“The Wizards Of Waverly Place

This is my reaction paper on a movie that I watched entitled “The Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie”. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie follows the Russo family as they embark on a vacation to the Caribbean resort where Jerry and Theresa first met. Alex, upset that she was forced to accompany her family on the trip, conjures a spell that erases her parents’ fateful first meeting and puts the Russo family’s very existence in peril. In order to reverse the spell, Alex and Justin set out on a journey through the jungle to find the all-powerful ‘Stone of Dreams,’ which can grant any wish or reverse any spell.

Guided by a hapless magician who claims his parrot has been enchanted, the siblings have no idea what perils are in store. Meanwhile, Max stays behind to keep his parents in check. My reaction to this movie was a Thumbs-Up because in this movie we learn about the importance of family and the irreplaceable contribution each family member makes. This movie started when the entire Russo family—Alex (Selena Gomez), Justin (David Henrie), Max (Jake T. Austin), and their parents Jerry (David DeLuise) and Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) prepared to go on a vacation to the Caribbean Resort. An unenthusiastic Alex reluctantly agrees to tag along after a death-threatening situation in which Harper (Jennifer Stone) and Alex were almost hit by a coming subway. Justin saves the two for a chance to be praised at using magic to save Alex once again after Alex does something wrong. When they arrived at the resort their family meets a young boy that works there and Alex started to have a crush on him.

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The family went to tour the place and visited the street fair and met a former wizard named Archie (Steve Valentine) who wants to turn his girlfriend Giselle, from a parrot back into a human by finding the “Stone Of Dreams” that can reverse any spell. Jerry considers it crazy because many wizards went to find the stone but none of them ever returned. Alex wanted to talk to the boy they met earlier but her mother won’t let her so she cast a spell that will make her mother let her to talk to the boy but sadly she failed and her mother caught her and grounded and forbidden to use magic.

Alex was so angry that she wished that her parents had never even met. The smuggled full-wizard wand and spell book grants her wish. And their parents’ memories had been erased. Alex with her two brothers tried to get the spell-book from Jerry, but he catches it. Jerry is shown to still have his powers, since he never gave them up to marry Theresa and has a more carefree attitude with magic due to his change. Justin asked Jerry what would happen if a wizard wished that her parents had never even met.

Jerry explains that they would forget their past, and then disappear forever. Justin then mentions “The Stone Of Dreams” which Jerry says it could work too. Justin ; Alex went on an adventure to find the magical stone, guided by Archie. They faced many obstacles like getting across a wide canyon, escaping death from quicksand, and getting across a narrow ledge. Max begins to lose his memory. Realizing that something is wrong, Max asks Jerry to help him find Alex and Justin, and Jerry agrees after some persuasion.

They are joined by Theresa, who believes them to simply be treasure hunting, but nonetheless proves useful, as she is the only one of them who can speak Spanish. Eventually, Alex and Justin succeed in finding the “Stone of Dreams”, but Giselle steals the stone. The kids then told Theresa and Jerry their story. But Theresa doesn’t believe them. While trying to figure out how to reverse the spell without the stone of dreams, Jerry mentions that if one of the kids was a full wizard, they might be able to cast a spell to reverse it.

While preparing for the full-wizard contest, Max finally loses his memories and got sucked into the non-existence vortex. Theresa remembers him slightly, and realizes that they were telling the truth. Realizing they must work quickly, Alex and Justin are transported to an ancient battlefield, where the contest will be held. Jerry explains that they will only be allowed to use spells involving the four elements (water, earth, fire and air). The winner will become a full wizard, and the loser gets nothing while losing their powers forever.

Alex and Justin engage in what turns out to be an intense battle, and Alex narrowly wins. In trying to come up with a spell to fix everything, she turns to Justin for help. However, Justin has lost all his memory (despite the fact that he is older than Alex). Alex tells him that even though they pick on each other, she looks up to him and begs Justin not leave her here alone. Justin tells her that he’d never leave her and that even though he doesn’t know her, he believes her, and wants to help, but he cannot and is sucked into the same vortex that Max was.

Meanwhile Theresa is back at the resort and sees that Giselle has returned to human form with the Stone of Dreams hanging by her neck. She wanted to leave Archie now that she was in human form. Archie manages to get the stone from Giselle, turns her back into a parrot, and gives the stone to Theresa. Theresa then wishes to be where Alex, Justin and Jerry are, at which point she is transported to the same battlefield and gives Alex the stone.

Jerry tells Alex she can wish for her brothers to reappear and still keep her full wizard powers. However, Alex wishes that everything go back to the way it was before, and time rewinds back to the beginning of the argument between Alex and Theresa that started all the trouble, which is quickly stopped when Alex apologizes and accepts her punishments with grace. While Theresa and Jerry remember nothing about the ordeal, Alex, Justin, and Max do. Their parents are astonished by the change in the kids’ attitude.