Engineering: Engineers are defined in many different
perceptions. Engineering is the application of science and technology to build,
design and construct. Engineers are known of their distinguished skills from
other professions such as, problem solving, coordinating, communicating and
designing materials from scratch. These skills mainly depend on critical and
logical thinking. Engineers are trained to solve complex problems in cost
effective and useful ways. Furthermore, Engineers role in life is essential to
help build the future in the most efficient harmless way. There are different
branches of engineering that deals with different applications. Such as, Civil
Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical
Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Engineering: Civil Engineering have been an
essential part of life since the beginnings of human presence. It is considered
as one of the oldest discipline in Engineering. The history of civil
engineering was demonstrated when people used an old shelter cave to protect
themselves, or lead a tree trunk to cross a waterway. Civil Engineering is
everything built around us in the world from roads, bridges, schools, hospitals,
water supply and much more. There are many branches of Civil Engineering which
are: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resource Engineering,
Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering. Structural
Engineering deals with the analysis and design of structures that would safely
resist loads. Geotechnical Engineering deals with the study of behavior of
earth materials such as, soil, rocks and underground water. Water resource
Engineering deals with the design and construction of hydraulic structures such
as, dams, canals and water distribution system. Environmental Engineering is a
study of environmental friendly designs, pollution and treatments.

Transportation Engineering deals with planning, constructions and management of
transportation facilities.

Transportation Engineering: Transportation Engineering is one of the branches of Civil
Engineering. It is the application of science and technology to the planning, designing,
constructing, maintaining and operating transportation infrastructure systems. Transportation
Engineering is a very broad discipline in Civil Engineering. Transportation
engineers have numerous obligations; however, the most important duty is the safety
and wellbeing of individuals. Planning in transportation engineering
incorporate the estimating of transportation office, deciding the materials and
thickness utilized as a part of asphalt outlining the geometry of the roadway.

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Moreover, logistics, network analysis, financing, policy analysis, public
acceptance and social justice are additionally essential, especially to those
working in highway and urban transportation.


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