Virtual Reality


world technology is growing better and better. Every mankind in this world are
racing to be the number one in the technology development, and Virtual reality
is the one that people look for now. Virtual Reality or you can called it VR is
a technology that can make the user get to interact with the virtual world that
simulated by the computer,so the user will feel “living” on that

advantages that Virtual Reality have and no other gadgets have is in
combination with physical environments or props, it can generate realistic
images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in
a virtual or imaginary environment.It will stimulates our sense of sight and
hearing too.

get the maximum experience of using the virtual reality, you have to make sure
you got the other support device such as headset,to get the atmoshphere in it,Controller,
to be able to touch something in the game just like our hands,thats the primary
device you need to have,the secondary device you dont need to have but you can
have it if you want,you may buy the walker, and the suit,to get the feeling of
being hit or something like that.

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are four element in virtual reality(quoted from “Wirtual Reality dan
Perkembangannya”,,15 January 2018).The first element of
virtual reality is.virtual world, its a world that was made by the programmer
where we will play on.The second elemet of virtual reality is immersion, its a
sensation that could make us feel the world inside even though it just a world
made by the programmer or we      can call it a  
fictitious world..Immersion is divided by  two,first is mental impression that cause our
mental to   feel the world inside,and
physical immersion where  we could feel
physically living in that world. The
the third element of virtual reality is,Sensory Feedback its use to send the
infromation from the virtual world to the user,such as sight,hearing,and touch..The
foutrth element is interactivity its  the
response of the user that send into the virtual world so  it can interact with the user.

the VR works,its usually called with HMD or head mounted display.if you have no
audio or hand tracking,using a google cardboard is enough to get you half

purpose of VR is to make the real 3D virtual environment in front of your eyes.but
this is unlike augmented reality because it doesn’t overlay its picture into
our real world.

video is sent from the computer using a HDMI cables in the case of headsets
such as HTC’s Vive and Rift,or there are the one that already smartphone
slotted such as Samsung Galaxy VR and many more

headsets use either to feeds sent to one display or two LCD display,and there
is also lenses that are placed between our eyes.It can be adjusted to match the
distance between your eyes,because everyone’s eyes are different.

thosse lenses focus and reshape the picture for each eye and create a
stereoscopic 3D image by angling the two 2D images to mimic how each of our two
eyes views the world ever-so-slightly differently.You might want to try closing
your eyes and switch to the other while seeing and individual objects
moving,you will know what am i talking about right now.

             VR headset can do 100 or 110 degree field of
view beacuse VR has to make us feel the immersion to increase our
experience,and they didn’t use 360 degree display,even though it will look very
good,still it’s expensive and maybe unacessary.110 or 110 degree is enough

a little more to get the promising picture,60 fps is needed to avoid the users
feeling sick cause it will make our eyes confused.Some Headsets even go beyond
this like Oculus can do 90 fps, Playstation’s VR can reach 120fps.

let’s talk about Head Tracking. Head tracking means that when you wear a VR
headset, the picture in front of you will move where ever your head go such as
look up,down,and other way.There is a system called 6DoF ( Six Degree of Freedom)
that plots your head in terms of your X,Y,Z axis to measure your head movemnts
and usually it’s called pitch,yaw,and roll.

                        Head-tracking tech needs low latency
to be effect Why? Because head tracking is one big advantage the premium
headsets have over the likes of Cardboard other mobile VR headsets. The big VR
developers are still working out motion tracking. When you look at VR stuff.
You wanted to see other world that you never came before

finally, headphones can be used to increase the sense of immersion. From the
audio. Because the developer make the sound like goes surround them like Dolby
7.1 speakers,so if there is a sound from your right,only your right ears can
hear it and vice will make us sure where is the sound come from.

a while, we’ve seen the Leap Motion accessory – which uses an infrared sensor
to track hand movements . So not just head that can see other world. We can
touch and also feel like we are on the other side of the world

Touch is a set of wireless controllers designed to make you feel like you’re
using your own hands in VR. You grab each controller and use buttons,
thumbsticks and triggers during VR games. But there is a problem from this. U
not really use your hand. Feel touching something not that far, but we can hope
scientist will make one of them So, for instance, to shoot a gun you squeeze on
the hand trigger. There is also a matrix of sensors on each controller to
detect gestures such as pointing and waving. .

input methods can include anything from hooking an Xbox controller or joystick
up to your PC, voice controls, smart gloves and treadmills such as the Virtuix
Omni, which allow you to “walk” in that world

last year,many company doing a virtual reality technology development,for those
who didn’t know there are many uses of this technology:like VR uses for video games.The first is, Playing games
using VR will be very exciting because we can feel the excitement in the game.
The second,  VR uses for watching  a movie with VR, of course the feeling must
be different.we can feel the real atmoshphere of the film.The third, Military
training, now, soldier can train with VR too,they can go to war in VR world and
doesnt need to go to the real war.The fourth, Watching a concert through
youtube.Now you dont need to go further to watch a concert with the band you
like on the youtube canal, and with VR we can feel other people excitement in
there.The fifth, Rugby Players using VR to practice.A team call Dallas Rugby
has implemented VR training on their list,the uses of it to simulate a real
match and studying the tactics.the sixth,VR for the treatment post trauma like
soldiers who had just returned home after the war.

the very least, what is obvious is VR will changing how to enjoy entertainment
such as playing games and watching videos.In the future,could it be with the
virtual reality we will be able to enter into a virtual world like the matrix
and others, we are hoping that VR will developted better and better so that the
next generation will feel the enjoyment of VR.




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