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Nike is a benchmark company in everything it does. His control over the complicated textile market keeps her in the spotlight of activists and NGOs. Especially as a result of a report from the BBC discovered sexual abuse and exploitation in the factories of some suppliers of Nike in Asia.Currently, Nike is at the top of the sports equipment industry with approximately 37% of the market. It is also the one that has produced the most production jobs outside of North America.

According to Setem, a federation of NGOs specialized in cooperation and development issues, this North American firm carries out 99% of its production in the Third World.Developing countries are attractive to factories because they offer cheap labor and more flexible social, fiscal or environmental legislation. There Western companies work with local factories to produce a specific product, so that everything that refers to employees, working conditions, salaries, etc. it is in the hands of the native producers.With this system, companies have begun to expand, businesses have increased and the big magnates of the textile industry are reaching a power that some NGOs and institutions find suspicious.

The lack of transparency that characterizes this type of production and the difficulty in acquiring information about the contracted factories has caused Nike, among other large multinationals, to be closely watched by the critical eye of integrated associations within the anti-globalization movement.Social responsibility at NikeConsequently, Nike tried to tackle the problem by organizing various activities aimed at increasing their social work in the countries where they worked.To give voice to the measures that they took, a great communication campaign was launched with the ultimate goal of getting consumers to end up associating their brand with universal values ??of justice and equality


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