William James Mayo was known as one of the most famous physician and surgeon in Rochester, Minnesota. He was born  in Le Sueur, Minnesota on July 28, 1930. William J. Mayo’s father name is William Worrall Mayo he was one of the most famous British American Medical Doctor and Chemist. William J. Mayo’s father best known for establishing the private medical practice that later involved into the Mayo Clinic.  He  had a good childhood and was trained by his physician father. He grew up to be a famous surgeon in his own right. He  lived in Le Sueur, Minnesota growing up. He attended University of Michigan to get his medical degree.He  joined a private medical practice in Rochester, Minnesota. He was also considered in the U.S Army in World War One. He married a girl named Louise Abigail, they had one children named Carrie Mayo.  He  was born after the Mayo Clinic was built. The population in 1930 rose to 58% increase which made them feel safe and comfortable in their hometown. They knew not just their neighbors, but also they have their own clinic and knew a lot of people.  The area of life that William J. Mayo is famous surgeon and was trained when he was young by his medical doctor and chemist father. The most important time of his life is when they established The May Foundation for Medical Education and Research which received many awards.  William J. Mayo live in Rochester, M.N at the end of his life. He work hard and study hard to reach his goal. He died on July 28, 1939 in Rochester, MN. The Mayo Clinic is dedicated to him and his family.  I feel really bad for that person and his family. I feel this way about him and his family because I imagine that if one of the famous member in my family die or one member in my family die, I would feel 2 or 3 time sader. People come all over the world to go to Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic is number 1 in the nation Mayo is a training hospital


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