The entry of
MNC in India has taken retail to higher levels. India is a country where people
give more importance to food and clothing which leads to many number of shop
keepers. Visual merchandising is an important element in merchandise planning,
store planning, store display, in-store branding and promotions. Global trends
of visual merchandising do impact the Indian retail market which can be
understood by presentations and importance to visual merchandising in malls and
hypermarkets. Due to FDI in India, India is now flooded with so much of
identical international products and it becomes imperative for the Indian
retailers to implement visual merchandising for differentiating the brands.
Good retail design and visual merchandising brings customer loyalty to the
store. In India apparels, textiles, food sector and fashion outlets are well
developed in visual merchandising but other products are on their way. Consumers
shopping behavior and lifestyle are changing, retailers should satisfy consumer
expectations, Rather than simply implementing western ideas in Indian market. Food
and beverage industry in India triggers customer emotions to buy the product
through wonderful display and activate senses through good aroma. In most of
the departmental and super stores in India food sector is placed at the
entrance of the store which simulate shopper senses to buy the product. It
triggers the hunger of the customers and creates need to buy the product.
Visual merchandising provides customer a superior shopping experience. Many
consumer behavior studies have proved that a well-designed store with show
window, attractive colors and display do affect consumer buying behavior in a
positive manner.


fashion retail limited is one of the India’s leading retail outlet
headquartered in Mumbai pantaloons fashion store is always a trendsetter for
how fashion is followed internationally.

 Fig shows how neatly merchandise is arranged
with good color combination in a pantaloons store.

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Fig: Neat and
inviting entrance at pantaloons fashion store Durgapur

Fig : Banner at
the entrance and sticker at the window display clearly provides information to
the customer about discount of the store.



Adidas is a
German multinational company operating in India in products like footwear,
sports equipment and sportswear.

Fig showing
Adidas spring blade shoe display at retail outlet

Figure shows
beautifully arranged point of purchase display at an adidas retail outlet. The
table display beautifully highlights the blades of shoe and represents forward
energy for running. Showcase displays complementary colored running shoes sat
on the top of clear plastic stand.


      Visual merchandising is required to
portray the brand image and store image. It helps in organizing the store and
makes the shopping experience convenient and peasant. Visual merchandising not
only helps the customers alone, it also helps salesman to perform the sales
activity efficiently and provide better service to the customers. Visual
merchandising helps customers to get the product information and it also
satisfies the recreational factors by providing enjoyable shopping experienc



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