Muscletech Whey ProteinWhatis Muscletech Whey Protein?Muscletech is a health supplement basedcompany which provides its users with good health and gym supplements ataffordable prices. The muscletech premium whey protein is one of its product.The muscletech premium whey protein or the muscletech whey protein isolate is adietary supplement which provides you with protein rich shake for gym ornon-gym purposes.The muscletech premium whey protein and themuscletech whey protein isolate includes whey protein concentrate, wheypeptides and many other ingredients with it. These helps in supporting aperson’s vigorous workout schedule. The whey protein present in the supplementhelps in repairing of muscle tissues after a heavy workout. The muscletech premiumwhey protein can be consumed for gym purposes or can also be consumed just formaintaining the daily protein intake requirement of a human being. More detailson its benefits and side effects will be discussed later in the article.

Howdid Muscletech Whey Protein start?The muscletech premium whey protein wasintroduced in the dietary market 20 years ago by the Iovate Health Sciences asthe dietary aide supplement. The product contains some natural ingredients andits price is also quite affordable. These two things make the product a betteroption while considering a protein powder. However, the truth can be deceiving.We will discuss about it later in the article.MuscletechWhey Protein ClaimsThere are many claims and lawsuits relatedto the whey protein powders of which the major one is that the actualconcentration of the protein in the protein supplements is less than thedisplayed protein concentration on the product. There are many products whichshows the wrong concentration on the product labels. The products are beingtested by some third-party labs to find out the exact protein concentration inthe products.

There are some previous results which showed that some companieshave labeled their protein product wrongly. Many companies label their productwrongly in order to achieve profits, however, the consumer is always the onethat pays.There are no specific claims about the muscletechpremium whey protein. However, there are some lawsuits filed against themuscletech which will be discussed later in the article. (Morrell, n.d.

)MuscletechWhey Protein ingredientsThe muscletech premium whey proteincontains the following ingredients:·        Premium protein blend (includeswhey protein isolate and whey peptides),·        Whey protein concentrate,·        Soy Lecithin,·        Cocoa which is processed withalkali,·        Gum blend (includes XanthanGum, Cellulose Gum, and Carrageenan),·        Natural and Artificial Flavors,·        Acesulfame-Potassium,·        Salt, and·        Sucralose.DoesMuscletech Whey Protein works?The muscletech premium whey proteincontains the whey protein blend which includes whey protein isolate and wheypeptides, and the whey protein is the supplement which is gained by theprocessing of the dairy products. It is a proven fact that the muscle buildingand muscle repairing process in a human body can be boosted by the intake ofwhey protein. So, we can safely assume that the whey protein can be consumed bya person. The minimum amount of protein which a person need to intake in a dayis of 50 grams.The scientists also support that fact thatconsuming the whey protein can help in building, maintaining, and repairinglean muscles in a human being and can also help in healthy aging of the person.Almost all people of different age group are now understanding why there is aneed of consuming protein besides a normal diet.

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All the essential amino acidsand the branched chain amino acids are already included in the whey protein.Whey protein is the best source of BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acid). Anaverage protein intake of a less active individual is 90 grams per day andintake of a more active intake of an individual is 120 grams per day assuggested by Dr. Chris Mohr who is an expert in exercise and nutritionphysiology. (Research shows the superiority of whey protein, n.d.)MuscletechWhey Protein Benefits and ResultsThe muscletech 100 whey protein, muscletechwhey protein powder, muscletech whey protein 5 lbs or premium whey proteinmuscletech contains the whey protein in it.

So all the benefits associated withthe whey protein can also be associated with the muscletech protein whey.Benefits·        Cancer treatment:There was a research conducted that whetherthe whey protein can help in curing cancer or not. The study found that itactually can help in curing cancer. The results of the study were published ina journal named Anticancer Research Journal. Even after the study conducted,more research is needed in this area.·        Asthma:A study was also conducted for thisdisease. The study included kids who were asked to consume 10 grams of wheyprotein twice a day on a daily basis. The kids started showing improvement.

After about a month of consuming whey protein, the immune response of the kidsachieved new heights. The results of this study were published in theInternational Dairy Journal.•    Weight-loss:It is claimed that the whey protein helpsin building, maintaining, and repairing of the muscles. a research wasconducted on a group of 158 men and women. They were asked to intake wheyprotein to see whether the whey protein helps in losing weight or not. Theresults were promising.

The people participating in the study lost significantbody fat as compared to the people who consumed weight reducing beverages.•    Cholesterol control:A study was performed on 70 overweightwomen and men who consumed protein and casein. It was a 12-week study. Peoplewere divided into two groups group A consumed whey protein and group B consumedcasein. A constant check was kept on people’s insulin and lipid levels for thegiven time period that is 12 weeks. After 12 weeks of level checking, resultswere derived, which showed that the group A who consumed whey protein had asignificant decrease in their cholesterol levels as compared to the group B whoconsumed casein. The results of this study were published in the BritishJournal of Nutrition.

·        Weight-loss in HIV positive Individuals:There was another study which was publishedin the Clinical and Investigative Medicine journal which proved that the wheyprotein can also help in reducing weight in people with HIV positive. (What are the benefits and risks of whey protein?, n.d.

)ResultSometimes it can become very difficult fora person to maintain the minimum amount of protein intake per day in theirbody. For covering those loses muscletech 100 whey protein helps by providingthe sufficient amount of protein in a single scoop. It can help in filling thegaps of a protein intake by increasing the protein consumption through mouth.The muscletech premium whey protein shake can also be used as a mealreplacement shake as it contains sufficient amount of protein and carbohydratesto fulfill one’s daily meal needs. The shake can also be used as a post-workoutshake for repairing the muscle damage caused by intense workouts.

Typesof whey protein·        Whey protein concentrate:The whey protein concentrate has low levelsof carbohydrates and fats in it and the protein content in the mixture variesfrom 30% to 90%. The muscletech premium whey protein or muscletech 100 premiumwhey protein are the examples.·        Whey protein isolate:This kind of protein contains highconcentration of whey protein. It contains at least 90% of whey protein concentration.If someone wants to consume more protein and less fat and carbohydrates, thenthey can choose whey protein isolate, however, whey protein isolate usuallycosts more. The muscletech whey protein isolate is the example.·        Hydrolysate whey protein:The protein which have gone through theprocess of hydrolysis is very easy to digest and absorb by the human body.

Thiswhey protein is very easy to absorb which gives an edge to product whichcombines hydrolysate whey protein and the whey protein isolate. (What are the benefits and risks of whey protein?, n.d.)ReviewsMuscletechpremium whey protein reviewThere are many positive and negativereviews about this product. Some says it is a great product and some says thatbuying this product was a mistake.

It’s really up to the user if he or shewants to go for this product or not. There are also some reviews about thetaste of this product being bad.Muscletechwhey protein isolate reviewNo reviews can be found of this particularproduct. However, there are other muscletech whey isolate products which havemany positive reviews. The taste is also said to be good of the other products.There are many variants of the productwhich can be found on their site. Some of them are as following:·        muscletech whey protein 5lbs·        muscletech 5lb 100 premium wheyprotein plus·        muscletech premium whey protein5lb·        muscletech whey protein isolate,etc.Detailson Muscletech Whey Protein and Weight LossThere is no scientific proof specificallyfor muscletech premium whey protein that this product promotes weight loss inthe human body.

However, there are many scientific studies and researches whichshows that the whey protein actually promotes weight loss in a human body. Themuscletech premium whey protein is made of whey protein blend which have wheyprotein in it, so, we can also derive the results for the product from thosestudies.In 2014, a research was published in acollege journal of American College of Nutrition. The research showed thatintake of whey protein as a pre-workout and post-workout supplement, orconsuming it with a weight-loss diet plan, both of the ways showed results bylowering the concentration of fat in the male and female body.There was another controlled researchconducted on 626 adults. For this research, the scientists or the researchersreplaced calories present in the diet with the whey protein. The results werereceived which showed that the participants who consumed whey protein had asignificant average drop of 9.2 pounds or 4.

2 kg in their weight. There wassome other research in which participants consumed whey protein in conjunctionwith the resistance exercises. The results of this research showed an increaseof 4.9 pounds or 2.24 kg in the lean body mass.All the results derived from these studiesand the researches showed the uniqueness of whey protein over the other normalor basic protein sources. The uniqueness of whey protein lies in its help inreducing body fat and gaining and maintain lean body muscles.

It’s also not thecase that the whey protein is made artificially, it is derived from the dairyproducts. It also has all the essential amino acids needed by the body initself and also contains the BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids). The first study conducted by the WheyProtein Research Consortium found a fact that consuming whey protein ratherthan soy protein had a significant effect on losing weight, waist circumferenceand the body mass of the people who are over-weighted. ConclusionThere are many scientists who recommend theusage of whey protein as a weight-loss supplement as it is very effective inlosing weight and maintaining lean muscles in the body. (Whey protein consumption may lead to significant decreases in body weight and body fat and significant increases in lean body mass, n.d.

)If we consider all the studies which arementioned above, we can clearly see that the whey protein is very effective forreduction of weight and for maintaining lean muscles in the human body. As muscletechpremium whey protein and muscletech whey protein isolate also contains wheyprotein in them, so, as a result we can also consider that these products alsohelp in weight-loss.Howto Use (Take) muscletechwhey proteinThe serving and the direction for the usageis provided on the label of the product.

There is also a general way or timeperiods in which the whey protein can be consumed.Generally, it is recommended to consumeprotein by mixing one or two scoops of protein in a glass of cold water ormilk. Milk is not recommended by some people for consuming the protein as itslows down the process of absorption of protein in the body. Still, people canconsume protein with milk. The number of scoops really depends on theindividual, however, it should not exceed 5 scoops in 24-hour time period.After deciding the number of scoops and the drink, next you need to decide isthat when you should consume the protein shake.Generally, there are two time periods in whicha person can consume his or her protein shake.1.

       Before and after theworkoutThere are two ways a person can consume hisor her protein shake which are, before or after the workout, or before andafter the workout. Generally, it is recommended to consume the protein shakeafter the workout as the whey protein aids in recovering the muscles of his orher body. However, if the intensity of the workout performed by the individualis too high then, he or she can consume the shake before and after the workouttoo.2.

       Any other time in the dayThere are many studies and researches whichsays that the protein shake can be consumed at any time of the day. It does notaffect the working of protein. A question can also arise that whether or notthe protein shake can be consumed before going to bed. Yes, the protein shakecan be consumed before going to bed, however, sports nutritionist Nancy Clarkesuggests that instead of whey protein, casein should be consumed. It sure is afact that body can soak up amino acids from the protein if you consume theprotein shake before going to bed, however, there is a limitation too.

When youconsume protein shake in night, it boosts up the process of protein synthesiswhich is not considered to be optimal at night time. (Weight Gain and Protein Pills, n.d.)There was a research conducted for 10 weekson experienced weight lifters which were further divided into two groups. Oneof the group consumed 42 grams of protein after the workout and the second groupconsumed the same amount of protein few hours after the workout.

Afterconducting the full research, no significant difference was found in their bodycomposition. (SABIN, n.d.)Potentialmuscletech whey protein Side EffectsThere are few side effects associated withthe consumption of whey protein.

Few of them are mentioned below:·        Kidney DamageIf large amount of protein is consumed byan individual for a longer duration of time, there is a chance that a kidneydisorder might happen. The high consumption of protein might lead to formationof stones in the kidney of which you might be aware of. A research has not beendone in this area, however, precautions must be taken.

(CHEW, n.d.)·        Liver damageThe main function performed by the liver isto absorb all the nutrients present in the food. There are many complexfunctions too which are performed by the liver. It is also believed that if aperson consumes large amount of protein then it may overload the liverfunctionality which could result in a liver damage. (CHEW, n.d.

)·        Digestive DiscomfortMany of the popular protein powders aremade from casein and whey, which are obtained by processing milk. The lactosepresent in these protein is less, however, it can cause digestive discomfort tothose people whole have a lactose intolerance. They can also cause stomach painand cramps. (SCHUNA, n.d.)Muscletechwhey protein Product WarningsThere are a few warnings associated withthis product. They are:•   Pregnancy and breastfeeding:No specific research is done in this areaand no evidence exists that a woman can’t consume whey protein during thepregnancy or breast-feeding period.

You need to stay on the safer side andshould avoid consuming whey during pregnancy.•   Milk allergy:Whey protein is manufactured by theprocessing of dairy products. So, a person who is allergic to milk productsshould not consume whey protein. (WHEY PROTEIN, n.d.)Any Muscletechwhey protein Lawsuits?A class action lawsuit was filed againstthe Iovate Health Sciences Inc. by James Eashoo. It was filed because all theproducts introduced by the Iovate Health Sciences Inc.

had deceived itscustomers about the protein concentration present in the products. The productsincluded ingredients like amino acids, BCAA’s, Ceratine and other ingredients tobe the part of protein, however, they actually are not. Due to theseingredients protein concentration was showed high in the labeling from whichthe actual pure protein concentration was very low.

(Jorstad, 2015)Muscletechwhey protein AlternativesThere are many product alternatives for muscletechpremium whey protein present in the market. following are the productalternatives:•   Gold Standard 100% Whey of Optimum Nutrition,·        UMP of Beverly International,•    DymatizeElite Whey,•   Pro JYM of JYM Supplement Science,•   COR-Performance Whey of Cellucor•   Stacked Protein of Evlution Nutrition,·        Combat 100% Whey ofMusclePharm,·        Syntha-6 of BSN,·        Pro Complex Protein of OptimumNutrition and the list goes on. References ·         CHEW, N. (n.d.). Side Effects of Whey Protein Isolate.

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