Isaac Newton was born January 4, 1643, Woolsthorpe Manor,
United Kingdom. The English physics studied the basic force of gravity and is
one of the world’s greatest scientist. But, beneath his truth was a story never
to be spoken of. Newton made discoveries in optics, motion, and mathematics.
Newton thought that white light had particles of even other colors as well. In
1866 Newton came home from Trinity college due to the horrible disease that had
spread around the country.

all of the disease Newton has become fashionably astonished and started to
study the force of gravity. While Newton was sitting under a tree an apple hit
the ground or on him. Seeing an apple fall from the tree, made him to think why
it fell straight down instead of at an angle. This leading to Newton and his
discoveries about motion.

            Newton made the three laws of motion each will be
explained. Any object at rest will stay at rest until a force pushes the object
to move. Here is the second law. The relationship between an object’s mass m,
its acceleration a, and the applied force f is f = ma. Acceleration and force
are in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction
of the acceleration vector. Finally, here is the last law of motion. With every
action there is are a same or different action upon it.

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       Down towards the end of his life Newton lived at a
park, Cranberry Park, in Winchester, England, he lived with his niece and his
niece’s wife. By this time, Newton has become one of the greatest scientists of
all in England. His science has been unchallenged by others and probably won’t
be any other person in a



century. Newton had
become a wealthy man, investing in charity’s and other businesses. Before his death
bed came when he was younger he was elected to Trinity college and was emitted
to succeed in his life. The professor exempted him from necessity of tutoring
but imposed the duty of delivering an annual course of lectures.

1687, there was 18 months of nonstop writing and working, Newton published
Principium of Mathematica, mostly well known as Principia. It is the to be
known as the greatest book of philosophy’s. After the publication Newton had
become famous and very popular from his book. Principia tells exactly all the
forces of motion, with three basic laws of motion.

are the Three Laws of Motion







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