* CPU -(Central Control Panel) This is used for the computer to actually run all the folders and files are stored on this. It holds all the Video shops contents. The software is stored in the CPU.* Mouse – This is used in order to control each thing you want to open and close. The mouse navigates all your movements.* Monitor – The monitor is used so that you can see the screen, and make changes to any mistake.* Keyboard – The keyboard is used to write out the records of all the people that are customers of the Video library. Without the keyboard no records can be recorded.* Printer – A printer is used in order to print out all the records, they can be saved on the computer but if any files are missing or have been deleted. Then the printed copies will be their back-up copies.* Scanner – A scanner can be used for the covers of the rental DVD’s any pictures can be scanned onto the computer and put onto the covers.SoftwareThe software that I will be using for my Video shop will be Microsoft access the reason for this is because forms can be made for the customer’s details. You can also create queries these can be used to find out what movies the customers prefer. This is an advantage to the video shop so when the customer returns the video, they will have their details recorded. Reports, tables and macros can be made. Microsoft office will also be helpful to make reports but queries and forms cannot be made. Microsoft excel can also be an advantage for the video shop but it will not be suitable for tables. My conclusion is that Microsoft Access would be the most suitable software for my video shop.InputDataTypeCollectionInputValidationMember IDRental IDVideo IDTextAutomaticallyStored on databaseAutomatically inputted onto the systemNo validationNameTextForms filled ad handed to the employeesInputted into the system by employeesNo validationSurnameTextForms filled ad handed to the employeesInputted into the system by employeesNo validationFirst line of addressTextForms filled ad handed to the employeesInputted into the system by employeesNo validationPost codeTextForms filled ad handed to the employeesInputted into the system by employeesNo validationRegular customerTextForms filled ad handed to the employeesInputted into the system by employeesNo validationMobileTextForms filled ad handed to the employeesInputted into the system by employeesNo validationData ManipulationIn the system Customer, Car and Sales tables are required.The individual fields in each table will be as follows:MEMBER [MemberID, Title, First name, Last name, Address, Town, Country/Region]VIDEO [VideoID, Video name, Video price, Video age rating, Video popularity, Genre]RENTAL [RentalID, MemberID, VideoID, Date borrowed, Date returned, Name of person]Member table is used for inserting all the members’ details. Video table is used for inserting all the videos details. Rental table is used fro inserting all of the renting of the videos details. All of the tables have a primary key reports and forms would be produced. Tables and queries would be created to search and sort data. The reports can be printed out any time hard copies of data is required. Also, the Forms would be used to enter data, edit and update data.My primary keysMember ID- MemberVideo ID- VideoRental ID- RentalData flow DiagramOutputData will be displayed on a computer monitor and should be viewable. These could be viewed by the employees. Data will be printed of using a printer. Things such as over due videos and new videos out to rent could be printed out. The date and time could be printed out to remind customers. Every time a video is over due a letter of reminder needs to be carried out so user needs to be prepared to print out copies.* The most important output is a printer:* Ink jet printer* Laser printers* LED/LCD printers* Impact (Dot-matrix) printers* Solid Ink printers* Portable printers* Dye Sublimation printers* Plotters* Network printerMonitorCan be seen* Is the main form of outputProposed outputThe output that I will be using will be a monitor to show the user what data they are entering and I will be using a printer to print out reports. This output is quick and efficient and this will benefit the video shop as it doesn’t take a long time.BackupBackup can be used in case any information is misplaced or lost. Losing data can be a serious consequence if you don’t have any back up, and can take a very long time to get all information back. The way I will create back up will be by saving the database on a USB and the video shops computer. A USB is best for saving data as it has the least disadvantages. Below are the reasons of why I did not choose the following.CD- Disadvantages* Once CD rom is created information cannot be changed.* Slow upgrade* Limited accessDisk- Disadvantages* too much disk space usage can slow down your computer* Can only store a certain amountFloppy disk-Disadvantages* Time consuming* Out of fashion* Limited capacity* Not suitable for backing up data from other programs such as: Microsoft Excel, Word etc.SecuritySecurity is very important, if any files are misplaced or lost it will be very long to find and all the details will have to be reinstalled into the system. This will have a great effect on the customers as all the details of the over due videos will no longer be on the file, the running of the business will become corrupted. There will be a need for securing the system and there are a couple of ways to secure the system:* Using passwords to avoid anyone except from the people who work there to have access.* Using Anti-virus will stop computers clashing, virus from getting in and slowing the system down.* Using back-ups will be a safe thing to do if you are worried of losing confidential, important information.* Using locked cells.* CCTV* Lock on the door


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