Women Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneur is any women who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business. Qualities a women has to hold to become successful entrepreneur

1. Self Belief The first and probably the most important characteristic possessed by successful women entrepreneurs is self belief. They believed In themselves; what others said about them didnt matter. They never looked for problem solvers; they believed they were the problem solvers and that belief worked for them.

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2. Faith Faith Is moving ahead, even In the face of uncertainty. Did these successful business omen have faith? My answer Is yes. No one can bulld a successful business without faith because business Is a game where you thrive on uncertainty. When starting a business; success Is never guaranteed, compared to climbing the corporate ladder. If you lack faith, you won’t have the drive to press on even when thereS no sign of progress.

3. They are passionate If there’s one thing that propels successful business women forward: it is passion. Successful women entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and that’s why they built a business around what they love to do best. Neha Juneja, co-founder and CEO of Geenway Grameen Infra, has combined her passion for the environment with her talent for product design to bring a monumental change to rural households. With Grameen Infra, Neha has designed a Smart Stove that burns biomass with incredible efficiency, reducing smoke emissions by 80% and fuel consumption by 65% compared to traditional mud cookstoves

4. They are humble and willing to learn Entrepreneurship is a life long process and successful business women know this. Things change so fast in the business world; you could be an innovation today and become obsolete tomorrow. To stay on course and adapt swiftly to the ever changing rend, successful women entrepreneurs keep studying and learning. They read industrial journals, books and magazines. They attend seminars and update themselves regularly with the latest industrial trend. Successful female entrepreneurs know that their cup is never full; they know that they don’t have the right answers to all questions. So they humble themselves and learn when availed the opportunity.

5. Ability to handle criticism Show me a business woman who hasn’t been criticized and I will show you an average woman. Successful women entrepreneurs were able to achieve success because they refused to be bugged down by negative comments. If you are an Individual that listens to other people’s oplnlon before taking action; then your success will be limited.

6. Determination Another trait possessed by successful women entrepreneurs Is persistence. Starting a business Is one thing; but sucking to the entrepreneurial process Is another. Nothing good comes easy; you must give a good fight and persist on what you want; If you are to really achieve success In the business world. Without persistence, I dont think you can become a successful business woman.

7. Dream If there’s anything that kept the successful women entrepreneurs going: it as their dream to build a successful business and achieve beyond weakness. Successful business women envisioned a lifestyle; they envisioned a future for themselves and they went for it. Indra Nooyi did not grow up poor but she did come from a self-described “humble middle class” environment in India. Nooyi has risen from her humble beginnings to be voted the most powerful woman of the year in 2010 by Fortune Magazine. She demonstrated her strong work ethic by working as a receptionist at night to find money to pay her college tuition. All of her work paid off as she landed positions at top firms Johnson ;amp; Johnson and Motorola upon raduation. Nooyi is now the CEO at PepsiCo earning more than $10 million dollars in compensation last year

8. They went beyond their comfort zone Is Oprah the only female talk show host? The answer is no. Then why did she emerge the richest black woman in the world? The reason was because she went an extra mile than others. You can never become a successful entrepreneur by sitting within your comfort zone; you have to step out into the unknown and that’s what the successful business women did. They left the comfort of their home and security of their Jobs to face life squarely. They paid the price for success.

9. They balanced their cts One of the key characteristics of successful women entrepreneurs is the ability to balance their acts between family and business responsibilities. It’s really quite a challenge building a business alongside raising a family; and to succeed, these women entrepreneurs had to overcome this challenge. They did it by mastering the art of delegation and time management. Kanchana benerJi, who started Writeword is an online platform where Kanchana imparts quality writing skills to women, and helps them take up freelancing as a full-time work-from-home profession. Being a mother of 1 5 year old child she says she is succeeded only ecause she has balanced properly her family n profession properly.

10. Strong sense of purpose The last characteristic possessed by successful women entrepreneurs is “a strong sense of purpose. “. And this sense of purpose reflected in their business mission. This is why their businesses and brands will stand the test of time even after their demise. Shilpi Kapoor, founder and director of BarrierBreak. BarrierBreak provide customers with accessibility services, training, and assistive technologies, but they have also provided equal opportunity employment for persons with disabilities, who ake up 75% of the BarrierBreak staff. In conclusion, these are the ten characteristics that make up successful business women. If you aspire to become a successful business woman; then strive to develop these traits and I will see you at the top.