CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM Rationale Among the important and very significant services that are related to the institutional development is giving scholarship examination to the incoming freshmen students. In fact, a scholarship exam is the greatest attraction for students to enroll in any academic institution. This will serve as a motivation for the parents to enroll their children at school because a scholarship exam will help lessen their burdens such as paying the tuition fees, miscellaneous and other school fees. The perceived high costs of a tertiary education act as significant deterrent.

By means of giving scholarship exam, schools could render their services to those students who are really in need. All of this, offering scholarship exam to the incoming freshmen students will contribute much to the development of the school. The international culture of scholarship grant by any academic institution is also a practice of PhilCST. Currently, Philippine college of Science and Technology administer the exam through manual process, wherein the incoming freshmen students will be scheduled for the date of their scholarship examination.

On the said schedule they will be gathered in a large room for them to take the exam in a pen-and-paper manner. The Scholarship examination personnel will give the students a time frame to finish the exam and after that all answer sheets and questionnaires will be collected for checking. The checking of the exam will take some time to be finished due to the large number of examinees. The personnel will then give a date or schedule for the examinees to come back for the results of their exam.

The problems being encountered by the Exam personnel starts during the exam proper wherein the exam personnel takes a lot of time arranging the examinees in their seat arrangements and distributing the exam questionnaires. After doing so, the exam personnel will give the examinees a time frame for them to finish their exam. The checking of paper includes some factors in measurement error due to the personnel’s differences. Since the administrator of the scholarship exam is only one, so the checking and the result will take a week or weeks to be finished that results to the delay of tuition fee assessment during enrollment.

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The test questionnaires are being compromised and are easily worn out due to continuous usage. Therefore, more advanced technologically updated and effective facilities and equipment for students, especially for the incoming freshmen students are indeed in great demand in order to attain its goal of continuous production of quality graduates. In pursuit to the attainment of Philippine College of Science and Technology’s Vision and Mission, a scholarship exam is given to incoming freshmen students anchored on three purposes. First, this is to recognize and award incentives to deserving students.

Second, the result of exam is to serve as a basis in identifying the intelligence level of students which in turn will help them in addressing their individual needs in instructions. Third, to be able to encourage freshmen to enroll at Philippine College of Science and Technology. Within this premise, an accurate and reliable system in the administration of the scholarship exam is of utmost importance. This step into computerized examinations represents not only a breakthrough in examination technology, but also eliminating for examinees the long waits for the official results of their efforts. Theoretical Framework

Performing well on the computer adaptive sections of the exam demands a different test-taking approach from that employed on a traditional paper and pencil exam. For example, Kaplan, a national organization that prepares students for the TOEFL and other standardized tests, suggests that students spend more time on the first five questions, which have the greatest impact on their score. The computer uses the early questions to establish a test-takers’ baseline ability. On an adaptive test, students no longer have the luxury of warming up with the easier early questions. According to Vanded et,al. Modern computer technology has opened several new possibilities for optimizing the administration of education as psychological test. In Computer Based Training (CBT), tests are automatically tailored to the proficiency level of the individual examinees. Currently, nearly all-large scale testing programs in the western World are already adaptive. According to Grist, Eric (Reader’s Digest No. 107) the paper-and-pencil tests are “fixed items” tests in which all students answer the same questions. Fixed item tests waste student’s time because they give students a large number of items that are either too easy or too difficult.

As a result, the tests give little information about the particular level of ability of each student. With recent advancements in measurements theory and the increased availability of microcomputers in school, the practice of using these tests may change. Susan. Supported this statement that, computerized tests may replace paper and pencil in some instances. With computerized test, each student’s ability level can be estimated during the testing process and the items can be tailored to this estimate of ability. Consequently, students can take different versions of some tests. These are called Computerized Based Tests or CBT’s.

The following are some of its advantages; In general, Computerized Testing greatly increases the flexibility of the test management, test are given on demand and scores are available immediately, neither answer sheets nor trained test administrators are needed, administration is consistent, test administrator differences are eliminated as a factor in measurement error, test are individually paced so that a student does not have to wait for others to finish before going onto the next section, self – paced administration also offers extra time for students who need it potentially reducing one source of test anxiety, test security is increased because hardcopy and test booklets are never compromised. It is in the Mid-1990’s when the Philippine Regulatory Commissions (PRC), check board exams results through computer. Likewise the Civil Service Commission gives examination through computer that yields result immediately after exam. Computerized examination techniques proved to be very effective since human factor in checking paper is eliminated.

The effectiveness of the said technique in giving scholarship exam has encourage other institutions to devise a program in giving varied type of exams. The computerized standard test adapts the skill level of the individual test taker. Each correct answer given by the student is followed by a more difficult question while, incorrect answers are followed by a less difficult questions. The more difficult the questions are, the more points the student can get. Conceptual Framework/Paradigm Computerized tests may replace paper-and-pencil tests in some instances. On this basis, this study is anchored on the herein illustrated paradigm. The researcher have developed the paradigm that will explain the flow of the study.

The input presented in the first box contains : (1) The present Scholarship Examination process for the incoming freshmen students in Philippine College of Science and Technology, (2) The features to be considered in designing the proposed system, and lastly (3) The evaluation of the experts on the developed system as to its usability, functionality and its technical aspect. After the input comes the process, wherein the researcher will start from the development of the system, gathering of data through interviews and documentary analysis that will serve as a basis to devise a system for Scholarship Examination. The result will serve as the output, which is the Proposed Computerized Scholarship Examination System for the incoming freshmen students of PhilCST.


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