Child abuse and the risk of abuse

For this assignment I will begin by talking about the risks of abuse within the family, outside the family and in a care setting. Moving onto the next topic which will be the factors that influence things before they happen (predisposing factor). Whilst I am giving an explanation about this, I will relate the abuser of a child, including things such as substance abuse, lack of attachment and many more. In relation to this I will talk about the child/young person that is being abused and the reasons such as pre-maturity and/or disability.

Following this I will discuss the types of abuse/neglect and the indicator of abuse. I will also talk about the consequences of abuse meaning the emotional, social and physical ways that the child/ young person will handle it. To conclude this I will make clear of the factors that contribute to abuse and neglect.

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Risk of Abuse

‘Within a Family’

Abuse is something that can happen anywhere you go whether it is within your family, outside of a family and in an environment that you are in such as a care setting.

If you are within a stable family, you would think that nothing is capable of going wrong. Although you are in a family that does not have stress and other things going on, anything can happen! Things such as a family member becoming ill can cause a stable family to become insecure. This may cause the family to begin to break and a parent to become angry and stressed, when people are stressed they tend to take their anger out on a younger person. This is not good on a child that is still developing in life because this can have great affects on them as they grow up. If living in an unstable household the child/young person can come across physical/emotional abuse.


‘Outside a Family’

If you are living outside of a family, meaning living on the streets or living with someone that you barely know, this can cause sexual abuse. This will occur for the fact that the child/young person will be living with a person that they scarcely know so the person that they may be living with may try to use them as an opportunity to harm a child/young person.

‘In a Care Setting’

When a child is in a care setting, they are supposed to feel comfortable staying in the place that they are in. but they do not always feel like this because there are risks that may occur whilst they are in this care setting, whether it is in a foster care, residential home or residential school.

If you are in a foster care you may come across emotional abuse and sometimes maybe sexual abuse. The reason why you may come across this type of abuse is for the fact that either other children and/or sometimes the workers may say comments that make you feel down have more of a low-self esteem, you may also come across sexual abuse because they maybe an older person who lives in the foster care and depending on your age they may antagonize and bribe them.

If you are in a residential home you may come across neglect. This maybe a type of abuse that will happen in a residential home because the people that live in the home with you may not feed you as often as they are and they may not do things such as help with work and clean your clothes.

In a residential school, a child/young person could come across neglect and physical abuse. If you are in a residential school e.g. boarding school, the teachers might feel as though they have the authority it hit a child because their parent is not there.

Predisposing factors

There are many reasons why someone may become an abuser; these could be for many reasons factors such as not having a role model. A theorist named Bandura said in 1969, “The learning of a child is developed through observation and imitation. Parents who have not had good role models to follow themselves may not be able to find strategies to manage children’s behavior positively.”

Social problems is another factor that occurs, this factor is things such as living in a poor house, living in poverty, unemployment. All of these things add to parent not being able to appropriately look after their children. Personality can affect the parental skills that they have for their child, if the parent themselves has a lack of role model or attachment. This can case the parent to not know how to handle certain situations with their child. If a parent has been abused this may have an affect on them when they are older with their children, they may have low-self esteem and feel as though they are not able to do many things. The parent may also feel depressed in their life ad may withdraw them self away from others. The type of abuse that will happen mainly with this type of situation will be emotional abuse.

In relation to the child/young person

Prematurity has some kind of affect on both the baby and parent; this is because if a baby is premature then the parent may find it hard to attach to the baby quickly for the fact that you are not able to hold a baby the way you want to when they are first born prematurely. This can also make the baby find it harder to adapt to the mother and father easier for the fact that it was a nurse that was looking after him/her so they adapted to the way that the nurse dealt with things.

Disability can be a stressful and demanding thing for many parents, if they have a child that is disabled in any way. For many parents they may feel as though they will not want the child/young person and this may cause even more pressure on them. To want to get rid of the child. For some parents they feel as though they do not have the stable ability to look after a disabled child, but for other parents they feel as though they can grow to love the child as if he/she was not disabled and they will deal with the idea.

Types of Abuse and Neglect

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is when someone physically harms someone using force, whether it is pushing, shoving punching ect. When someone gets physically abused they become paranoid and thy do not feel safe in their environment.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is when someone is being name called by someone they love or highly trust. When someone is being emotionally abused they begin to have low-self esteem about themselves. When an individual is being abused they also start to feel confused in many situations and feel unstable about their life. They feel as though they are not worth anything and they are not needed.

Intellectual Abuse

Intellectual abuse is when a child is constantly being battled by their parent, by this I mean when a parent tells a child that they are not important to them. By a parent saying this the child will feel neglected and feel as though they are not loved.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is when a child is being forced into doing sexual activities that he/she does not want to do. For example if an adult was to tell a child/young person to touch them or have sexual intercourse with the, this is seen as sexual abuse. There are two main reasons why this is seen as sexual abuse, the first reason for the fact the child is being forced into doing something, second of all even if the child consented to it the child is too young to have intercourse in any way. Sexual abuse can include contact and non-contact with the person that is being abused.

If someone is being abused with contact this could be done by either vaginal or anal rape, incest and forcing a person to touch another in an unpleasant manner.

If someone is being abused with non-contact, this is when someone may be forced to watch pornography or adult entertainment of any kind. Making someone look at another’s baby inappropriately.