Leadership styles: is female’s leadership better? As a recent report found that “companies with the most women on their boards of directors outperform those with the fewest women on their boards on myriad key performance measures: Return on invested capital is 66% higher in firms with strong female representation, return on equity is 53% higher, and return on sales is 42% higher” (Representative Maloney C. B. 2010). It confirms one more time that women at the helm are necessary. However, the role of women in the workplace remains a compelling business issue.

There are still exist stereotype that to be a “good” leader is for male only due to their masculine leadership style as a series of commands with subordinates and using their positions to control of resources, motivating them followers. Women, on the contrary, transform subordinates’ self-interest into concern for the whole organization, using their personal traits like charisma, work records, and interpersonal skills to motivate others. Women leaders practice “interactive leadership” – trying to make every nteraction with coworkers positive for all involved by encouraging participation, sharing power and information, making people feel important, and energizing them. The main claim of many opponents is that men are competitive. However, women are collaborative by encouraging participation. They try to make people a part of organization, trying gradually but firmly to establish in their minds identity in various forms, including encourage of other to have to say in every aspect of work, from determining performance goals to fixing strategy.

Research Question: Is women’s leadership Better? 2. Thesis statement: Women leaders practice “interactive leadership” – trying to make every interaction with coworkers positive for all involved by encouraging participation, sharing power and information, making people feel important, and energizing them. I. Encourage participation: a)Women Leaders try to make people feel part of the organization; b)They use participations to clarify their own views by thinking things through out loud. II. Share power and information: )It creates loyality by signaling coworkers that they are trusted and their ideas respected; b)It sets an example for other people to enhance the general communication; c)It increases chances that leaders will hear about the problems before they explode. III. Enhance the self-worth of others: a)Women Leaders give others credits and praises by sending small signals of recognition. IV. Energize other people: Women Leaders talk about enthusiasm for work and how they spread their enthusiasm to make work challenging and fun. References:

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