“Your father is not your father. Your grandfather is not your grandfather. Your mother deceived you. Dennis deceived you. The only person you could ever trust was Michael. And now he’s gone.” (226)  The Monkeyface CHRONICLES, by Richard Scarsbrook, is a story about a boy named Philip who was born with an extreme facial deformity, that goes through all of middle and high school being bullied by almost everyone, except for his twin brother Michael and his girlfriend Adeline.  The Monkeyface CHRONICLES is not a book that I would recommend for you or anyone else to read. I do not recommend this book because it is a very slow moving story, it is very unrealistic, and because it has very confusing characters and character relationships. Firstly, I do not recommend this book because it is an extremely slow moving story. An example of this is when just after Philip gets beaten up on the school yard and decides to walk home from school.  Just the event of him walking home took up about 11-12 pages of the book. (25-37)  During his walk home he beings talking about things unrelated to what is currently happening in the story, such as the towns slogan, “The Cradle That Rocked the Natural Gas Industry.” (28)  This book has many sections that are so overy explained to the point where the reader loses interest in the book and what is currently happening. This caused me to become bored of the book very quickly to the point where is was unenjoyable to read any longer. Secondly, I do not recommend this book because the events that take place in the story are very unrealistic. Throughout the whole book there are unrealistic events that happen, like when Philip got beaten up outside on the school yard because there was not a single teacher outside to watch the kids. (21-23)   Or when Philips twin brother Michael almost got killed by two of his own teammates over a trophy about who scored the most goals during the season. (206-207)   Another unrealistic event that took place was when Adelines mother and the rest of the Tabernacle went after Philip and his family by trying to torch his house after she found out that Philip was dating her daughter Adeline. (224-225)  The last example of unrealistic events is his whole family situation. Such as how his grandfather is actually his father and his father is actually his brother.  All of those events were so unrealistic that while reading I would continuously question what I was reading. The book overall was unenjoyable and I do not recommend it to be read. Lastly, I do not recommend this book for someone else to read because of the very confusing characters ad and their relationships with one another.  An example of the confusing characters in the book it when it says,  “Your father is not your father. Your grandfather is not your grandfather. Your mother deceived you. Dennis deceived you. The only person you could ever trust was Michael. And now he’s gone.” (226)  An example of confusing relationships in the book is when it says, “A decade has passed since she first flew off to conquer the world without me, and she hasn’t been back to Canada since. For the first couple years, she sent frequent letters and emails, but after she met her fiancé Benjamin (“a stunningly gorgeous man”) in Milan, her communiqués became less frequent, until I stopped hearing from her all together.” (301-302)  The characters in the book are confusing because throughout the whole book, until the last 70 pages, it leads you to believe that his actual father is his grandfather, and the man who he believed to be his father, was really his brother.  This got confusing because of the ties to his mother and his full brother who was portrayed as his half brother.  The relationships in this book are also confusing, because for basically the whole book Philip was dating this girl named Adeline Brown who he is supposedly in love with.  He then gets into an accident, ends up needing facial reconstructive surgery, then ends up hooking up with this girl named Carrie Green, who had always bullied him throughout school, while he was still with Adeline. Then while travelling Adeline meets some guy who she later married. None of these decisions that either Philip or Adeline make made sense to me, which is why I find the relationships confusing and do not recommend this book. The book The Monkeyface CHRONICLES, by Richard Scarsbrook, is a book full of many random seeming and confusing ups and downs that you do not see coming.  The cons in this book far outweigh the pro that would be the whole theme of bullying and eventually overcoming it. Which is why I believe that because of the slow plot/storyline, unrealistic events, and the confusing characters and character relationships, you should not read this book.  “Do not be afraid of the winds of adversity. A kite rises against the wind rather than with it” (303)


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