Workforce Diversity

In today’s business environment workforce diversity is very important because of the necessity of compliance with anti-discrimination laws, increasingly multicultural world and a recognition that different perspectives are important. In simple words workforce diversity means people working in an organization is not homogeneous. Because of personal and organizational related characteristics like age, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, mental and physical ability, educational levels, religion, values and beliefs, position in organization, tenure, work experience etc. here is diversity found in a workplace.

When I was in school I was taught of unity in diversity with a story that registered in my mind and after that I started believing in it. Coming from a country possessing multicultural environment and being studied in hostel I have always got opportunity to be with people from different background. This continues till now and even in my future it will be. Today all the organizations invite people to work with from different spheres of life carrying different experiences and cultures. Diversity is very important for one to learn in life.

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The reason I chose this topic is because I have been bought up and believes in this concept. Its not that you don’t face problems because of dis-similarities with your mates, you do, but that makes you learn how to adjust and survive, which is required utmost in this present scenario. All multinational companies follow multicultural workforce structure and allow people with the best talent to work without considering their caste, religion and nationality. Workforce diversity is being encouraged to attain inclusive and harmonious working environment.

It has become a need that prepares business for a global world. Diversity can lead to innovation, creativity and rethinking your business model. It is a concept that can help entrepreneurs to achieve great returns for their firms. Some believes that people of different ethnicities can offer certain things to their organization. However, diversity is not on their list. According to them people feel more comfortable working with people that resembles themselves. Over last few years, its has commence as a competitive necessity.