With the increase in cyber crimes,
password leak is becoming a major problem. The users with same passwords on
many websites are becoming main targets of this crime. A user with many
accounts often finds it difficult to remember the different passwords. That’s
where a password vault comes into
play. A password vault encrypts and stores the user’s
data and can only be accessed through a master password. SecurityLifeVault was
started in 2013 to prevent the user’s data. A user’s information in our data vault is private, secured and

How it works:

From creating an account to adding
passwords, a user has to go through following four major steps:

1.       Login-
A two-factor authentication process.

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2.       Store
Information- From storing personal information to passwords, everything is done
in this step. For a user’s convenience, we have already made pre-organized
categories and fields so that any critical information is not missed.

3.       Set
Inactive Period- If we observe no activity in a user’s account for certain time
period, our All is Well Check comes into play.

4.       Add
Deputies and Emergency Deputies: To give access to a user’s account in case
there is no response from user’s side after All in Check.

Unique things about our password

1.       Privacy
and Security: Our top most priority. A user’s data and documents are encrypted;
even SecurityLifeVault employees can’t access the account information.

2.       Our
‘All is well Check’ function and emergency notification to your deputies.- In
case, if there is no login to an account for the defined inactive period, an
all is well email is sent to the user to check if everything is fine or not. If
he does not reply to the three emails sent over the period of 15 days within
the activation of All in Check, the deputies, and emergency deputies are
notified of user’s account access details.

Minimal Charge: At 499 INR, you can store a
hefty amount of data in our data vaults.


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