EAA should revisit the definitions of partnerships for a clearer understanding of what each partnership brings to EAA (Strategic Objective 10). The following questions are a good starting point towards clearer definitions: ? Who is a strategic/advocacy/resource partner? ? What does a strategic/advocacy/resource partner bring to EAA? ? Where do ODA agencies fall? Strategic or resource partners? Once these partnerships have been clearly defined, it must be communicated internally and externally on EAA’s website and the annual report.  Change Reputation from “funder” to “creator”:  EAA should focus on developing its own high quality projects that ensure education quality and sustainability, to change its reputation from a “funder” into a “creator” (Strategic Objective 1, 2, 6, 8, 9). This is helpful because the foundation would have ownership and control over the project which:  1. Opens the opportunity for more innovative initiatives, pilot projects, and research (Strategic Objective 8). 2. Gives EAA control over the agreement (rights to marketing, branding on site, legal issues) It is important to note that to achieve this change, programs should have at least a 15-year vision that guides the projects to gradually expand to other countries with quantified targets and objectives.  Invest in Impact: EAA’s investment in M&E puts the foundation at the forefront of international development because it allows the organization to track its performance. On the other hand, it is essential to demonstrate to the impact the foundation is creating and communicate it with stakeholders as a partner. EAA should invest in evaluations to demonstrate to partners, governments and communities, teachers and school managers the contribution that EAA has made in the education field (Strategic Objective 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). As a start, EAA can establish an expert committee to evaluate pedagogical outcomes of the foundation’s work and propose improvements based on their analysis. Engage Stakeholders As a leading foundation, EAA should establish a strong position as an active promoter of human development and lead the efforts to contribute to SDG 17 – Global Partnerships, by addressing systematic issues through consultation and dialogue with stakeholders. EAA should make the necessary adjustments to facilitate a dialogue with governments and education authorities and ensure efficient project follow-up process at the local level towards project sustainability (Strategic Objective 3, 4, 5, 8, 9). The dialogue should be a task of the CEO or a dedicated Board Member and could be supported by ambassadors or diplomat representatives in countries where the EAA is implementing its programs Conclusion The success of a partnership can be attributed to several factors some of which have been discussed in this brief. EAA should invest in impact evaluation to build its credibility and engage stakeholders in various activities (fundraising, advocacy, research, etc). Our communication with stakeholders should be as an equal partner. EAA should seek partnerships with entities that can contribute resources and/or expertise to our fundraising efforts or the implementation of our projects. EAA will have a great 


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