INTRODUCTION: of those organizations is E. I. DuPont.



Training and development are the vital objectives of
the learning organization.  In fact, it
is continuous and inevitable need especially in today’s uncertain and turbulent
environment where the company needs sustainable competitive advantage and
profit.  The mission behind the training and
development has always been profit and/or to increase productivity, but some
organization do focuses on employees’ safety and think it as the major criteria
in the training process; one of those organizations is E. I. DuPont. E. I.
DuPont’s is the organization which also cares about employees’ safety and

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I am sharing my friend’s experiences about health
and safety training program in his organization E.I. DuPont and giving my
insight in this regard.

We never know what type of need occur the next
moment and how to react without proper guidance, mainly when it is about health
and safety issues. Imagine a person, in an eleven-story
building, has an attempt of a heart attack.
What should be the first precautionary measure to be taken? Who should be doing
that? Well, the person needs CPR?  Well,
before that do you know what CPR stands for? Well, most of us cannot even
imagine that this type of sudden emergency situation occurs and how to prevent
it and what should be the immediate response. What if it had happened in the

In today’s growing world, the organizations are globalizing
and they are establishing high-tall buildings to increase its market value. Therefore,
measures have to be taken in regards to employees’ health and safety. The
organization has to foresee the future and make the employee aware of the
safety and health management. Henceforth, Health and Safety Management Training
has to be the mandatory practice for the

The main purpose of the Health and Safety Management
training are the following:

1. To ensure that employees are driven by safe and healthy habits in their day-to-day
life. Illustration:

a. It includes being aware of wearing car-seat belt
and helmet during traveling, no drink and drive, no talk and drive.

b. Healthy food habits and/or avoiding unhealthy
food habits.

c. Right position of hands while using the keyboard; make them aware of CTS (Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome) and symptoms of it.

d. Ergonomic seating in front of the computer.

2. To ensure the employees may not be at any risk of
handling hazardous equipment at the workplace;
whether it is about chemicals or heavy machinery.

3. To assist appropriately during life-threatening
of other workers, for example, first aid measures.

4. To ensure that workers know how to react to the emergency situation at work by
demonstrating the use of fire extinguisher use, exit doors, assembly areas
during an emergency, not to use lift
during an emergency.



1. Healthy lifestyles increased the standard of
living in the organization.

2. Healthy lifestyles give rise to a positive environment in the organization which
eventually increases the productivity.

3. Knowledge of safe handling reduces the risk
environment at work and henceforth, reduces the loss of workers and
compensation cost.

4. The healthy
environment creates goodwill and reputation to the organization and increases
the standards and therefore, attracts talented individuals and clients to
invest on it.

5. The healthy
environment at the workplace is the
factor that makes the organization contributes to the society and abides by their laws and sequentially, increases the
market value of the organization.

6. Emergency training to the skilled workers eliminates
the cost of recruiting new first-aid trained workers separately for the only specific role.