Writing Workshop

I have learned many things in this course. Before I took the Writing workshop, I didn’t know how to use the punctuation properly, when to start a new paragraph and I couldn’t use my brainstorm. These are the most important tools for perfect writing which I learned from this course. My attitude towards writing has changed a lot, before I take English workshop I thought writing is so hard, I didn’t know how to use my brainstorming, but now you can give any topic and I can write about it.

My process of writing is to find my ideas, write what it comes to my mind, edit what I wrote, and submit. While the general process for writing are to prewrite which is to find, build, plan and structure first. After I have my plan ready I can start writing. After that, the revision which you can add, remove, and replace. Finally, my writing is ready to submit. As the semester comes to an end I find myself reflecting not only how I have survived the first semester but also what I have learned.

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I learned from my mistakes in writing that my teacher told me about. Somehow after all the hours of writing, and putting effort into the papers that I wrote this semester, I became a better writer. With help from an awesome teacher I have become a better writer by improving my skills in writing. I think if you learn how to write properly, you will be a successful student especially for business students. Business students write so many research papers during their education, they must be good researchers and writers too.

As I mentioned above, my writing steps are to find my ideas, write what it comes to my mind, edit what I wrote, and submit. consider creating opportunities for students to read and respond to one another’s writing. Such opportunities to engage in “peer review,” when well planned, can help students improve their reading and writing skills and learn how to collaborate effectively. I define good writing if it easy to read and how straight the writing is.

Also, the voice and the tone of the writing is an important for me to be a good writing. And, the details I think is important for good writing. The details make the reader focused and excited. From the papers, I have written for this course I have learned how to apply my knowledge to outside situations. I will continue to improve my writing from reading and writing topics in my major. I think if I continue writing on topics for my major that will lead me to achieve my dream in the future.