With completing the first semester of class, I was able to benefit from a variety of new things, as well as refresh my memory on things that I already knew, just needed a reminder about.

Being told that university courses are nothing like those taken during High School seemed far fetched, but i’m glad for the professors that have been able to spend time teaching me one on one, something that not all can including my previous teachers during my time at High School.   Arriving to my classes late in the afternoon felt odd, without fear of trouble from administration or facing any consequences for exiting campus for food or spend my free time in between class with friends at their home, I expected that it would take time for me to adjust, but it took no more than a few days to weeks to feel at home with my new life. Although I wished to start of the semester with a handful of friends in order to further learn of the opportunities offered on campus, be on top of my game by becoming a good student, and gradually start a new life at a new campus in open arms, later did I know that I made it difficult on myself by not fulfilling my pledges, yet when I look back on the past now, it has only been the first semester of my first year at CSUN, so i’m not to worried about my future, yet if I had to change something, it would be how I managed my scheduled time between classes in the week, instead of 8 am classes, afternoon classes would put me at ease.   My time in your Thursday English 150 class was both a unique and great experience, even though the last two months have been unfortunate with class sessions being canceled and your recent injury, but nevertheless fun. I found your alternative look on Connotative and Denotative analysis favorable to any other alternative. Our class discussions over The Reluctant Fundamentalist and passages fromAmerica Now have been genuinely informative as we all as speak and comprehend and elaborate on the issues that our nation faces with post-9/11 trauma and racism that cultures endure and how it has affected pop-culture and other stances on racial tensions. The clash of ideas and positions that we have on gun control along with the reasonings given to justify our stand, it has all been mind opening and great and I enjoy retaining information from viewing videos.

  There are a couple of things that I do feel I lack the confidence and skill to perform, and that is what I hope to gain from participating in further areas that may challenge me intellectually. Sometimes, I have new knowledge that I want to incorporate into my past ideas by editing my previous papers. At other times, I realize that I have new ideas that contradict with the previous ones, similarly to how the class evaluated each others essays by providing feedback. So I thank you for time spent as a class, teaching us, humoring us, and easing us into our new lives.