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Fathering Polarity: An Integrated Approach to Health and Healing

“Health is not merely of the body, it is the natural expression of body, mind, and soul, when they are in rhythm with the One Life” It is not merely a question of physical fitness, but rather is a result of the soul finding free expression through the mind and body of the individual.” * Dr. Randolph Stone

            Polarity Therapy is described as a mixture of Eastern Healing Arts (chi and prana) integrated with Western Medical Practices of (diet and exercise) but perhaps the one thing that sets Polarity Therapy from other aspects of massage, is the use of Quantum Physics (Life Energy).

* “Going Wireless”, as presented by Eileen DeLise Kennedy December 21, 2002, “should not be confused as massage, as clients body is not stroked or kneaded.”

And as further described by www.PolarityCenter.org

 “Body Work of Polarity Therapy consists of specific manipulations aimed at releasing tension, molding the physical body and then balancing the life energy.” As an approach through molded contact with the body which is sometimes combined with gentle rocking that helps to release physical tension patterns. And encourages the energy to move to a deeper penetrating touch which can break up chronic deep congestion in the tissues and enliven the area.”

            Four concepts (or techniques) exercise, diet, touch, and mental-emotional processes which individually mark a common-sense approach to betterment, however, integrated they represent Polarity Therapy, a Yin and Yang approach to overall wellness.


History of Polarity- “The Microcosm of the Universe”

“Science and Ancient Wisdom blended to create an Optimum Health, personalized to the individual and their therapist, a unique oneness of mind, body, spirit, health, emotional wellbeing and subconscious bodywork allowing the flow of energy to break through the  obstacles making the entire body serve as it was intended” *CDB

In ancient times (over three-thousand years ago) a medical system known as Ayurveda was in practice, providing an alternative to medicine. Ancient Wisdom for Optimal Health, Ayu (life)-ved (science) “the science of life”.  According to Sanskrit translation.

With the foundation of Western medicine, Dr. Stone was already in practice of, coupled with this second layer of this Eastern system, birthed his theory which The American Polarity Therapy Associations website claims, “Scientifically, Polarity Therapy works with the Human Energy Field, as well as, Electromagnetic Patterns (expressed in Mental, Emotional and Physical Experience.).

Quoting the words expressed so perfectly and published by the webpage www.holisticwisdom.org/hwpages/polarity.html

“Polarity Theory embraces the Ayurvedic concepts of Karma and related Esoteric Spiritual ideas. According to Stone, the purpose of life is the fulfillment of consciousness the enduring soul takes on a body, to acquire experience for the purpose of self-understanding and God realization. Polarity therapy is exceptional in having an ever-present interest in the link between spirit-matter and mind-body and exploring how these large contexts might apply to specific health conditions.”

The main principles of Polarity Therapy embrace the concepts of the Orient, Opposing Sides meeting together for one Singular Purpose, Yin and Yang – for example. Dualities are told as having a meditative quality by a quiet natural third factor. The three factors (Rajas, Tamas, and Satva) co-exist to represent Ayurveda, which as previously addressed is, the forefather of Polarity Therapy.

As his life work was to find a therapy that was universal for all ailments, as opposed to “the same “as in identical for all ailments, Polarity Therapy was created to benefit not simply treat, benefits of Polarity Therapy can be varied in nature as diverse as the individual needs are. as shown on the website http://lifeisactive.com/massage-info/massage-benefits/polarity-therapy/:


“NO two sessions are exactly alike due to the specific needs of the patient, when energy is unbalanced or blocked, pain and disease arise.” Based on the theory that a smooth flow of energy is necessary for good health, while disruptions in the flow caused by stress, bad nutrition and other factors leading to imbalances.”

All in all, the facets of Polarity Therapy, although are many in scope, represent an integral format in which we strive to succeed daily. Because energy is so vast perplexity, as is the diverse techniques of clinicians. Relationship of energy to the ailment, energy to treatment is equal in importance in order for the patient to retain more balance.

Dr. Randolph Stone as the Father of Polarity Therapy, I believe, would be ecstatic in the growing respect of energy-based medicine at this current level of synthesis. His dream-child, his life’s work, and his successes. 


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