the idea or principle that is still on the planning process. 10 In connection to this, the study of Sheets (1994) in regards to motivation states that tnere are no study naDlts wltnout proper motlvatlon. Motlvatlon can De Innuencea greatly by your purpose in learning this concept. Study habits would not exist without the motivation. Effective Study Skills Ibid (p. 98), defines effective study as “the students recognition of what has been retained and recalled, and understanding of its relation and significance to the present subject significance matter”.

It measures the comprehension of the students towards the ;esson that already discussed. Based on Ibid’s definition of effective study, Kizlik (1997) states that effective study skills must be practiced in order for you to improve. It is most enough to simple think about” studying; you have to actually do it, and in the process use information from what you do to get better.

Some students fail to continue their work because of the distractions.

It is why motivation is a vital endeavour. Person gets motivated when they realize that the things in their minds are necessary to succeed in college. Good and Poor Study Habits According to Fielden (2004), good study habits hep the student in critical reflection in skills outcomes such as selecting, analyzing, critiquing, and synthesizing. A good study habit has a wide impact in the development of their skills and academic erformance which is vital for proper decision-making.

But Fielden’s study was slightly opposed by the work of Gladen (2008) who mentioned that there is no definite way to define good study skills.

As every student is different and works 11 well using different strategies. However, good students are ones who have a strong work ethic, stay organized and look for help when needed. In relevance to the last statement in the concept of Galden, Ortinero (2000) proves that good study habits lead to enhancements in learning as ability improves and sharpens through mastery of principles and by means of training, exercise, and onsistency of application.

Some students are unfocussed on Just one thing, as a part of a younger generation; seek to find something which they think is fun. And that’s the reason why they do not give enough time to give more attention in their studies. Consistency, as the researchers Just stated, is one of the main factors of a good study habit. In study aspect, students change and when they do, they would utter r o motivate themselves to study but on the glimpse of situation, their minds would change again.

They would always apply the “for a while” expression until they no longer do their work and tasks to be done.

In connectlon, Pamplona stated In nls study tnat n a very Ilmltea scale, tne lack 0T present supervision, unwise use of leisure time and poor socio-economic status of the children caued the development of poor study habits. Pamplona is trying to collaborate in this study that psychology is very significant to the study habit of a particular student. These are Just some of the many psychological factors that can cause poor study to students.

However, the researchers would like to explain further than these three factors. 12 They said that learning will always start at home which is already proven and is ctually true.

Parents play a great part of a child’s life especially on his or her own study. With the presence of supervision of parents to their children, their children will absolutely learn from them but with the lack of their supervision, their child as a student will no longer focus on s or her study because nobody guides them to focus and concentrate more.

Another psychological factor that causes poor study habits of the students is their unwise leisure of time. Almost all the students now a days are too busy with different things and they already forgot to manage their time wisely ecause they prioritize only those things which can bring them fun, not knowing that they are not already giving much time and attention on their studies. And last in the list of psychological factors in regards with Pamplona’s study is the poor socio- economic status of the children. It is a very common problem today.

Majority of the number of students who could not continue their schooling is because of not having enough money to sustain their needs as students.

Tuition is great concern for them for they cannot afford to pay it. Suggested ways to have a Good Study habit. In accordance, Kelly (2000) explains that learning is very significant on the study habits of students. “if no learning takes place, studies are useless”. The study is somehow a general term and in fact, it is being measured by learning. When a student study, it means they will be learning something.

And the quality of their study habits whether they may be bad or good depends on the learning that they have acquired because the mere fact in here is that if the students learn a lot, it means that they have applied the a sound study habits. The more the learning that a student learns, the better they have studied.

13 In addition to Kellys explanation, Rothkopf (1982) states that sound study habits refer as to whether students study at the same time each day. Whether they are paraphrased and write down what they have read during the practical instructions.

A study habit also describe some external activities which serve to activate and facilitate the internal process of learning. A good study naDlt Is a long-way process as mentlonea on tne page 0T tnls cnapter. It could never be validated that a student has a good study habit unless it is measured by time. It means that it is not easy for a student to acquire good in a sort period of ime because it requires a lot of process needed. The study taken by Zolten and Long (1997) and Landsberger agrees with Rothkopf. They proposed that when studying, one must be aware of all the do’s and don’ts of the learning.

It is because prioritization makes good study habits. It should be in the mindset of the students that there are only two possible outcomes: to study and to succeed or to fail. Proper organization of things and a comfortable place. According to one of the researchers’ source (PBBC 2008), a student begins his or her study by first organizing the things needed and to make himself or herself omfortable because they are not suggested to spend time Jumping up and down to get things.

A neat and functional place help set the studying moods of the student.

The researcher would like to emphasize in regards with this study that an organized and a neat place affects the way of studying. Choosing and preparing a place is considered as a factor for studying effectively. 14 Division of tasks in studying. According to Richards (2009), it will be a big help in studying to divide up large tasks into smaller ones. In this way, students may limit their allotted tie for studying.

Dividing large tasks into smaller ones is one of the few ays to lessen the time for studying and also organizes the material for studying.

The researchers would like to agree for it is a breaking down process for a better understanding of the reading material given. Not only it does saves time but also improves your study habit. Taking effective class notes.

Llamaemu stated in his study that a student must assess himself as to what strategy he learns best in order to develop good note taking skills. Llmaemu said “The better the notes, the better you will be able to study’. Taking down notes is one the “must be” developed skills in studying. One must be able to ind a strategy in where he or she could cope up with the lessons easily. nd once you find the strategy, consider it as an advantage and at the same time, a shortcut for studying effectively. Time management. From a reliable source (Abderisak, 2007), students cannot study properly without considering the time as the main factor of study habit. It is most certainly a study technique in itself.

The schedule given in each student should guide them in how to allocate the available time among the academe works, extracurricular activities and social life. Time is the most important element of studying. It must be


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