The next six
months of the marketing plan calls for increased marketing to match the growth
in seasonal demand that occurs during the period. The campaign is designed to
take advantage of the seasonal growth in bathroom fitting and mirror categories
with linkages to the other two categories of Houzit: bedroom fittings and
decorative items.

Activity 1:                 Magazine Advertising and PR.

Brief Details:            Promoting Houzit promotion on home-ware magazine
including the clear web address line of ‘Fund us at’. But be informed that we will not
use too many letters and colors on the advertising, we will just keep it simple
and clean. This is a key driver in achieving the marketing objectives because
our major competitor is slashing ther advertising budjet and putting what they
have into sponsorships

Activity 2:                 In-store promotion.

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Brief Details:            It is planned that the in-store displays will feature the
same advertising visuals to magazine and link the featured products with other
areas in Houzit’s assortment. Also, all in-store displays will carry the web
address line of ‘find us at’. And put the words that if the
customers access to our website, they can simply find product information which
they can order and pay online. 

Activity 3:                 Web based promotion.

Brief Details:            The Company’s web page will also carry the advertising
visuals on the home page and will use the PR copy in article marketing on
popular article content sites. The webpage will be targeted towards the
keywords found in the PR article and featured in the advertising of ‘stylish
bathroom’ and exotic mirrors’. These keywords will also be secured via
pay-per-click traffic directing.

of organizational activities

An integration of marketing activities and sales promotion
can make it easier to achieve a marketing objectives. In Houzit’s next
marketing plan will be including the followings.

1. Advertising – Advertising and PR on paid magazine. This
will increase brand awareness and it’s an effective offline marketing activity.

2. Direct Marketing – Since we have developed website, and
search engine optimization, we can add function to send a specific
advertisement for specific customer that search for each product.

3. Internet Marketing – Customize webpage design and search
engine to support customer convenience.

4. Sales Promotion – Sales promotion will be managed to
support seasonal needs.

5. Public Relation – We will improve both pre-sale and
after-sale services to gain more trusts from customer in order to enable good
words of month so that people recommend our products to others.

6. Personal Selling – Educate our staffs in all Houzit shops
so that they can support customers professionally and increase revisit.



            To measure marketing performance, we
have to collect the information in the period that the mentioned marketing
activities above have been executed.

            First, collect the information in
the past, including the number receive by email, website or phone call in the
past, and sales revenue.

            Second, compare each information
between the past and present activities then you find the change, either
increase or decrease.

            Third, randomly ask the customers
how they found out about our business and don’t forget to get customer location
so that we can know the most effective area we have run advertisement.

            Forth, conducting one or all of the
following marketing survey to get primary data.

            1. Market survey.

            2. Situation Analysis

            3. Customer Satisfaction Survey

            4. Employee Survey (relevant

            Finally, we can now at least find
the part of customer journey that is needed to be changed or remained. And we
can also use these information for future CRM.


and pricing

As Lamberts Consulting has recommended to the board, the
distribution channel options will be;

1. Physical
store –  Currently we have 15 Houzit
physical stores

2. Online
store – Currently we have asked website development team to customize the
website to be easier for the customer to order and pay online.

            For the pricing, Lamberts has also
alerted the company to the fact that the strong Australian dollar was making
their imports cheaper to buy, putting pressure on the local suppliers to match
prices. As a result, some of our competitors have signaled a drop in the retail
price of their quality imported home-wares. Imports were usually an area of
high margins for the company and any loss there could be a serious issue.
Monitoring both the Australian dollar and competitor prices has been set as a
priority for the coming six months.








The board has set a benchmark of 15% of new sales generated
as an appropriate customer acquisition cost. This is a KPI that the board wants
to monitor along with the market share percentage. We will use ROMI
(return-on-market-investment) to measure.


The Return on Marketing Investment KPI measures how
much revenue a marketing campaign is generating compared to the cost of running
that campaign(Credit: Klipfolio).

The most basic way to calculate the ROI of a marketing campaign is to integrate it into the overall
business line calculation(Credit: Investopedia)2. Market

            The market for home-wares in Brisbane is estimated
last year at $175 million per annum with an anticipated growth rate of 10% this
year. That means the market about this year will be around $192.5 million per

            Last year, Houzit got 11% market
share which equal to $19.25 million. And it’s expected to be 12% this year which
equal to $21.56 million.

            In order to make it reaches the
market share target, Houzit must gain weekly sales target as;

            $21,560,000/52/15 =  $27,641 per week for each store.



            The delegation of roles and
responsibility should be assigned based on marketing activities as followings

Advertising and PR – Marie

2. Website
design and Search Engine Optimization – Tony

3. In-store
promotion – Me (Marketing Coordinator)


The in-store promotion will keep us connected with the key
personnel and the trends in merchandise category sales.

            Lamberts consulting are also a
preferred supplier of market research, marketing audits and marketing






Summary notes from the meeting with CEO

Management plan for marketing activities


Marketing Coordinator



The marketing department have developed a plan for 15 Houzit
stores over 12 months ago and it’s needed to be implemented the strategies to
achieve the marketing objectives this year.

Due to the growth in season demand that will occur in the
next six months, Houzit will need the marketing plan that will increase
marketing activities to match the growth in every marketing channels.



            CEO has approved the plan with the
request to marketing team to share with relevant personnel in the organization,
including the communication strategies as followed;

Shared emailing – Once the approval has been signed, and the marketing team
has finished gathering all information needed to be shared, it’s needed to send
the email to the relevant personnel as soon as possible.

Formal meetings – After discuss for the appropriate time to have a meeting,
marketing team will send meeting invitation to relevant personnel.

Informal meetings – The informal meeting will be held once a week to
discuss with the team about their work results.

Team visits – stores – It’s necessary to visit the store to get the
insights from the staff that communicate directly to customers so that we can
solve the hidden problem in time.

charts – The updates from all relevant personnel will be gathered once a week
and reported to management team and CEO 


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