(1)Traditions is for the most part characterized as long-standing convictions, practices or traditions that have been passed on starting with one age then onto the next. Each culture, each race or gathering of individuals have their own type of traditions and rituals. Tradition, has a few key components. In the first place, it includes some type of ceremonial ritual and behaviors. Secondly, tradition includes a gathering of individuals. Traditions is shown throughout Hamlet, The Golden Son, I’m Not Your Kind Of Muslim and, The Lottery. Tradition is explored as the main idea / concept in these four texts. Traditions is important to build strong relationships. Traditions are rituals and beliefs that are passed down from one generation to the next, including religion, cultures and passing down rituals.   (2)The disaster of  Hamlet was composed by William Shakespeare in the Elizabethan time, a period when religious clashes were much important. This examination analyzes the capacity of religious convictions for the people and for the events of Hamlet, offering another viewpoint on the character’s thought processes. The overall questions which this addresses are: Are the characters believers? Was the main protagonist, Hamlet, a believer? To what extent does religion help to show the play’s events and help the readers to understand?(3)In the play Hamlet there is a religious domain, the thought of religion is vital in understanding the character’s intentions in the play. One case is Horatio, is the point at which he appeals to God for Hamlet when he rises up out of his discourse with the ghost: HORATIO: Heaven secure him! Villa: So be it! (Village, I. 5. 116-117) The talk by Hamlet’s father’s ghost, who relates himself as having been a corrupt individual in his life, reveals reality of his certainty, and incorporates guidance about the wrong doings that have been submitted. He says: Murder most foul, as in the best it may be; But this most foul, interesting and unnatural. (Village, I .5, 127-128) Explaining how he needs his son to kill his brother, he examines the ‘murder’ with respect to his certainty and legitimizes his request on religious grounds. He needs his son to kill Claudius for a particular reason: Let not the illustrious bed of Denmark be a lounge chair for extravagance and accursed inbreeding (Hamlet, I .5, 82-83)(4)Despite the fact that Hamlet is viewed as “a tragedy of revenge”, the ghost does not primarily want to get revenge on his sibling, however he needs to stop the corruption.It makes the feeling that the ghost is a Christian since he requests that Horatio and Marcellus should swear on the sword, which is as a cross (Hamlet I .5, 155, 161, 181). Even Claudius is pious at times; he holds responsible for himself and requests mercy in church (Hamlet III .3.37-49). Also, other characters in this play, including Laertes (Hamlet, I.3.54), and Polonius (Hamlet, I.3.56-60) are believers. (5) Hamlet is larger a piece of his group, and therefore his speech and his behavior reflect his religious status. He doesn’t commit suicide, in view of his need to consent to the requests of his God: Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! O God! God! How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, Seem to me all the uses of this world! Fie on’t! ah fie! ’tis an unweeded garden (Hamlet, I.2,131-135). Some of Hamlet’s words demonstrate him to be religious and power against immortality.  (6) Religion is the system through which a believer takes a good look at the universe and judge from right to wrong. Religion causes the believer to remain adjusted when he gets a shock; such as, catastrophes that make the follower turn out to be more pious. The shock hamlet obtained makes him respect himself not similarly as a believer, but rather as a savior.(7) Another example where tradition is a main theme / idea is the book called The Golden Son. This is because this book is set in a traditional country of India. India is all about culture and traditions. One example from the book is when Anil travels from India to America getting introduced to a new country that is new for Anil to get used to. This is because Anil has to get used to a new environment. Another example is marriage for Anil. Instead of the ideal wife his parents envision Anil gets introduced to Amber, a girl living next door. When Anil goes back home with Amber his parents aren’t comfortable with her due to the fact she is American and she will not follow the culture and traditions Anil follows. Marriage is seen as a culture to follow in India as passed down from ancestors from the past.  (8)The Lottery is another article where tradition is a main aspect. In this case this town sticks to traditions no matter what happens. This is because in this short story, there is a ritual that includes a violent murder each year. This town has had this ritual for many years and hasn’t been stopped due to the fact that villagers fear something bad might strike their town.The villagers’ visually impaired acknowledgment of the lottery has enabled murder to wind up some portion of their town for all time. As they have illustrated, the town feel powerless to transform anything, likewise there is nobody in the town compelling them to keep this ritual every year.. This town has ordinary people who live ordinary lives all have to take part no matter what happens. For the town the only thing that matters is this tradition that they keep every year.   (9) I’m Not Your Kind Of Muslim(10) I’m Not Your Kind Of Muslim (11) Conclusion


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