Frankenstein is the tragedy of the intellectual, Victor Frankenstein, and how in his plight for the creation of life, he ends up losing everything that means anything to him. While studying chemistry and philosophy at the university in Ingolstadt Victor becomes interested in the secret of life. After years of research at the old university he convinced that he has finally found it. Using the research he had found at the university Victor spends months created a complete body out of old body parts. After his work is completed he brings the monster to life.

Horrified by what he has created, Victor hastily prepares to make his way home in Geneva. Before he leaves, however, he receives a letter telling him that his younger brother, William, had been murdered. While on his way home, Victor passes through the woods where his brother was murdered. In the woods Victor sees the monster and becomes convinced that it is the one to blame for the murder. Shortly arriving in Geneva Victor discovers that Justine Moritz, a sweet girl taken in by the Frankensteins, has been accused of the murder. Amidst pleadings for innocence, Justine is found guilty of the crime and is executed for her “deeds”.

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While grieving in the mountains, the monster comes to him and asks Frankenstein if Victor would create a mate for him. At first Victor adamantly refuses, but the monster is persuasive. After much pleading, Victor finally agrees to succumb to the monsters wishes. Him and his childhood friend, Henry Cleval, leave shortly after for England in hopes that they might discover information as to how to create a female monster. After gathering the information he needs, Victor prepares to make the female monster on an Island in a shack in Scotland.

While creating the female, the male monster looks through the window and grins cunningly. Disgusted by the monsters hideousness he destroys the female monster he had been creating. Enraged, the monster promises Victor harm on Victors wedding night. Victor then tries to escape the Island on a small boat. During the night there are mighty winds and Victor has trouble getting anywhere. He falls asleep. When he awakes he finds that he has crashed in a town that he does not know the name of. Soon after getting out of the boat, he is arrested for the murder of Henry. Deeply grief-stricken, Victor falls ill while in his cell.

He is kept in the prison during his illness, and upon his recovery he is let out and the murder is acquitted. He returns to Geneva. Shortly after his return to Geneva, he marries Elizabeth. Fearing the monsters warning applies to him and his end, he sends Elizabeth away to wait for him. While parted form him he hears her screams and realizes that the monster meant his newly wed, and not himself. Victor then returns home to his father, who dies shortly after. After the murder of his entire family Victor devotes his life to the finding and killing of the monster who has taken so much from him.