WWll in AfricaThe North African Campaign began in June of 1940 and continued for three years. At the beginning of the war Libya had been an Italian colony for several decades and British forces had been in neighboring Egypt since 1882.Italy invaded Egypt in September of 1940, and in a December counterattack, British and Indian forces captured some 130,000 Italians. Hitler’s response to this loss was to send in the newly formed Afrika Korps which was led by General Erwin Rommel.In June of 1940 South Africa declares war on Italy.RAF bomb airfields and petrol dumps in Italian, East Africa, and LibyaItaly bombs the British naval base at Alexandria and the base at HaifaChurchill dispatches a heavily armed convoy with 150 tanks to reinforce the middle east.5 Italian divisions and 200 tanks in Cyrenaica under Marshal Graziani, cross the Libyan/Egyptian border and advance toward Sidi Barrani in Egypt. Italian forces invade Egypt. Halted at Sidi Barrani.Successive victories for Allies with 130, 000 Italians captured in two month offensive.Erwin Rommel arrives in North Africa in command of the Afrika Korps to support collapsing Italian Army.Rommel’s second offensive begins on the 21st of January in 1942 Rommel attacks at Alam Halfa, but is repulsed and his armour is considerably weakened by all of the allies gun fire and tanks.The Eighth Army receives 300 Sherman tanks to hold ground at Alam HalfaOn the 13th of May, all Axis forces in North Africa surrender.THE DESERT WAR IS OVER.”Buzz” was the Mascot for a R.A.F. Squadron stationed in Libya, “Buzz” was a monkey and flew with pilots in Battle.Buzz flew as an unofficial copilot with CameronCameron was his owner and the pilot of the plane while buzz rode on his shoulder while he was flying his American built Tomahawk planeYou may know this Tomahawk plane because of its flying tiger war paint on the front of the plane by the air intake.The Tomahawk plane had a horsepower of  1360, held 6 .50 cal wing mounted machine guns, and has 1500 lbs. Of bombs on all of the hardpoints of the wings.


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