The us to critically think about four key

The Fred Factor, in its simplest form, is the ability to continually create new
value for those you work, serve, and live with through compassion,
selflessness, inspiration, positivity, honesty, passion, and dedication. Though
messages in this book are not new, the idea that we should pride ourselves to
be more generous and determined in the daily conduct of our lives is tried and
true. Applying “Fred-like” behaviors would be
beneficial to any organization of professionals who may be looking to
reenergize its workforce by identifying essential
characteristics, attributes, and positive contributions in its employees. It is our duty as a profession of Arms to apply these
principles and take the initiative to inspire and engage the soldiers and
civilians in our organizations to achieve significantly higher levels of
organizational effectiveness.

Mr. Sanborn asserts that
each one of us makes the conscious decision daily on what type of day it is
going to be. Moreover, he persists that we determine our work situation,
satisfaction, and ultimate success regardless of the position we hold.  He further explains what it means to be a “Fred” and how to cultivate others
into Fred’s or teams of Fred’s. Mr.
Sanborn then recounts other instances encountering “Fred-like” behavior.

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You can
reinvent yourself everyday

You must
continually create value for others, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny

including success, is built on relationships

makes a difference

Mr. Sanborn is able to identify some key attitudes and behaviors from Fred’s
exceptional example that are the foundation of consistent, positive customer
service. Mr. Sanborn doesn’t just address how one performs, but rather focuses
on why one performs. Throughout his book, Mr. Sanborn describes four
principles of what constitutes and makes you a “Fred”:

The Fred Factor is an
energizing book written by distinguished author and professional motivational
speaker, Mark Sanborn. Though Mr. Sanborn is considered an authoritative source for
leadership, team building, customer service and mastering change in people and
organizations, the book itself is meant to be a guide for those seeking inspiration
to be extraordinary. In The Fred Factor,
Sanborn successfully uses anecdotal information and relates it to everyday
life. At the
beginning of the book, Mr. Sanborn asks us to critically think about four key
questions: “Do you move your organization closer to or further from its goals?
Do you perform your work in an ordinary way, or do you execute it superbly? Do
you lighten someone’s burden or add to it? Do you lift someone
up or put someone down?” After allowing the reader to have a brief
self-evaluation period, Mr. Sanborn recounts the story of “Fred” the
mail carrier who demonstrates daily “how passion in your work and life can turn the
ordinary into the extraordinary.” Fred goes
above and beyond his job requirements to ensure his customers are receiving
stellar service. With Fred in mind, Mr. Sanborn discusses BEING exceptional, thinking exceptionally, and practicing this