There are plenty of references to Plato’s Allegory of the cave in The Matrix, it swirls together Plato’s ideas with a realistic feel. The things that are most clear in The Matrix that relate back to the Allegory of the cave are, the forms, the blinding soon, the escaped prisoner, the fire, and the idea that the prisoners were living under a blank of lies. The connection between Plato’s work and the work of The Matrix is too strong for it to be unintentional. In Plato’s ideas of the Allegory of the cave, the forms play a key part.

They are what help cast the images on the cave wall, and the thing that helps create their false reality. In the Matrix these forms are shown through as the Agents. They are the super humans who help cover up the truth of the Matrix. “Never send a human to do a machine’s job” (Matrix). This quote is from Agent smith. It just shows how the agents are human and they are not part of the ones being lied too. The forms were no hum either, they were inhuman things that cast lies upon people. The Agents also were what helped protect the truth. Just as the forms did in Plato’s cave.

Without the forms or the agents the lies would fall apart and the true reality would shine through. In the movie the Agents are attempting to keep Neo the escaped prisoner from finding out just how deep the lies are, and also from him telling the rest of the world about their lies. In the Matrix Neo gets pulled into the truth and is allowed to see the world as truly is not the false reality he has been in. In Plato’s cave the prisoner gets thrown into the world above the cave and is blinded by the light. “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes” (Matrix).

Morpheus tells Neo that the world he believes is true is not. This quote shows how Morpheus is throwing Neo into the world of reality and he blinded by true knowledge and doesn’t know I he should believe what he’s being told and seen. In the cave the prisoner gets frightened by the knowledge that’s revealed to him and slowly is able to look at the sun itself. “My eyes hurt” “You’ve never used them before”(Matrix). This quote comes from when Neo gets pulled out of the Matrix into the real world and his eyes hurt, Morpheus explains that he never really has used his eyes to see the truth.

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Just like in Plato’s cave the escaped prisoner can’t see truth at full right away, it takes time to see the world. Neo slowly realizes how much he had been lied to. In the cave as well as in the Matrix the blinding sun represents pure and true knowledge and it shows everything as it truly is, there are no lies. The escaped prisoner in the Allegory of the cave is expressed through Neo. Who is an average man with a normal job just like everyone else who is apart of the Matrix. But he has feelings that his reality isn’t the only thing out there, Morpheus gives him the option to stay in his world, or to see the real world.

He chooses to see the real world. The escaped prisoner in the cave also decides to leave his world and see what else is out there. And The escaped prisoner as well as Neo slowly realize the world that was being hidden from the. “You’ve been living in a dream world, this is the world as it exists today” (Matrix) This quote comes from when Morpheus explains the Matrix to Neo. This quote just proves that before they were living in the computer system and the cave and they both escaped the lies of their world. In Plato’s Allegory of the cave, the fire is what causes all of the lies that are cast upon the cave walls.

The Matrix or the computer program in The Matrix is what causes all of the lies to the human race. Without the fire or the computer program the world of lies would not exist as is does in the Matrix or in the Allegory of the cave. “Hopelessly dependent on the system” (Matrix) Agent Smith says this about the human race in the computer system because all they know is that world not the real world. This quote shows how without the “system” or the computer program the cave and the Matrix would not be able to exists. It gives the lies forms and allows the humans to be able to believe the lies they have been taught.

In conclusion as I proved above the Matrix and the Allegory of the cave by Plato are directly related in their ideas. The Matrix is simply a way to show the Plato’s cave under a different perspective. They have similar things that are seen in both works. The movie changes from Plato’s ideas very little and generally sticks to his ideas and the important key things that Plato outlines in his cave. The forms, escaped prisoner, blinding sun, and also the fire are the main ideals the Matrix takes from Plato. There clearly is a strong relationship between the two.


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