In Etretat”, this piece of artwork describing a

In 1883, Claude Monet, a French impressionist painted the artwork ‘The Stormy Sea in Etretat’.November 14, 1840, Paris, France, Monet Claude was born. He attended the Swiss Institute. As amotivational and inspirational personality, Claude Monet is a key in uniting believers. ClaudeMonet was interested in painting in capturing the natural light, and later turned the series ofpainting techniques on one of the most famous spiers. Claude Monet was observing a series oflandscape sea Etretat at different times o7f the day. These art movements are categories to theimpressionist of modern art.

Emphasizes the precise description of changes in light, showing theimpact of time changes. Unusual perspectives are also a part of Impressionism. Impressionistartists use brighter colors and lighter brush strokes. Artists pay attention to daily life andlandscape, but reduce the attention of detail.The main features of Impressionist painting areshort and thin, but very obvious brush strokes.2Description”The Stormy Sea in Etretat”, this piece of artwork describing a stormy sea on a winter day. Thispainting is painted from the window of the hotel where the artist lives.

In 1902, this piece ofartwork is exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon.The Stormy in EtretatPicture 1Recognisable Subjects:This painting (picture 1) describe the natural disaster which occur once in a blue moon (tsunami).In the artwork, the water occupies most of the painting. The top of the painting is painted in away that expresses heavy rain and torrential weather. From picture 1, the Etretat cliff can beseen on the top left of the painting.

A few thatches can be seen on the bottom left of the3painting. The middle of the painting is full of curvy slope expressing the strong waves. There aretwo fishermen standing beside their boat that has been destructed by the strong waves. The twofishermen seem to be discussing how to flee this natural disaster.Visual Element and Their Qualities:Visual element of colors: Horizontal brush strokes used to layer the rock of Etretat cliff. The useof color makes people feel a heavy mood and suitable for bad weather at the moment.

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Thewhole artwork with a water blue color brought out the melancholy feeling of people in badweather. White and brightness let viewer noticed the intense and turbulent waves of the time.Beside that, from the whole artwork can also see the contrasts in colors on the background.Whole painting is applied with the colors of blue, green, grey, black, white, orange, brown. Thatwas colors contracts in warm and cool colors. In addition, the color of the paintings matchedcleverly but contrasts.Visual element of line: Artist used the elements of repetition lines and shapes on the stormy seaand created a realistically of their subject. Dark lines match and suitable for the weather at thetime and added realism.

Instead, also have a lot of curve line are using on the sea to bring outthe waves. The whole painting is created by the visual element of line, such as the boat, rock,strong waves and other. Besides that, horizontal, vertical, curved, thick or thin line is applying inthis artwork. Thick and thin lines were affecting the quality of the composition.Besides that, the painter uses visual elements of art, which is textures to appear the rock andalso, stormy sea. Textures can be divided into four textures, such as actual texture, simulatedtexture, abstract texture and invented textures.

Abstract texture is used on this artwork. Theillusion of movement at sea is the use of separate brush strokes, combined with bright colors.Besides that, different kinds of the textures created by different types of line to bring outdifferent of emotional. Claude Monet is famous for applying another color when the first color isstill wet.Other than that, space can be divided into two kinds, which was positive and negative space.Again, background, foreground and middle ground are also included in the space. Hence, in thisartwork, the sky is the background, the rock and the sea are middle ground, and foreground isthe boat and two of the fishermen. Space also created a distance between objects and objects.

As an illustration, this painting adopts the positive and negative space as well as the distancespace that shows on top, bottom and in between on this piece of artwork.AnalysisSize Relationships:According to the artwork, the stormy sea was an important part based on majority in the4artwork. From the title can also be seen mainly about the changes and turbulent stormy in thesea and nature. At the first glance, saw a large rock in the middle of the sea and also prominentthe fierce waves underneath the rocks. The size of an object is very important in a painting. Thatis because when look at a painting, viewer must first focus on larger objects. Relatively, theviewers are possible to ignore the smaller objects.

However, this does not mean that smallerobjects are not important in a painting. Sometimes, small objects will have some details thingswant to express. For instance, two of the fishermen are smallest in the whole picture. But, itbrought out some information, such as hope, calm, courage and so on.

Moreover, that rock alsoshowed the magnificence, hardness and other.Colour Relationships:In addition, the whole picture is very close in color. However, it can also see the contrastbetween colors. In other words, the colors that used in the sky, rock, and stormy sea are veryclose, that is use of blue colors.

In fact, blue has been classified as a cool color. So, from here canalso see the contrast of colors between warm and cool colors. Orange and brown colors appearin this artwork. Both of the colors are represented a warm color. Besides that, brown also withthe meaning of elegant, simple and solemn.

Otherwise, brown color is also one of the colors thatcan often be seen in nature of the earth. Therefore, brown also has the meaning of being safety,tolerance, confidence and trust. The colors of the light and darkness are also an important partin a painting. For example, the part of the waves in this painting was uses light and darkness todepict the intense and strong waves at the time. Anyway, the use of color is very harmonious inthis painting.Textural Surface Relationships:Equally important, that is textural surface relationships.

Texture of this artwork looks very rough.There are four types of textures, which is actual texture, simulated texture, abstract texture andinvented textures. The actual texture is the combination of the look and feel of the painting. Thisis related to the heavy build-up of paint like thick coating or the materials addition. Withoutactually adding textures, simulated textures create only textural visual effects. Abstract texturedoes not directly represent the object to which it is connected, but the concept of translatingobjects in texture mode. Adding alternative materials to create a fun texture is an inventedtexture.

Abstract texture is use in “The Stormy Sea in Etretat”. Some contrast of texture of thequalities is show on this artwork. That is the texture between the rock and the sea. In short, thelines that use the textures on the rocks feel hardness and show the characteristics of the rocks.

But, the texture on the waves is felt the movement of the intense waves.Space and Volume Relationships:Next, space and volume relationships. Naturally, this painting is divided into three spaces. That isforeground, background, and middle ground.

At the first, there are two fishermen, boat and thebeach in the foreground. And, the sea and rocks were place at the middle ground, but also the5largest part of the whole picture. Last, the space of this painting, there is a rainy sky in thebackground. The main shape or figure in the painting is called the positive space.

The spacearound one or more shapes is called negative space. In picture 1, the rock, boat, fishermen andthe sea is a positive space. Claude Monet use size, placement, shadows, color, and light to implythe space. Artist use the size to prominent the mainly object in this painting. Second, theplacement also indicates the direction to let the viewer does not ignore any of the objects in thepainting.

Furthermore, the light and darkness also show the space and value of the artwork. Inpainting, adding black or white will change the value. “High-keyed” means the value is near theend of the lighter of the spectrum. On the contrary, it is called “low-keyed”.InterpretationThrough the title of this artwork, one can see that the artist mainly wants to express the surgingand intense waves during the storm. The painter showed the scene of the storm at the timethrough oil painting.

The painting also fully shows the feeling of melancholy and helplessness ina storm, no matter is the used of colors on the sky, waves either the beach. The name of thisartwork is based on the scene Claude Monet was seeing at the time, which is the name of theplace where the storm came.First of all, the first sensation come into the mind was calm as well as cool-headed when viewingthis artwork. This is because both of the fishermen which pointed at most conspicuous place atthe bottom of the painting look like discussing for escape the current status. In other words, itmeans that the fishermen never give up the hope of survival, even though facing the disaster.Therefore, this is the reason that why this artwork is definition as cool-headed.

R.M.Nixon saidthat, “our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.

So, let us seize it,not in fear, but in gladness”. Thus, this painting is call attention to viewer that no matter howbad situation or difficult encountered, don’t suffer for it.Nobody can judge a book by its cover. So that, it will bring the different feeling when people lookcarefully at the whole painting. In fact, according to the title of this artwork as mention as above,the part of the sky should select a darkness colors. However, this artist painting the sky by usingshallow blue and also light blue to present his expectation of future. In other words, this pictureimplies the audience that two of the fishermen are still alive with hope.

For instance, storm willbring unforgotten memories to the people, but the peaceful and hopeful will always usher afterthe storm. According to the famous Philosopher Jean de la Bruyere said that, “Out of difficultiesgrow miracles.”Moreover, this artwork leads the viewers have a sensation of majestic when looking at the bigrock which located in the middle ground.

That is because, even the rock was hit by the strongwaves, and it was still standing intact. Therefore, that rock can be a temporary haven for the twofishermen in the artwork.6According to my knowledge, “The Stormy Sea in Etretat” is from Impressionism art movement.These movements are considered as a modern art. This piece of artwork is painting by ClaudeMonet on 1883. Claude Monet, the French impressionism founder. Impressionist name comesfrom a painting that created by Claude Monet on 1874, which the name is “soleil levant”.Impressionist painting is characterized by unmodifying the brush stroke, the composition of thepicture is extremely broad, and emphasis on light and shadow, and the object of painting comesfrom ordinary things in life.

Impression are created by the observe and reproduce the visual.Short and broken brushstroke used in the artwork, “The Stormy Sea in Etretat”Picture 27JudgementFrom picture 1, saw this painting is very successful. That is because the lines, space, composition,color, darkness and brightness are greatly used by the artist.First of all, this piece of artwork makes the viewer feel connected to the artwork, almost as if theviewer is in the situation of the picture.

The curves used on the waves show and the stormywaves. Besides that, the horizontal and broken line used on the rock also make the rock has asense of hierarchy. This kinds of line let the viewer looked very real.Picture 3Picture 48Secondly, that is the colors uses in this artwork. This is because the composition use by the artistis show the direction. For example, the rock was point to two fishermen that standing in theforeground.

Because the use of this composition, even smallest in the painting, but twofishermen will not be ignored by viewer.Next, the darkness and brightness on the strong wave also great in used by artist. The use ofdarkness and brightness shows the movement of the waves. This makes the picture look morereality.ConclusionExpressivism:This artwork is an expressivism art. This is because artist wants to display a natural disaster,which is stormy sea.

In contrast, this artwork also tries to expresses never give up for alive, nomatter what kind of situation or disaster are facing. For example, even facing the naturaldisasters, but two fishermen still has hope, which increases their chance of survival.9Founder “Tug of War Series”` Ronnie MohamadRonnie Mohamad, the founder of the artwork, “Tug of War Series”. Ronnie Mohamad was bornin 1978. He comes from Johor, Malaysia. Ronnie Mohamad is a Malaysia visual artist. Now livesand works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of his paintings are using the charcoal.

Besides that,”Tug of War Series” are present by charcoal and canvas.10Tug of War SeriesPicture 4DescriptionThis piece of artwork is to show the traditional activities in the village. This artwork shows thetraditional method of tug of war.Recognisable Subjects:In this artwork, there are a lot of object performs. First, there were five persons showed on thispainting. Next, it also shows a rope and a piece of cloth. This piece of artwork also present intwo parts of the canvas.

Visual Elements and Their Qualities:Visual element of line: First, the artist used the different line to create this artwork. Differentlines have different feelings in different parts. For instance, there are lines such as straight line,horizontal line, curve line and also the thicker line in this painting.

Visual element of colours: Secondly, the colors uses by artist in the whole picture are black andwhite. This is because the material the artist used is charcoal.Visual element of textures: These pieces of artwork look rough on the surface. The reason of the11rough surface is because the material used in the artwork.Visual element of shapes: Besides that, there are two kinds of shapes uses by the artist.

Theshapes used in the artworks are organic and geometrical shapes. The shape that created thehumans body is organic shapes. In addition, geometrical shapes are uses on the pattern of thebatik. For example, the geometrical shape on the batik, which is a crystal shapes. It also showsthe repetition of shapes.Visual element of composition: The composition used in this artwork is to emphasis the peoplewho standing at the end of group.

This bring out important information about the personstanding in the end of the group is very importance in the tug of war. Refer to picture 5Picture 512Picture 6AnalysisSize Relationships:This piece of artwork shows the contrast in size. In fact, in a painting, larger objects are moreimportant than smaller objects. Picture 6 show the contrast of size in this artwork.

For example,the size relationships between the peoples are bringing out the meaning of the importance ofthe biggest object.Shape Relationships:This artwork uses the geometrical and organic shape. Geometrical shape created pattern.Colour Relationships:Black and white colors showed in this pictures. That is because the artist uses materials ofcharcoal.

The color scheme is monochrome. So, the artist use different tones to create the lineand shapes. Next, it also create light and dark, and contrast.

Contrast in background can also seein the background. That is white background and the object are black. For example, it wasdifferent kind of tones used on the human body.13Picture 7Picture 814Space and Volume Relationships:This piece of artwork use the negative and positive space. Furthermore, this artwork is one-pointperspective.

For instance, the object in this artwork are getting bigger from the background toforeground. That means the nearest object will biggest than other. The space of this artwork letviewer have a depth feel because the gradient show on the picture.Textural Surface Relationships:This artwork perform with crude and rough surface.

This is an abstract texture.InterpretationThe artist, Ronnie Mohamad was describe local traditional cultural activities on the east coast ofMalaysia. Ronnie Mohamad has long worked with local photographers and communities ontug-of-war. The artist through his observation of human nature to re-organize the competitiongame. The players are wearing the traditional batik. This give an opportunity to artist to showthe color contrast. This artwork mark the attitude about hard working.Tug of war, a game easy to set up and without any cost.

This activity need a long rope and apiece of cloth only. Between, have eight players in each group.Besides that, this artwork gave an information, there was the importance of team-work. Tug ofwar is an activities play in group. This traditional activities are test the trust between teammatesand also their cooperation. From this activity, players will becomes confidents and strength.

Furthermore, this artwork also has a meaning, which is power. Tug of war need two team’splayer to done it. However, the competition should have lose and win.

The powerful one will wina victory. It also felt proud for the players because the successful.Last, the artist create this artwork to remind next generation about this traditional event. So that,they can preserve this traditional event for long time.JudgementThis piece of artwork is great in using dark and bright. It look contrast. Artist uses a lot of tonethat help the characters to look more nature. The artist play with positive and negative spacethat created a contrast effect to emphasis the character as well as the illusion of depth.

Thisartwork lets viewer feel natural and realistic.However, it also has a lacking part. That was whole picture only have two tones that is black andwhite. It will feel bored even though the tones in use are excellent. If the artist mixed with thesoft pastel, this work will becomes very excellent. And not feel boring.ExpressivismIn conclusion, this is an expressivism artwork. The information from this artwork is to remind the15new generation about this traditional activity, which is “Tug of War”.

It also let the teenager beconfidence and communicate with other. If each other so that they can maintains a good andclose relationships with one and another.


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