Michael Alvia Facebook Who Mark Zuckerberg (Chairman&CEO) ??? Mark Zuckerberg a computer science student Invented Facebook along with classmates Euardo Salverin, Dustin Moskovis and Chris Hughes. ??? Mark weebsite orginal was called Facemesh . ??? Mark developed a software for the facemesh website hacking the Harvad school security nework system and whwere he copied everyone ID copied every Harvad School. ??? Facemesh website closed down, later in Few days shut down by Harvard school ??? On Feb 4,2004 Mark Zuckerberg relauch New facebook. ?? Three Harvard students accuse him steal his idea from their website Harvard onnection and they settled it out on court. ??? Sean Parker an ‘normal advisor Zuckerberg became the company president. When ??? In February 2004 Mark Zuckerberg made faceook. He created it while attending Harvard law school. Why 4 Reason ??? Facebook allow user leave mesage, browser through your photos, and even chat while you are online. ??? Facebook website way to keep contact with friends and family. ?? Facebook website allow user upload all of the family photos . ??? You play online on facebook and com aganist each other. How ??? In year 2005,Zuckerberg bought the domain name facebook. coom and dropped the the ” from the former. Where ??? Facebook Headquartered in Menlo Park,California What ??? Facebook is Social utility that connects people with friends and other work, study and kive around them. Pro ??? connecting with folks around the the world. ??? staying connected with friends and family far and near. ?? seeing what Friends are up to . ??? The site gives you an opportunity to expreess yourself and be heard ??? companies and individuals use facebook. Cons ??? Some people are stalkers and will use any personal info you many push aganist you. ??? Identity thieves love yo use facebook yo create accounts on other sites using your ame, pics, and information ??? Facebook website can cause cyberbully ??? Facebook sells your infromation to third -party sites, can decide to shut down you acounts for posts.

Other Facts ??? Facebook mobile user now 100 million people are using , Facebook from their mobiles devices every month . ??? A flim of protrays the website Facebook,describe how character Sean Parker, played by American singer and song writer, producer Justin Timberlake, who Joins the facebook team in the movie and its creator Mark Zuckerberg that by Jesse Eisenberg , to have the side up and running but have yet to onquer the social media and social network.

Within the entrie story parker and Zuckerberg share there story of social networJing site that would become kniw as facebook, but later sued by two brother , who clamied they stoled their idea. Within the result of dramn rae with both creation and distructial. Sources Facebook Inc. “Facebook. ” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 12 June 2013. Web. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Facebook Phillips, Sarah. “A Brief History of Facebook. ” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 25 July 2007. Web. 07 Dec. 2013. http://www. theguardian. com/technology/ 2007/Jul/25/media. newmedia


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