Time management is also important for student . This is because they have tasks and assignment to be done . On the issue of time management , one could plan or create a weekly schedule of the things that would be doing every week in order to make sure they will be completed . The weekly schedules should effective if it is followed . But sometimes , the time schedule has been a difficult one to follow due to overcrowding and poor execution . So , one could try to manage the time properly and divide them by their priority .

Some students played sports . So , they should manage their time properly and play sports in a specific time to utilize time correctly . For example , play sports in the evening . Students also must avoid themselves to waste times on things which is not important . They also must avoid themselves from the unhealthy activities which will lead them to be hanging around with their friends frequently , vandalisme and maybe gangsterisme .

Other than that , an analysis which can be used to help peoples to understand theirself can be created . his analysis is called the SWOT analysis which ‘S’ stands for strength , ‘W’ for weakness , ‘O’ for oppurtunities , and ‘T’ for threat . The strength refers to a person’s talent or a good values which can help them to succeed . Weakness is something which a person has that is bad and can affect them to reach for their goal . Oppurtunities are things which a person cannot control as it is the external and can be controlled by many factors . Threats are external obstacles which a person cannot control and can affect them to claim their goal .


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