First of all, there could be some slight change on education in the future. As we all know, we use ‘paper and pencils’ a lot for education, especially schools. There are three aspects where school facilities and equipment have already improved – administration, teachers and students. Electronic registration is very common in schools nowadays. This allows schools to contact children’s parents immediately if there is an emergency or their child is absent unexpectedly.

Teachers can also check student’s exam results, period grades or their personal information and details, e. g. medical condition, allergies, detentions…etc. Students always benefit from having a wide range of learning environment on the internet. Visual learning environment is one of the good examples, VLE is a very useful and conveniently thing that allows students and teachers access to any files or data about the school. Students can always download presentation slides on the internet as soon as the teacher uploaded them up.

This helps a lot when the student was absent or anything that she didn’t understand during the lesson, she can always download presentation slides to revise and ask teacher for further help. Students could also access to any school sharing files on the common sharing hard drives. In addition, teachers always gain from preparing handouts and materials for the coming lessons. This reduces the teacher’s time in order to produce a huge amount of copies for the entire class. All these additional factors are already being used nowadays.

Regarding to paper-and-pencil, ordinary stationary will cause our hands very tired and the outcome of our work could be messy and scrappy. People sometimes write scribbles on paper and it can be irritating. For example, I am using a lined-paper to write out my 1000-word-essay, obviously, this is a big prep and I would not want to write any scribbles on it as soon as it reduces marks. I might want to use pencil so I could erase any mistakes I have done on the paper, but I know that it does not really make a big difference from using paper and pen.

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Because there is one thing that will make your head feel dizzy unless I am writing my essay out with a computer. I would not want to write on every line of the paper, maybe every other line would work better, and otherwise, if I missed out any vital sentence, I wouldn’t have enough space to add some more words in between. This always happens when I missed out something in the middle of the paragraph, I want to add something between of the sentences but I will always end up with a ‘scrappy’ piece of writing. These shows how inconvenient without a laptop to do writing work.

On laptop, we can use word processor to write documents. We can use QWERTY key board to type in our sentences or our work rapidly. This is far better than writing on paper by hands. On the computer, we can do whatever we want – format everything or particular line by using backspace, correct spelling mistakes by using word dictionary, spell-checker, grammar corrector. Secondly, on the side of employment in the future. Obviously, computers are essential in the offices as we can see. This became a fear for people being unemployment.

Getting a job in office such as accountant, computer skills are highly required. This means percentage of unemployment will rise, because not everyone has learnt how to use a computer before, if they do not even use computers in their life, they will not be able to get a job for accountant or any other job that required using a computer. Once again, this will affect the number of employment. We store everything including company’s cash flow forecast, monthly payment…etc. many kinds of high priority documents in the computer.

In the future, people could hold any appropriate training lessons to help unemployment people who do not know how to use a computer. Alternatively, they could study ICT as a subject during college or university life. This will help them to build up their basic ICT knowledge and skills to face any ICT problems in the future. In addition, technology is very good already nowadays; people could try not to work in office, but work at home, since there is no problem working at home with such this well-developed world. This could work in the future. Finally, there could be a big change on transportation in the future.

The technology on ICT on transportation is already well developed now. People use online-booking system to book or buy tickets online very often nowadays. Online scheduling systems, one-ticket-for-everything and convenient payment are very useful now. Online scheduling systems inform traveller of what is available at that moment, a smart phone application will do a thing for you, once you have GPS on your phone, it pinpoints where you are and sometimes it reminds you the train you are getting onto is arriving soon. This is actually a very convenient thing.

One-ticket-for-everything is already in place everywhere and it offers a zone travel ticket for metro trains and buses. Apart from the booking-ticket system, there could be some more development and improvement on travel vehicles as well. There could be six types of traditional car engine including electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, fuel cell vehicle, hydrogen vehicle, flywheel vehicle and compressed air engine. If people use electric cars in the future, it will be better for the earth, saving energy, one of the most useful things about it is it is rechargeable along with cost, range and battery longevity.

People could use inductive charging in order to have a charging plate buried in the ground, and then the car drives over it and charging begins automatically. Regarding to hybrid cars, it has an advantage that the engine can be specially designed to be extremely clean and efficient since it is either completely off or running at a specific constant speed. Also, its regenerative braking system can recover some of this wasted energy and use it to help charge the battery. All these could help people’s life more convenient and efficient. It will also save the world so much by using less energy and rechargeable cars.

I believe the government will encourage and support us to do this. In conclusion, everything in the future may be getting better and improving a lot. However, lack of motivation might be a problem in the future, because the technology is improving and people will probably rely on it more in the future. It could be either a minor problem or a serious problem. Therefore, we could just keep on track and do more improvement on the technology on these in the future. Then people can benefit from well-developed education, employment and transportation.


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