As al. (1985). Hotel need to always update

As time goes by,
customer demands have been changing towards the decades and it is always
changing. The purpose of this study is to specifically to understand customer
satisfaction towards service quality in five-star hotel, because in hotel industry
customer satisfaction is connected to service of the hotel. Customer
satisfaction plays an important part of customer loyalty towards the hotel. To
increase the customer satisfaction, five-star hotel must provide a top-notch
guest service quality. Service quality could be the SERVQUAL conceptual model by
Parasuraman et al. (1985). Hotel need to
always update about the continuous evolution of customer satisfaction and to
create the customer retention and customer loyalty. It is difficult to
satisfied guest that can afford living at a five-star hotel. Most of the people
that can afford five-star hotel are in higher income level, and usually they
know whether the hotel service quality is same to value they have paid.


Customer satisfaction
has been always an interesting topic for any companies which provide goods or
services. With customer satisfaction it can create a sustainable profit for a
company. A company also can increase more sales due to customer satisfaction,
and due to that satisfaction it creates a customer loyalty towards any
companies. Sometimes the satisfaction can leads to recommendation and repeat
purchase of the goods or services. It also can help the customer to be loyal to
our company since there is different brand parity in the markets. To create a
strong relationship between the company and customer, companies should conduct
a research to know on what customer buying etiquettes are and whether they are
satisfied towards the services quality and good or product quality, the value
of the good or services that a particular company provided.

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To measure customer
satisfaction is not easy because it is a human feeling. Human can fake their
feelings, what you see maybe is not what they meant. For this reason, I would
like to update what past researches has done about this topic, and show what
service quality that can make a customer satisfied. This paper will help both
academia and practitioner, academia can use this for the base of their study
and on the other hand practitioner can use the result of this paper and
implement on the hotel itself to boost up hotel service quality in order to
make customer satisfied.  


Keywords: hospitality
industry, five-star hotel, customer satisfaction, service quality, brand image,
customer loyalty