Hostage it is considered to be criminal act







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taking is a situation which involves carrying out of seizing and detention to a
person while at the same process, it involves issuing of threats that are
dangerous to one’s life while waiting for other bodies like government to act.
Various countries have their jurisdictions which act on activities of hostages (Bloomfield, 2001). Hostage can be a criminal or a
terrorism act depending on how it gets performed. While referring to hostage
taking as criminal act, it is viewed that every person performs the act of
taking someone hostage is deemed to be guilty where he is indictable offence
and in this case, the persons remains liable. 
For example, in situation s where firearm  get used, 
to have the act done, or if the firearm get used to have an offence committed,
it is considered to be criminal act of hostage. 
It often happens for the benefit of one party at a direction or in criminal
organization. In such cases, it may lead to severe act of imprisonment for life
as given by various jurisdictions like the one practiced by the United States

on the other hand, when referring to hostage as terrorism act, the incidents
get noticed only after their occurrences get felt which means they often happen
and cannot be prevented with ease. For example, it may involve taking of ransom
which in the later stages of hostage, takes part in funding terrorist (Yun & Roth, 2008). It also get referred as a  terrorism act because it gets perfumed in a
way that are dramatic forums which means that the life and death of a person is
not known and hang on a balance. When such incidences happen, there is suspense
and more so, danger occurs. All these practices cause, innocent people are at
risk due to being on hand of armed individuals.

conclusion, it is important to have a good understanding of hostage taker. This
is because, it helps in ways through which facts can get established knowing their
causes and motives. Again, it forms an important part since it helps in knowing
how closely related terrorism individuals act when analyzing their situational dynamics.




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