It was a dismal eve when Jack returned home from the market after buying seeds from a vile looking character. “Jack!, Where’s that bread!” Jack’s mom screamed.” “What the heck are these?” “Beans, magic beans” Jack replied sullenly. “Stupid, useless wretch!” His mother exclaimed as she lashed out at Jack. “I hate you!” Jack yelled as he ran out the door.” “I am never coming back, never!” he screamed. Jack ran away from the house past the market and into the woods. It was midnight by the time Jack stopped running and he looked around. The putrid smell of the damp rotting wood covered with moss was overpowering. The woods were eerily silent, but for the raspy winds that were Jack’s only companions that night. Alone and exhausted Jack decided to stop here and sleep. But before sleep could come Jack withdrew the accursed seeds and threw them at his feet and spat at them for his undeserved misfortunes.Jack woke the next morning with only a clump of dirt as a pillow and the mist as his moist blanket. As he tried to decide what his next course of action was to be he looked over in to the clearing. To his disbelief where the beans had been was a giant beanstalk. As Jack walked towards it he followed it with his eyes all the way up into the clouds. Jack decided to climb up the bean stalk to get a better view. As he neared the clouds he decided to see how tall the bean stalk was. As he emerged from the clouds he noticed a dark and sinister castle sitting on top of the clouds. As he moved towards it he noticed how immense it was. He walked up to the huge door with the grotesque gargoyle door knocker. He grabbed the huge knocker and slowly heaved the heavy door open. Jack slowly entered the castle and moved down the hall while staying in the shadows.After searching the castle and finding it empty Jack returned to the kitchen and quenched his hunger and thirst. After eating Jack found an empty room to sleep in. Jack woke late in the day to the sound of heavy footsteps entering the castle. Jack sat paralyzed listening to the footsteps moving down the hall towards the room Jack was in then past it towards the kitchen. After what seemed an eternity but was only a few minutes Jack slowly opened the door enough to see down the hall and into the kitchen. Jack saw a man who must have been 12 feet tall, a giant! Jack watched as the giant prepared a huge bird for dinner. Jack then noticed a thick coil of green rope. It moved, Jack then saw this was no rope but an enormous snake with one of it’s eyes replaced with a blood red ruby. Jack continued to watch the giant eat the bird and noticed how much the giant reminded him of his deceased abusive father. He decided then and there that he would kill the giant.Once the giant and snake had gone to sleep, Jack slowly opened the door to the room he had sat in. He found in the kitchen the giants hatchet and axe; since the axe was so big, Jack took the hatchet. He slowly moved down into the bowels of the castle where the snake slept. The snake’s room was damp and warm and filled with the musty smell of rat. Jack walked up to the giant head of the snake, the size of Jack whole chest. He slowly moved towards the snake with the one ruby eye open and watching him. Quietly Jack moved behind the beasts head, lifted the hatchet high above his head and swiftly struck the blade on the creature’s neck breaking its spine and instantly killing it. Jack then went and hacked off the snakes large and poisonous fangs with the hatchet.Jack then proceeded up to the giants sleeping chambers. It was midnight when Jack slowly and quietly entered the giant’s chamber. He slowly walked up to the giant’s bed, pulled the fangs from his pockets and drove them into the giant’s eyes. The giant awoke with a roar of pain. He immediately got up and ran for the door, tripping over Jack along the way. “Who are you?” “Why did you do this?” screamed the giant as he tried to grab Jack. Jack ran out the door and down the stairs with the giant close behind him in chase. “Get back here!” the giant roared after Jack. Jack lead the giant through the castle and out the front door. The giant in a crazed rage chased Jack knocking over things as he went. Once outside Jack lead the giant away from the castle and past the beanstalk. Slowly the clouds began to thin and Jack quickly realized that he was sinking into the clouds as he ran. The giant still chasing and being heavier dropped through the clouds and plummeted towards the earth. Jack watched and to his glee the giant landed on his mother’s house. Jack became the new owner of the castle and never saw his mother or the giant again.


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