Youth physical fitness is as important as children physical fltness or kids fitness. Daily physical activity helps in staying active and fresh throughout the day. Being physically active Is very necessary, a physically Inactive person becomes lazy and starts getting tired soon, thus he is more prone to various illnesses and diseases. Physical fitness is as important as the man himself. Physical fitness means fitness in terms of health and performance.

A person can be said to be physically fit If he has he ability to perform physical activities which require strength, flexibility etc. In this hectic schedule of life, a person does not get much time for himself. But if one wants to stay health and fit, he must make regular exercise a part of his Ilfe. One must schedule at least 30 minutes for physical activity. In a day of 24 hours, we have 1,440 minutes and sparing 30 minutes is not that difficult. Physical fitness can be achieved through the help of exercises, correct nutrition and proper amount of rest.

Youth pend more of their time on computer games, video games or television which results in weakening their eyes at very young age, and this may create many physical problems to them. Exercise helps a person to stay healthy and happy and live longer. It also helps in reducing or preventing the chances of various kinds of diseases. One can include practices like dancing, swimming, walking, gardening, playing, cycling or playing sports Iike cricket, football etc. Youth can play with their friends in the lawn, park.

Teenagers, adolescents, youths, adults. Older people must get involved in the various kinds of physical exercises to stay healthy and fit. Exercise also helps to Increase strength, improves cardiovascular capacity, stamina, speed, flexibility and endurance. It helps in the reducing the excess fat from the body, improves the cholesterol level and also improves the blood circulation. It also helps In keeping all the body organs fit and functioning. Exercise also helps In maintaining balance and coordination. Exercise helps in having a better sleep.

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