Our Malay ancestors brought us their own culture like drinks and foods, government, laws, writting, language, way of dressing, housing, literature, music, religions, arts, science and traditions and customs.. Early Filipinos staple food was Rice. Aside from rice, their foods includes pork, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables. Pots and bamboo tubes are used to cooked their foods. They used their finger to eat and banana leaves as their plates then coconut shells as their glass for drinking. They produced fire when they rubbed two pieces of dry woods which heated and used it for cooking.

Drinking waters stored in huge jars or bamboo tubes. Our ancestors made their popular wine such as Tuba from coconut, Basi a famous Ilocano wine from sugar, Pangasi a Bisayan wine which came from fermented rice, the famous Lambanog a tagalog wine which came from coconut palm and from distilled rice came the Tapuy famous Igorot wine. Kangan a short sleeved jacket wore by men, it could be color blue or black and red is for the chief. A stripped of cloth wrapped around the waist in between legs called Bahag.

Men used Putong instead of hat, they walked barefooted and fond of wearing jewels like gold necklace. Women wore a wide sleeved jacket called Baro, Patadyong serve as their skirt usually wrapped around their waist. Tied their long and black hair, they walked barefooted like men, they both insert gold between their teeth as a kind of ornaments. They tattoed their bodies with different designs, tattoes represents to enhance their beautiful body and a men who have many tattoo the more he had killed warrior in war.

They lived in houses made by wood, bamboo and palm leaves. They built near each other in the barangay. Each of their houses had bamboo ladder that they could drawn up during the night and if the entire family go out of town. It contained a gallery which they could keep the jars of water, under the house they kept the rice, firewoods and chickens. Some of our early ancestors live in tree house, because they want their families safe and for their protections in wild animals and enemies. Badjaos known as the sea gypsies. hey live in the boat because their entire way of living is in the sea. All of them are courteous and polite to each other. They called their superior with “po” and spoke in polite language. Women shown their courtesy everywhere. If they walked together in the road,men always behind the women , because it is impolite if a men walked ahead if he had a women walked with him. They are clean and neat in terms of their personal hygiene. they always tooked a bathed, favorite time of bathing is in the river during sunset after they finished their daily toiled.

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They washed their hair with gugo and water. Also used coconut oil and lotion. They have banquets for their celebrations of good harvest, weddings, victory of wars, and religious sacrifices. As their amusements they played games. They are also music lovers. have different musical instruments for different kinds of songs and dances suited for different kinds of ocassion. They are charming through their Folk Dances.. Marriage customs was practiced by them. Their way of living based from their class which they belongs in their society.

It was customary but doesn’t have strict law implemented for the intermarriage of a noble-commoner and rich-poor. Dowry is the groom’s gifts to his bride to be and her family, it consisted of golds, lands, slaves and anything that is valuable. Aside from dowry the groom should help and serve at the bride’s house as well as her family for a certain period of time. During their time they already practiced divorce. Grounds for these are Adultery in the part of the husband, Desertion on the part of the wife, Loss of Affection, Cruelty, Insanity and Childless.


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