Dell laptops Offer more options to choose from for specific models, and if you want to Store songs and videos dell iS better than NOW coming to 3WIh the explanation would be as follows: Why the product iS introduced in the market? DELL has various kinds of laptop that keep coming up with different collection in every 2 months why a product is released is not exactly a definite question” but they come up with different laptops because of the consumers as they wish to take or ave something unusual and look forward to haue new features like give out Impressive graphic performance DELL has a great name in the market so to survive In the competition with HP It has to create an appeal tor the audiences and come out with new laptops to reach to their audiences. Who are the target audiences?

Dell has always been one of the leaders In the laptop industry as far as costs go. 39′ selling all of their laptops direct, they avoid selling through retailers. They then pass on those sawngs to you. Their target audiences are middle class. higher middle class and upper class. Prices vary according to the features It often offers such specials as a free 120G3 upgrade or extra RAM. Their price ranges from 25,000 to 1 lakh. What it is you need to offer to your target audiences? Dell provides a large series of laptop which vary according to the prices. DELL provides laptops which have four case colours.

Bluetooth, WVVAN. GPS, a TV tuner, and a 1366 x 768 display. 720 GB ram. 9. 5 battery life,4 GB memory, Windows’ 7 Home Premium (64-bit). Dell laptops tend to be larger in size and they also pay more attention to air flow. Dell is very famous for their excellent customer service and arranty options, Their website is also very user friendly. When it comes to components there iS not much difference Since they are built by contractors. Their motherboards are produced by Mitac. Foxconn, ECS, etc. , and hard drives are produced by Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, etc. When and Where they promote and its availability?

Dell has Its huge name now and has got recognition when a new laptop is introduced it is first forecasted on TV as it’s a best way to promote their brand so that people can get maximum information they want. Dell advertises heavily on television, on the Internet, In print such as magazines and newspapers, as well as, uses direct mall ad campaigns. All of these promotional vehicles have been designed to give Dell the competitive edge that they need to be the number one computer seller In the world. It also provides tree ccwers to the customers who buy tor the 1st time. Dude, you should have boughta Dell became a very popular television advertisement tor Dell back In 2002. That one advertisement brought Dell’s market share up 16. 5 percent, which was more than double the previous year. The promotion Is done when a new product is released or when it offers discount dur. g Diwali, Christmas, ld. Laptops are available In Dell showrooms then their distributors in Lamington Rd, Sony world, Croma, Big bazaar. How they will serve their customer? customers. They personally guide you and explain each and every features and accurately makes up and give.

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Dell has also created a blog where you can comment and various changes have been made in the laptops. Hewlett-Packard HP LAPTOPS HP is the winner when we consider features and performance. The reason might be the fact that HP tries to produce entertainment-centric laptops with lots of features. But Dell laptops are lacking in many of these features. Why the product is introduced in the market? HP provides us with various features and less designs compared to dell By selling direct, Dell has been able to sell their computers at a relatively low price.

They avoid selling through retailers and pass those savings to their customers. HP uses both methods to sell their laptops. Therefore their prices may be slightly higher than the same configurations of Dell. The laptops are introduced because they come up with invention of new ideas and different variety so that consumers can benefit these features in HP rather buying a mac book . Who are the target audiences? Target audience of hp is higher middle class and upper class. They provide laptops which ranges from 25,000rs to 1 lakh .

They basically target college students, cooperate people. What it is you need to offer to your target audiences? HP might not be the market leader but provides various features at a lower range than DELL . 0ne noticeable difference between Dell and HP is their looks. Dell tends to have a standard look while HP has a glossier look. Their motherboards are produced by Mitac, Foxconn, ECS, etc. , and hard drives are produced by Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, etc . HP comprises of Genuine Window” 7 Home Premium (64-bit) , [email protected] core 15-2410M processor 46B memory 750 GB Hard Drive 39. cm (15. 6″) High- Definition LED HP Bright View Display Featuring Beats Audio Sound System and it depends which model you select. It provides with 4 hrs battery life and get a remote through which u can operate your laptop. When and Where they promote and its availablity? HP is achieved its name in the market when you hear the name hp you know what is it. Its a brand that can be trusted, hp’s promotion strategy is basically done by a commercial, print ad, internet, pamphlet, flyers. It is available in hp showroom, lamington Rd, Hera panna, Croma, Sony world.

It does nt focuses much on tv commercial but in brochures, posters, and print ad as more information is given. How they will serve to their customer? HP looks more on to features rather than services it provides but not like DELL. They assist the customers personally and offers various services. VERDICT Both Dell and HP have best laptops on the market. It’s difficult to take a good decision based on other factors. So if you are comfortable spending more to have a warranty option, consider a Dell laptop over HP, because of their excellent customer service.


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