Aerated mostly specified for intertenancy, common area and

Aerated concrete has been widely used industrial and
civil construction. They are often used in construction for dwellings and
business. Dwelling is any building or a structure that was used. Dwellings can
be permanent or temporary and includes structures such as houses, motel,
hotels, prisons, motor homes, huts and tents. There can be more than one
dwelling within a building for example in an apartment building each separated
apartment or unit is considered as a dwelling. Aerated concrete is used
preferentially in external walls because of its outstanding insulation
properties which is suitable for construction of a building.  It can improve the appearances of the
property and then can automatically increase the property’s value. It also will
improve weatherproofing and sound resistance and reduces condensation on
internal walls and can help prevent damp. Aerated concrete is also used
multi-story construction and it is viable for even 5-storey construction. Some
residential are built entirely using this aerated concrete. This type of
concrete can also be used for internal walls because the walls are so level
with they can be finished with a very thin coated of plaster 3-5 millimeter.
This aerated concrete which is internal walls system are mostly specified for
intertenancy, common area and service walls in high rise residential building.
They also can be used in medium rise residential buildings or medium to high
rise commercial buildings. Aerated concrete also enable the construction of a
fireplace as  add on after the initial
loads have been calculated without leading to any significant extra stress on
ceilings with standard load-bearing properties. Kitchen surface also can be
quickly done using aerated concrete. If using this type of concrete, the tenant
can easily remove the kitchen without damage to the surroundings. Floor and
roof slabs also can be filling with aerated concrete. Concrete floor and roof
slab are important part of single and multi-storey building.