. would be a great choice of hotels

.   Analysis;   In a day Hotel is
located at Maharat road which is tourist destination, a famous place surrounding the area such as Grand palace, Wat Phra Kaew “the
temple of emerald buddha”, Wat Pho or Wat Arun. Tourists who have visited these place were about 4-6 thousand per day (Naichin Rsu, 2014). Therefore,
this is a key reason of the guests who have visited the hotel which mostly from
Europe and American. There are some Chinese people come to
visit the hotel for their lunch or dinner in the hotel’s
restaurant located on the 1st floor
as Inn A Day also provides F
services for walk in or outside guest. Around
that area, there are many tourists from different country so it is possible for
the hotel to have another nationality of guests to visit the hotel not only
European or American. According to Mr. Boy,
most of the guests are couples, which might be another
reason for customers to choose In a day hotel because it is a small sized
boutique hotel which has a unique design. Also, a
honeymoon room that has a bathtub located at the balcony, this might be attractive
to couples who would love to have a sweet moment with their partners.




Selecting the accommodation,
it depends on sights, destinations for traveler so most people who would like
to go to visit the temples around the area would possibly focus on the hotel
that located close to those temples.  This can be one of the reason why
European people decide to stay in Inn a day hotel, because the hotel is nearby
those places. Moreover, the hotel’s target
market are from Europe, some of them come as a couple which
most of them are satisfied while staying in the hotel. Additionally,
most of European people prefer to stay in a standard hotel with a simple
service providing. Some guests might desire to feel relax and comfortable while
staying in a hotel, Inn A Day would be a great choice of hotels for those
guests who would like to perceive a slow life feeling away from a city and a
great location near by several famous places. This chance would be easy to lead
the customer to find an accommodation. “Attracting more
customers is really about listening to their needs, not being a solution
looking for a problem,” (Elizabeth Wasserman,2009)

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many hotels provides a bathtub inside the room because every hotels would have
different designs, In a day hotel provides a bathtub in the room (figure 2.1). This can be affected
to some of Asian people because when compares between Asian to European people,
their lifestyle is totally different. Besides, some of Asian guests are not
satisfied with this design but for European guests the design of having a
bathtub inside the room is normal. For example, if they are Chinese guests it might be harder as they might be considered about fengshui
because it is about their beliefs, this is a common belief of Asian guests
especially Chinese, however not only Chinese people who believe in fengshui but
also Thai people (figure 2.2). According
to (Josephine Ibarra, 2017) said that it is a part of
their cultures. “Feng Shui” is
a system based on the elements of astronomy, astrology, geology, physics,
mathematics, philosophy, psychology and intuition. For
example, in the Philippine other people believe in Feng Shui, Fortune Telling,
and Chinese Zodiacs.


4.b.d.    Opinion;    We think that the hotel’s design can be
attractive to several customers as well as the hotel’s location. Many
well-known places are located around the area which might attract more
customers. As mentioned above that most of customers might be looking for a
hotel that nearby their personal destination or traveled plan.