The major challenges in launching a TV network are the following: Organization: Finding a good team to work with and dividing responsibilities. Distribution: Looking into negotiating with possible other affiliated stations to ensure that the network reaches as many viewers as possible. Marketing and Branding: Find a name that fits the image, which represents the lifestyle of the demographic the network is planning on targeting. Selling Advertising: To make sure that advertising profitable as primary revenue source, high ratings are needed. Programming: Make sure the network has a new successful original show.

Would drastically increase popularity of the network. With My Network TV, FOX went into direct competition with CW. They stopped promoting UPN programs and targeted the almost identical demographic, 18-49, as CW network. They attracted other affiliate television stations (at the end covering 82% of the country) that otherwise would`ve chosen CW. Most of those were former UPN and WB affiliates, i. e. affiliates that “should`ve” gone to CW. It seems like an unfair battle, since FOX had more average ratings (see Exhibit 1a) than UPN and WB together in 2005-2006.

Since FOX and CW are rather direct competitors I would`ve probably recommended the same response. FOX didn`t want to risk loosing their 18-49 viewers. The programs I would show are Everwood, Veronica Mars and 7th Heaven. Even though Everwood`s viewer demographic is skewed a bit older, it still has a loyal three mio viewer fan base (which even sent fan mail to save the show), which shouldn`t be taken for granted for future viewer ratings (especially for building the network in the first two years).

The best time slot for it would be Monday 9pm (right after 7th Heaven), since it attracts a similar audience to 7th Heaven, keeping them tuned in (See Exhibit 3). Veronica Mars, seen as “the natural follow-up to Gilmore Girls”, seems to perfectly fit the demographic The CW is going for, i. e. 18-34 and has 1. 5 mio viewership per episode and high expectations to still live up to. The best time slot for it would be right before a show like America`s Next Top Model, since it has a similar target audience within The CW`s demoraphic.

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Even though 7th Heaven viewers are from a relatively old demographic, it is the only family drama on the network and had one of the highest ratings in 2005 and 2006 (See Exhibit 7). It is “the longest-running family drama in TV history”, bringing with it many loyal viewers. Since it`s viewers are older people or families, the best time slot would be Monday 8pm. It will give the families time to get home from school and work, and is still not too late for the older people to watch who might want to go to bed at a reasonable time.


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