In this Module of Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Social Media Marketing: SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. SMM is a process to promote your website, and your business on facebook pages through facebook as well as on Twitter so that you may get high visibility and customers from various social media platforms. Here at Digiengland we have much more detailed social media marketing in our sixth module which will give you a complete knowledge about Social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?
Typesof ads can we run on facebook?
How to use facebook for lead generation?
Can we use facebook for branding?
Tips to Target right audience?
Advertise on Instagram with lesse amount
Tricks grow your Instagram fast?
Running of ad on Linkedin?
Running ad on twitter?
Tips on Increasing engagement of tweets?
Secrets to get a lot of Facebook Likes


Email Marketing

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Seventh Module of Digital Marketing Course in Jalandhar Punjab. Email Marketing: It is a process through which you can send a bulk amount of Email to the potential customers with Just a single click. We will teach you how to use and send a lot of Emails with various tools that are free and paid. In this, you will come to know about some of the techniques that will land the Email sent by You directly to the inbox of the customer. Email marketing is a great stuff these days and here at Digiengland you will get a lot of information about various email campaigns.  

·         What is Email Marketing?

·         How to use aweber?

·         A full Tutorial on Use of Mail Chimp

·         Types of email marketing Services

Techniques to collect data for Email Marketing?
Sending bulk emails on your Own
Give notifications on Email
Generating Business from Email
Creating newsletter for Email Marketing?


Content Marketing


In This Module of Internet Marketing Course / Training. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a process to write a good quality of content by yourself and earn a lot of money by writing content from home using various content websites such as iwriter, freelancer, elance, payperpost, etc. Quality of content is very important and here we will teach you to create a high quality of content which will contain Images and Videos.In this course, you will know about how to create effective content for any keyword and business so that you get a lot of traffic for your website. We have much more detailed Content Marketing training here at Digiengland in our module.

What is Content Marketing?
All typesof Content Marketing
What is iwriter?
Generate Business with the use of Right Quality of Content
Targeting the Right audience with the right Targated Content
Finding right keywords for content marketing
Effective content marketing tips


Mobile Marketing

This Module of Internet Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Mobile Marketing is a process to advertise your application in different mobile devices to get maximum downloads and installs of your applications as well as you will learn to optimize your website completely to adjust according to  mobile phones and making them responsive. In this, you will find out how to use Facebook and Twitter to get better results for your business/blog or website. We will provide you with the detailed process of mobile marketing, which makes us Best SEO Training Institute in Jalandhar Punjab.

What is Mobile Marketing?
Promotion of apps through mobile marketing?
Mobile Marketing platforms?
Targeting potential customers through right marketing tips?
Using Mobile Marketing For Business
Effective mobile marketing strategy


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