Who Would Win in Fight between Superman and Batman

There are so many different superheroes but the most popular are Superman and Batman. These two characters are the best American superheroes of all times. Superman and Batman are both extremely courageous and help the innocent and prevent crime. Many have wondered who would win in a fight, the man of steel, Superman, or, the caped crusader, Batman. One is from another planet, has super-powers and can do nearly almost anything. While the other doesn’t necessarily have super-power, but has made himself to be near superhuman through his intelligence and abnormal human abilities.

But one of the two super-heroes has something over the other that would win the battle hands down. Coming from a far planet Krypton, Superman also known as his alter ego, Clark Kent, came to earth in a space capsule. Where he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He moved to the city of Metropolis, where he started to defend the city against various foes, such as, Lex Luther. He has many super-human powers like superhuman strength, speed, stamina, freezing breath, super hearing, multiple extrasensory and vision powers.

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Superman also has x-ray, heat vision and best of all he can fly at the speed of a bullet. Protecting the streets of Metropolis, he uses his unique powers to save the innocent from danger, to bring his enemies to justice. Clark Kent keeps a low profile by working as a news reporter for the Daily Planet, and when danger lurks around he sneaks off to change to his alter ego, Superman. He is almost unstoppable, since even bullets bounce right off him, but he does have one weakness, Kryptonite.

In the presence of his weakness superman is powerless, loses all his super-powers and can even die. Being born into a wealthy family and having to watch his parents die at gun point at a very young age; Bruce Wayne created the caped crusader, known as Batman. Although Batman doesn’t have any real superpowers, he uses his intelligence and his super natural human abilities to bring down Gotham Cities crime lords and bring the law into his own hands. In Gotham City, Batman is the law.

He brings down his foes by using his intellect, tactics, etective skills, science, technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime to protect the streets from violence and crime. Bruce works during day as the CEO of Bruce Enterprise, but as night falls, the caped crusader comes in the infamous bat mobile to fight his foes and keep his streets clean of crime. Most would argue who would win a fight between the two most popular superheroes. Most would say Superman. Superman can fly, has super human strength and nothing can hurt him, while batman is only stuck with his intelligence since he has no real superpowers.

Superman would win in every category whether it is strength, speed or toughness. Batman is just no match for superman. The man of steel would pummel the caped crusader to the ground within seconds. But, you can’t count out Batman because he uses his intelligence and smarts always. Batman would know what to bring to a fight with superman, Kryptonite. Superman would fall to hands and knees, and be powerless and weak leaving Batman to do whatever he likes to the man of steel.

Hands down Batman would win this fight, but superman wouldn’t give up without a fight. All in all Batman would most definitely win a fight with superman because all he has to do is bring kryptonite and superman is doomed. That is upside of being a human superhero as to being from another planet with powers, Batman has no weaknesses. But in the end these two amazing superheroes that protect the innocent and keep the streets clean would never fight as they are a part of the same team, The Justice League, who keep the streets clean of crime and hatred.