It is difficult to understate the significance of Accounting
in organizations and the corporate world as a whole. I always had a passion for
accounting and my graduate education at IQRA University provided me good
understanding and experience in accounting which developed my interest to
pursue my career in accounting. In order to develop a fruitful career in accounting
in the current professional world requires progressive training in accounting
and related subjects. I am highly motivated and eager to begin engaging in strategic
and leadership program by mindfulness of the ever-changing reality of the corporate
environment and the need to improve my own skills and professional abilities. Your
esteemed institute offers exactly the courses I wish to attend. Not only this but
an online tour of the university made me keen in becoming the part of it. From
qualifications of the faculty members to the atmosphere of the campus. I have
chosen to study Strategic & Leadership program in your university because I
believe it will polish my skills and help me in gaining valuable leadership
skills. I believe this is the next step for me. I think that Australia is more multi-cultural
country than others and I can show my abilities here and also improve my
knowledge. The diversity of the city it’s located in also proves to be a
major plus point that can’t be ignored as I intend to only spend a brief time
there, just for the duration of my program.

My Master’s degree in Accounting is one of
the most important and power full skilled in the field of business. The course
outline of Strategic & Leadership programs covers every aspects that is critically
assessing and responding to the changing environment and marketplace, leading
innovation and determining strategy, encouraging flexibility and creativity and
Communicate, motivate, and empower to lead organizational change. My Master’s degree in Accounting is closely
related with my future study in Strategic & Leadership program which will
help me gain valuable skills. Given the significance of globalization in the
management and development of companies, an education that does not fully
address the global and diverse realities of the modern business world is
incomplete. I have therefore decided to pursue this program in Australia, as
the expertise and facilities offered in my country’s educational institutions
are limited and thus incompetent to match the diversity and multiculturalism
available in Australia. Australian educational
institute offers an exciting learning environment where they give emphasis to
hands on real-world knowledge. This course will enhance my knowledge and
skills. Student educated from Australian institutes are considered more qualified
and skilled in their respected domains.


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